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SPN #5x21 Two Minutes To Midnight (episode review)

Okay, again, I'm really hoping this turns out coherent. I'm just....

Although I have to admit that's more in reaction to the preview of next week. I'll get to that but I won't spoil, I promise. So let's start over...

MAX HEADROOM!! Hehe... I also remember him from "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids". Yes, I'm filled with useless trivia. *g* Wow, that poor woman has quite a cocktail of illness. And Pestilence using her as a petrie dish? Her spitting up was pretty gross, but to me it just looked like melted pistachio ice cream or green paint. Heh.

Flash forward one day earlier and the boys are dithering. Dean has learned of Sam's plan that was first brought up last episode. He really doesn't like it. I guess he doesn't think Sam has it in him to overcome Lucifer?

We finally find out what happened to Cas. He's in the hospital... something about appearing bloody and unconscious on a boat somewhere and scaring sailors? Um, okay....heh... Dean wants him to zap himself back to them but he can't - his juice is all used up. Says he owes Dean an apology since he actually didn't say "yes" to Michael.

The boys hunt for Death at a "convalescent home." Dean tells a guy at the desk he's looking for his "Nana", Eunice Kennedy, before knocking the guy out. LOL.

They watch the surveillance cameras and spot Pestilence. A demon!nurse tells him the boys are there, and that they have a track record with getting the rings from the horsemen. Pestilence is pissed. He turns his ring over and people end up getting sick, including our boys. They're coughing and getting blurred vision. Dean almost collapses but Sam helps him up. Aww. Poor sick boys. Sam opens the door and finds the demon!nurse, who tells him the doctor will see them now. He aims the knife at her, but then falls to the floor when Pestilence greets them.

He bla-bla-blahs about how simple sickness is and that people are the ones who get violent and chaotic. Dean tries to get the knife but he steps down on his hand. Pesty says humans are messy and weak, and he wants to show God He's wrong. He mentions the variety of illnesses they now have and he grabs Sam's hair... ouch!! Speaking of Sam's hair, is it me or does it look like they really straightened Jared's hair in this ep?

Hmm... Cas to the rescue? But he begins to fall prey to the sicknesses, until he cuts off Pesty's finger. Wow, that guy was dispatched rather quickly, wasn't he? Kind of disappointing IMHO. But he leaves them with a message: "It's too late." Hmmmm.

Back at Bobby's place, the boys aren't celebrating getting the ring because they're preoccupied over the "it's too late" message. They're worried he left a time bomb somewhere. Bobby tells them about various disasters taking place, especially in Chicago, and tells them that Death is coming. Lots of people are going to die. How did he get this info? He had "help" from guess who... Crowley.

Crowley prods Bobby to "tell them." I like the way Sam says "tell us WHAT?" Dean asks him if he sold his soul. Crowley says he intends to give it back and Dean insists that he does so. Sam: "Did you kiss him?" Whoa, talk about blunt, Sammy. Bobby's answer: "...... No!"

And what we're shown next I can never un-see. Just.... no.

Dean tells Crowley he wants  him to give Bobby's soul back, but Bobby says it's "insurance." Dean is pissed, but Crowley says Dean won't kill him as long as he has Bobby's soul.

Next we have a heart to heart of sorts between the boys. Sam tells Dean he agrees with him about him. He thinks Dean's right that he's too weak to take on Lucifer. He knows how screwed up he is. Awwww, Sammy. :( But he says he's all they've got. He doesn't think there's another way. Oh noes, Sam wants to sacrifice himself? Nooooooo!

Crowley appears and gives them a paper that talks about Brady's company releasing the Swine Flu "vaccine" country-wide. They don't appear to understand the connection (come on now, boys! Really?? Are they that preoccupied with having got Pesty's ring and then with Sam's plans to get Lucifer?) and Crowley tells them "you two are lucky you have your looks." *snerk* He points it out to them and when they finally get it, says "that's the sound of the abacus clacking." Pesty is spreading the Swine Flu but that's just phase 1. Next thing is that the vaccine is really the Croatoan virus. Crowley says that next Thursday we'll be living in Zombieland.

Little cut to Chicago where we see Death arriving to the "O Death" song. Wow, what a creepy looking guy he is.

Bobby is packing his things and Cas goes on about how useless he feels. All he can do is use a gun. Bobby tells him to quit pinin' for the varsity years.

