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Puppy!Sam Picspam #103 (Supernatural)

Posting this one a little earlier since I'll be out all day tomorrow at a business meeting/field trip/dinner (in the awful weather...*snort*).

Episode #5x21: Two Minutes To Midnight

Just over 100 pics, so not dial-up friendly. Heh... and if any particular few comments raise your hackles, read the asterisk at the end of the picspam before commenting ;D

1. Hi, Puppy... aww, what's wrong, Sweetie?

2. OMGShutUpTehBS!Puppy

3. Poor wearied Puppy... *hugs*

4. CuteShrugging!Puppy

5. “Please to be having pity on the PuppyEyes™, Bobby?”

6. The fact that Cas is alive shocks the Forehead Crinkles outta Puppy! Now you see 'em ...

7. ... now you don't!

8. “Dean, tell your puppy brother that my present condition requires a leave of absence from the Bitchface competition. However, I'm pleased to report that the PuppyEyes™ are unscathed. So we're still on for that.”

9. “How did I get in the middle of this again?”

10. “I heard that. He can't out-PuppyEyes™ me.”

11. Stakeout!Puppy is soooo bored

12. Hmm... looks like he's got a stubborn PuppyTreat crumb stuck in his PuppyTeeth...

13. Amused!Puppy

14. The PuppyEyes™ are amused, too.

15. Huh... fangirls on double duty, apparently

16. IzMajorlyBored!Puppy

17. *has intense desire to yank that PuppyHair out from underneath the jacket and muss it up* ... oops, I think he heard me...

18. No matter how bored he is, the PuppyEyes™ and Forehead Crinkles are still quite intrigued

19. Watchdog!Puppy (quite literally, in fact)

20. Whatcha see, boy?

21. Gobsmacked!Puppy

22. Oh noes! You feelin' a little sicky, Puppy?

23. Aw... *dons nurse uniform and gets First Aid kit*

24. *sponges Puppy down with a cold wet cloth* Oh hey look, it's the emo!tee from ELAC!

25. Aw, good boy, Puppy!

26. Still, the PuppyEyes™ are determined to reach their destination

27. Ooh, it's a bitchface of determination!

28. ZOMG!Puppy

29. “Ugh... so weak... must....... bitchface...”

30. Aha! There we go! Knew you had it in ya, Puppy. :D

31. The uber long former PuppyMop also appears to be in distress...

32. Still... it's a pretty PuppyMop...

33. OMGWTFSTD??Puppy

34. *gazes fondly at the PuppyMop*

35. Noooo! Leave the PuppyMop alone!!! *although wishes those were her hands in it*

36. A very well-deserved bitchface *nods*

37. Seriously, there has to be a severe penalty for manhandling the PuppyMop

38. *pets PuppyMop*

39. *wants desperately to help Puppy... but cannot stop staring in awe at the PuppyMop... hey, it's been a while*

40. Aw, okay, Puppy, I'm sorry. I'll help you now... *gazes fondly one last time*

41. To Cas: “*cough* You may think you've won the PuppyEyes™ or Bitchface contest, but I've got you beat at the PuppyMop one!”

42. “Damn you, Puppy Winchester! Foiled again!” (yeah, stupid, I know, but I couldn't resist it... LOL)

43. “I humbly concede. Will you instruct me in the ways of the Amazing PuppyMop?”

44. “ No.”

45. Dangit, he's already restrained it. *sigh* Okay, Puppy, we'll let it go this time...

46. The next morning... “Dean, I noticed something different about the PuppyHair when I woke up. I found a straight iron plugged into the wall near my bed. Did you mess with the PuppyHair, Dean? Did you?” *PuppyEyes™*

47. Mm hm, fangirl under the table...

48. Facial Shrug Alert!

49. Dean's silence is very telling. “Dean, what did the PuppyHair ever do to you?”

50. Aw, just joking, Puppy. :) *pets PuppyHair*

51. The PuppyEyes™ are curious

52. Uh oh! Puppy is starting to find TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby a tad disturbing

53. Ew,Icky!Puppy

54. Puppy is also extremely concerned

55. The PuppyEyes™ don't quite buy TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby's explanation

56. OMGCannotUn-see!Puppy

57. Yep, Puppy will never look at TheQuestionablyAwesomenessThatIsBobby the same way again

58. OhNooooSomeonePleeeezeStopBSingBigBrother!Puppy

59. Puppy so needs a little nap, don't you agree?

60. Hai, PuppyDimple!

61. Yep, he's warming up the KewtPuppy act just for this heart-to-heart

62. And the PuppyEyes™, naturally

63. A little Forehead Crinkle'age can't hurt, either...

64. “I know how you feel about this, Dean. Just remember: Cute puppy here. Can't say no to me.”

65. Huh... Self-Loathing!Puppy?

66. Nooo, Puppy, don't say those things... we love you!!

67. WHOA... MAJOR PuppyKewtness! *iz ded*

68. ... And bonus PuppyEyes™

69. He really is upping the Kewtness factor, isn't he

70. *pets*

71. Crowley's interruption of the PuppyEmoting makes it hard to stifle a bitchface

72. Kissy, Puppy? Alrighty...

73. Ooh, tiny PuppySmirk and Eye-Roll combination!

74. Facial Shrug #2!

75. Grim!Puppy

76. Nervous!Puppy

77. The PuppyEyes™ wish Dean the best of luck on his quest

78. Facial Shrug #3!

79. Awww... Nostalgic!Puppy

80. *pets*

81. Incoming fangirl!

82. Crowley's gift confuzzles Puppy

83. TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby appears to be healed! So why is Puppy bitchfacing him?

84. Awww!!! If we could see Puppy's tail, it'd be wagging like crazy! *melts into a puddle*

85. Puppy so wishes Cas would shut up about the PuppyEyes™ competition

86. “You truly believe you can beat me? Me? With these?”

87. “Bobby, look at me and tell me that these PuppyEyes™ don't reign supreme.” Bobby: “We got more important things to worry about, ya idjits.”

88. PrettyPuppyProfile

89. Aww, don't sulk, Puppy. You are the PuppyEyes™ champion. *huggles*

90. BadassHero!Puppy with some bonus Flying PuppyHair!

91. Gotta pull out the KewtPuppy look for the innocent civilians, though

92. Nope, you wouldn't like Puppy when he's angry....

93. Warming up the bitchface...

94. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

95. “Hi, Ma'am, cute puppy here to rescue you!”

96. Yep I sure wouldn't mind this puppy rescuing me *g*

97. Hero!Puppy is getting a bit winded now... *helps him relax*

98. Puppy! Nooooo!

99. Again with the PuppyNeck... *tsk*

100. Whoa, Cas has put their PuppyEyes™ differences aside and has come to the rescue! *helps Puppy up*

101. Puppy's confuzzled, but deep down grateful. Aww. *hugs him*

*With all due respect to the PuppyHair in that scene where it looks overly straightened... I do like it better than the hair he had during the S3 finale. And at least I didn't say "OMG hair this season in general is HORRIBLE!! He needs his S4 hair back because it looked soooo much better plastered down and stuck behind his ears all the time!! FTW!!11"... heh... If you did like it better in S4 no offense, honestly... just been seeing that gripe about his hair this season way too often and I had to vent. ;) I personally liked it better this season. *cough* Okay, I'm done now.

Hope you enjoyed it. Important picspam coming up next week with the finale almost here. *worries*
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