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SPN #5x20 The Devil You Know (episode review)

Here is my hopefully-not-too-incoherent review. Just as a quick warning, this is a Sam-vs.-Dean-bashing-free zone. :)

Hee! Herpexia ad and a dig at the Swine Flu vaccine!

Ooh, a first: the boys in suits *and* surgical masks! I thought it was cute how they tried to act casual in front of the doctor when they mentioned the statues crying.

The boys are looking for Pestilence and Bobby doesn't have much help to offer. Until Crowley appears out of nowhere inside the Impala. He's quite the eavesdropper, isn't he. He knows how to get to Pestilence. Dean is all ears and Sam can't believe that he's listening to him. He's still very angry over Ellen and Jo being killed on that mission Crowley sent them on (in Abandon All Hope). Dean hears Crowley out. Crowley says every demon's got their eyes out for him and here he is talking to Sam and Dean under a friggin' spotlight (which he shoots out). Ooh, the way Sam glowers down at him... if looks could kill... *fans self* Crowley wants them to come with him, he can apparently help them get the rings.

He shows them his hideout, which is really pitiful. He whines about it (did he say "used contraception in the fireplace"??). Dean asks him how he knows about the rings and he says he's been keeping a close eye on them. Sam says their hex bags keep them hidden, but he has something else: a coin that's a tracking device he had put in their car that night they broke into his house. He says it allows him to hear thing, and "my, the things I've heard." Ooh, do tell, Crowley. LOL. He tells them he wants in on their scheme to lock Lucifer back in his box. Hmmmm... can he really be trusted?

He tells them he can't get them Pestilence, but he can bring them his "stable boy", who can help them get to Pestilence. The "stable boy" turns out to be a guy named Mr. Brady, who is the head of a company that's supposed to be making this Swine Flu vaccine... or something like that. We see him kill a lackey and realize he's a demon. He calls Pestilence the same way Meg called the YED, with the blood in the cup.

Back at the hideout, Sam thinks it's insane that they're listening to Crowley. Crowley then makes it worse and says Sam can't come because he doesn't trust him. Oh no. He then asks Dean what he's going to do. Dean doesn't say anything for a while but then says he'll go. Oh goodness, the look on Sam's face. It hurts. :( Dean turns back to Sam and says he believes the guy (I think?).

While Dean and Crowley are gone, Sam's drinking and is on the phone with Bobby. And honestly I think this was the part of the episode that really bothered me the most. He asks Bobby about how he was able to "take back the wheel" when he was possessed by the demon in Sympathy for the Devil. Bobby didn't answer him I think, but he wants to know what the hell Sam's thinking. Sam seems to have an idea. That maybe he can go into the cage and then take back control from Satan. He thinks he's strong enough. Oh noes. :( Bobby insists it's a bad idea, that the Devil will find every chink in Sam's armor and use every one of his weaknesses against him. He says Sam isn't exactly Mr. Anger Management, and how could he control the Devil when he can't control himself.

Sammy, honestly, I don't think this is a good idea. Not that I don't have faith in you, but that something could go really wrong. It usually does.

Now we shift to Dean and Crowley at Mr. Brady's headquarters. Crowley makes Dean go alone to find him. Looks like Brady has been expecting Dean and asks how his brother is. Dean schemes to take him back with them by offering him the rings from the other horsemen. Brady beats Dean up though, he doesn't want the rings - he wants Dean. Crowley finally shows up with a sack with a devil's trap on it, puts it over Brady's head and beats him senseless. Well, nice to see that he didn't totally abandon Dean, but still...

Gotta admit the Dean/Crowley snark was kinda funny. Dean: "Watch the upholstery!" Crowley: "Up yours, mate." Heh.

So it turns out the reason Crowley didn't want Sam going along was because he and Brady have a history. Dean wants to know what.

Back at the hideout they've got Brady tied to a chair and still with the bag over his head. Sam wants to know what's going on. Dean tells him to stay focused. He tells Sam he's doing it because he trusts him. Aw. I know some might say that Dean probably doesn't mean it, but I think he does at least a little. If he totally didn't mean it he wouldn't have even brought the guy back in front of Sam. Or he'd have Sam restrained. I know what's at work here, but I'll talk about it later. Anyway, when Dean takes the sack off Brady's head, Sam realizes he's the guy he knew from Stanford. Demon!Brady tells him he's not Brady anymore, not since the middle of their sophomore year. Sam's reaction just breaks my heart. :( He shares a quick look with Dean. Brady tells him "you had a devil on your shoulder even back then." Aw, Sam is so overwhelmed by this. He explodes at Brady, telling him he was the one who introduced Sam to Jess. He tells Brady he's going to kill him, but Dean holds him back.

Dean pushes Sam out of the room but Sam wants a go at Brady. Dean wants to spare him because they can get the ring from him, and the rings are the way to beat the Devil. Sam can't believe Dean trusts Crowley - it's like Sam himself trusting Ruby. At this point I'm not entirely sure if it's the same thing. I mean, Ruby was manipulating Sam. Not entirely sure if Crowley is manipulating Dean. We'll have to see if he really does double-cross them as far as the rings are concerned. i guess it is the same thing on the surface, in terms of each boy being desperate to achieve an outcome. Dean desperate to kill the Devil and Sam desperate to kill Lilith.