Sam tells Dean "remember when we used to hunt wendigos and how much simpler things were." Awwww. :(

So it looks like Dean is going after Death, while Sam, Bobby and Cas try to stop the "vaccine" from being distributed. Crowley gives Dean what looks like a sickle for when he meets Death. Crowley asks if Bobby's just going to sit there and he says no, he's going to "riverdance." Heh. But it turns out Bobby can use his legs again! I guess that was his wish? Aw, the look on his face.

Cas tells Sam he doesn't think his plan is a bad one. He thinks maybe he can resist Lucifer. Wow, Cas appears to have some faith in Sam. Nice. He tells him he has to know that Michael has a different vessel now - Adam. Ha, I knew it. He tells Sam that if he fails, this fight will happen and the fallout will be immense. *iz already scared* He also says Sam needs more demon blood to take on Lucifer than he's ever had.

Wow, nice fakeout in the warehouse when Sam spots the demon guys and raises his hand... as we cut to commercial. Turns out he just shoots at them.

So Crowley was wrong about Death's location even though there were a bunch of reapers around. Boy is Dean pissed and I can't blame him... lots of people are about to die.

Interesting look on Bobby's face as he watches Sam lead the civilians in the warehouse to safety. But we do find out what it means later. Sam gets attacked but Cas saves him and kills the demon. Nice.

Crowley finds Death lurking in a pizzeria. Alright then... Dean enters and the sickle thingy glows hot, making him drop it. So it glows in Death's presence, then? Sounds pretty similar to Dean's amulet glowing hot in God's presence. Very interesting. Anyway, Death invites Dean to join him for pizza. Um, not sure if I would eat it. He tells Dean how insignificant he finds him, as he does all humans. He wants to make a deal with Dean. Apparently Lucifer has him on a leash. That's why he couldn't go after Dean and kill him. Lucifer made him his weapon. He wants to give Dean his ring but there's a condition (as there always is). He wants Lucifer in his cell - *whatever it takes*. Meaning letting Sam go through with his plan and step into the pit. Dean says yeah, and Death asks if he means yes - and that he can't cheat Death. Dean appears to do it. Nooo!!! Or wait.. is it a "yes" like the one he gave to Zachariah about Michael? Will have to come back to this...

Final scene of Dean and Bobby talking and having a beer. Aw, Bobby's so glad to have his legs back. :) Dean shows him the rings and how they go together. But he's got bigger problems. Obviously the whole thing with Sam. But seems that he DID lie to Death? He asks Bobby "what do you think Death does to people who lie to his face?"

Bobby brings up about Sam. He says he saved at least 10 people, and then says "we've been hard on him." He says that Sam has a darkness in him, but also a hell of a lot of good. THANK YOU, Bobby!! He says that Sam will beat the Devil or die trying. He asks Dean what he's afraid of - losing, or losing his brother?

So, final thoughts... it did sound like Dean didn't think Sam was strong enough to beat Lucifer. And because of that I'm really glad for what Bobby told him in the end. I do think that Dean is afraid of losing his brother. How many times has it been said during this show that the boys' weaknesses are each other? Actually the weakness of family goes all the way back to Mary, I think. She basically sacrificed Sam to save John. Then she sacrificed herself (as a spirit) to save Sam from the poltergeist in Home. John sacrificed himself to save Dean. Dean sacrificed himself to save Sam. And now it seems like Sam may try to sacrifice himself to save the world.

As far as Sam beating the Devil or dying as he tries, I would really hate for it to be the latter. Although I don't think it would happen... Sam has to be back next season, and not as a ghost. So I don't think he can die, unless he's brought back somehow. I would really love to see Sam beat Lucifer in the end. To prove that he is strong and capable of overcoming all this. I don't know if could happen, though. Right now I'm not too optimistic. :(

Was pretty disappointed that Pestilence was dispatched so quickly. Thought Matt Frewer did a very good job though.

Seeing the preview for the finale had me both terrified and depressed. :( I honestly hope that it's a fakeout or that there's a twist involved somewhere, because if what I saw and assumed will happen is actually totally indicative of the outcome, I think I'm going to be a basket case this time next week. And wondering just how we're going to come back from this during the whole long, lonnnnnng summer.

Please, Show, start out next season with our boys as Sam and Dean, NOT Lucifer and Michael.
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