Sam barricades Dean in the bathroom while he goes over to Brady. We learn some more about their history. Apparently Brady had come back from Thanksgiving during sophomore year all messed up, into drugs and girls and etc. It wasn't the "new Brady", it was just him possessed by the demon. Sam tried to help him, though. Aww, what a good puppy, even back then. *g* But he says that Sam was getting soft, and as the YED's favorite (ugh... I get nasty shudders every time I'm reminded of that), they couldn't have that.

Whoa... what a revelation. So it wasn't the YED that burned Jess on the ceiling. He just put the hit out on her and Brady did it himself.

He really is getting to Sam and making him really angry. Sam threatens him with the knife and cuts him as Brady goads him. But he doesn't kill him. I'm so glad that he didn't let his anger get the best of him. Liked seeing him be strong there. :) He lets Dean out and tells him he was right, that they do need him.

What's this whole thing about Crowley and Brady being "lovers"?

Uh oh. Hellhounds. Crowley tells them he had a tracking device on himself too? And he tosses the coin to Dean and vanishes? Yeah, nice one there. Sam to Dean: "I told you!!" Dean (in an uber snotty voice): "Oh, good for yoooooou!!"

The hellhounds are after them when Crowley reappears. Turns out he can control hellhounds? He has is own, too... which takes out the other hellhounds as they all escape.

So Brady gives them the address for Pestilence. Hmm. No, I don't think I trust this guy at all. I bet he's going to bring Pestilence to them somehow.

Nice to see the boys together right there against Brady. Dean tells him that they are the ones he should be afraid of. Sam engages in a showdown with Brady. He tells Sam that he trusted them (him, Ruby, etc.) because they all have the same stuff in their veins. He's just like them, and he hates them because he hates himself. Ouch. Sam finally does lose it and kills Brady. He says "interesting theory" and walks away. And wow, the look on Dean's face...

At the very end Bobby is on the phone with Rufus when Crowley suddenly appears. He wants to help them find the last ring - Death's. He tells Bobby there's a spell and he can give him anything, but he needs Bobby's soul. Bobby: "Here's my counter." And he shoots Crowley. Heh. "You think I'm a natural born idjit?"

Crowley tells him that it would just be temporary, and he'd give his soul back.

Bobby really looks like he's considering it. Oh gosh. How much do you want to bet he will give in? :( I wonder if he really would, especially after that conversation with Sam? That it bothered him and he thinks that if he gets Death's ring, it'll do something to help prevent Sam from going through with a plan like that? I don't know whether Crowley can be totally trusted though. I mean, he did help the boys find Brady and Pestilence's address, but with Crowley it seems like there's always some kind of string attached, if you know what I mean. And yeah, I know he's a demon and really can't be trusted. I think he really does want to stop the Devil... for his own personal reason of course... but seems like in pursuit of that the boys (and Bobby) will get hurt.

Back to what I was saying about Dean saying he trusts Sam... He appeared to be saying he trusts him not to lose his cool in front of a demon. I do think that at least part of Dean trusts Sam, but he probably wants Sam to control his anger. It's obvious that Lucifer could use Sam's anger against him. The way Sam was pushed by Brady alone when he told him about Jess and goaded him... didn't Lucifer tell Sam (in Abandon All Hope I think) that all that anger Sam has will come in handy for him? It's clear he (by way of Brady) is using Jess to push Sam. I think Dean knows this and is afraid that if Sam gives in too much to this anger, it will get him closer to saying Yes. Sam had told Dean in Sam, Interrupted that he was angry (and Dean had told him to bury it... I understand now why he said it, even though it's not good to bury anything like that). And he said it again quite recently that Sam was angry.

I was glad that Sam was able to hold back and not kill Brady at first since they still needed him. But he finally did kill him and it was interesting that what Brady said then - about Sam really being like him, Ruby and the others, and that he hates them because he hates himself - was enough to push Sam into killing him.

I really don't know what else to say. And I'm not trying to turn this into a Sam vs. Dean type of thing. I'm trying to be fair to both boys as much as I can and look at this from both their POVs.

The idea Sam told Bobby, though... I have a feeling he's going to try to follow through with it, and that really scares me. I would really love for him to be strong enough not to let himself be tricked into saying Yes to Lucifer - not to let his anger get him there. Even if he tries and appears strong enough, I still have this feeling that something could go wrong. And I think Bobby will end up making a deal for his soul... not sure whether or not that will actually follow through, but it's another feeling I have. I don't know, I'm pretty scared about the last two eps of this season. :( If things end up badly, how on earth would they be able to start things over for season 6? I guess it doesn't pay to overthink it, though.

On the totally shallow side, both boys looked incredibly good tonight. Sammy was really workin' the bitchface, lol. And his hair looked so pretty (though was it me or did it look like they'd straightened it quite a bit in some scenes?).
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