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SPN #5x22 Swan Song (episode review)

Okay, I highly doubt I'll be very coherent here. Plus I might've missed a few things because twice the audio cut out on my stupid CW affiliate... not long but for a few seconds and of course it was while people were talking..... *sigh*

I am seriously crying my eyes out now. And going "WTF" and just flailing.

"The Road So Far" with "Carry On Wayward Son" gets me going and my tv screen gets blurry.

We then open with Chuck talking about the Impala, going back to her inception in 1967. Looks like Chuck has some narrator duties here and there in the episode. Nice tribute to the Impala... the story begins and ends with her.

Then it's at Bobby's junkyard with Sam reclining on the car's hood. Dean joins him for a beer and tells him that he's in, he's on board with the Satan thing. Sam is surprised. "You're gonna let me say yes?" Dean: "No, that's the thing. It's not on me to let you do anything. You're a grown ... overgrown [hee!!] man. If this is what you want, I'll back your plan." Sam again is surprised. "That's the last thing I thought you'd ever say." Dean: "Might be. [aw :(] Not gonna lie to you though, it goes against every fiber I got." He says that watching out for Sam is more than his job, it's who he is. Sam's not a kid anymore and he can't treat him like one. Dean says that maybe he's gotta grow up too. He doesn't think they have a snowball's chance but he does know that if anyone can do it, it's Sam. Awwwww. :) Sam: "... Thank you." Dean asks him if this is what he really wants. Sam says he let the Devil out, he's gotta put him back in.

So we see them gathering the demon blood... ugh. And you can tell Dean isn't too happy about it. Bobby finds out that the temperature dropped 20 degrees in one little area and Dean believes Lucifer is in Detroit.

They're on the road to Detroit with Cas sleeping in the back seat. Dean has a bad feeling about this whole thing because it's Detroit and that's where Lucifer is supposed to jump Sam's bones. Sam tells Dean "you know, if this works, I can't come back." He makes Dean promise him he won't try to bring him back. Nooooo!! Dean can't do it, but Sam insists. He tells him to find Lisa and live a normal, apple pie life. He makes Dean promise him but Dean doesn't exactly answer.

In Detroit Bobby goes up to the boys and tells them "Demons... at least 2 dozen of them. You were right - something's up." Dean: "More than something. He's here, I know it." Dean then walks away from them, going behind the car. Bobby goes up to Sam and says "See ya around, kid." Sam: "See ya around." The look on Dean's face... *sniffle* :( And even on Cas' face.... *more sniffles* Bobby hugs Sam, awwww. :( Bobby: "When he's in you fight him tooth and nail, you understand? Keep swinging. Don't give an inch." Sam: "Yes, Sir." He then goes up to Cas, offering his hand and saying "Take care of these guys, okay?" Cas: "That's not possible." (Eh... okay? LOL) Sam: "Then humor me." Cas: "Oh, I'm supposed to lie. Uh...uh... sure! [cue cheesy grin] We'll be fine!" Sam: "Just-just stop...talking." Heh.

Then Sam goes up to Dean and tells him not to watch him ingest the demon blood. Dean obliges. What? No hug?? *sigh* He drinks the blood and they go. Sam calls out to the demons and two of them drag the boys inside to Lucifer. 

Is it me or did the commercials seem much more annoying than usual? I think I'm going to boycott TGI Friday's for a while now....

After this commercial break ends we're back to Chuck talking about the Impala. He tells about how John got it, and then about Sam and Dean being kids in it. Sam wedged a little toy soldier in the ashtray or something like that, and Dean got legos or something like that inside that you can still hear a rattle from. These little things are what make the car theirs. Nice seeing some really quick scenes of Wee!Chesters. :)

Anyway, back to present... Sam tells Lucifer he's not here to fight him, he's here to say 'Yes." He kills the demons with his mind? Ooh, niiice. He will say "yes" but when it's over, he and Dean live and they get their parents back.

And this is where the audio cut out for a few seconds. I was literally shouting at the TV. GAH. All I got from that was that Lucifer wanted the rings and if Sam wins, he jumps in the hole.

Sam says yes and outside Bobby and Cas see the light from the window. Sam's lying on the ground and Dean tosses the rings at the wall, chanting something. The wall falls away and Sam wakes up, saying he can feel Luci. Dean wants to leave when, oh crp, it's Samifer and he says he was just messing with Dean ... "Sammy's long gone." Oh, look at Dean's face here. :( Samifer tells him "I told you this would always happen in Detroit" and then is gone. Dean looks just devastated.

We see Sam inside Lucifer fighting him. Interesting how they did that to show Sam and Lucifer separately in the mirror. Lucifer taunts him with things like "are you angry at me or the face in the mirror?" He tells Sam he knows he felt out of place in his family, that they were more like a foster family and Lucifer is his real family. Sam denies it. Lucifer tells him that every time he ran away from them, he was running towards Lucifer. He tells Sam he wants him to be happy but Sam doesn't want anything from him. He then shows Sam a few people, like his grade school teacher, one of his friends and his prom date. Asks if he wants to take anything out on them.

Meanwhile Dean, Bobby and Cas are seeing reports on TV of chaos. Cas says it's starting and says that they should "buy copious quantities of alcohol." Yep, that's your answer to everything nowadays huh Cas? Dean wants to stop it but Cas says they can't. He tells them about Lucifer and Michael's showdown in a field. Dean insists they are not giving up but even Bobby looks like he's giving up and says he doesn't know what else to do.

This destruction is going on and Lucifer asks Sam if they're having fun yet.

Another way too long commercial break and then we're back to Chuck talking about the Impala and the boys. Basically about their good times and how it was like home to them. Awwww. I loved that little scene of the two of them just looking up at the night sky. *sighs happily*

Chuck is interrupted by Dean calling. Huh, so the thing with Becky didn't work out... he had too much respect for her? Okay... Anyway Chuck knows that Sam says yes, that he saw it. He tells Dean the battle is at high noon at Stull Cemetery outside Lawrence. It has to end where it started apparently, although Chuck doesn't know how it ends and says the angels are keeping that secret.

Dean tells Bobby and Cas that he's going to talk to Sam. Bobby thinks it's a dumb idea but Dean doesn't have anything to lose. Cas says that the only thing he'll see is Michael killing his brother. In that case, Dean won't let him die alone. Aww. *heart is breaking*

So Lucifer is in the cemetery when Michael (in Adam) shows up. Luci wishes they didn't have to do this, but Michael says he has no choice. Luci says God made him who he is, that he wanted the Devil, so why make them fight? He doesn't appear like he wants to fight but Michael says he has to, that he's a good son and has orders. Luci says he doesn't have to follow them. Wow, could the parallels between them and Sam and Dean be any more evident? Michael says that Lucifer is a monster so he has to kill him.

All of a sudden we hear the Impala roaring up. Dean puts a tape in (and for the life of me I can't remember the name of that song 'cause I'm still crying like a baby but I have heard it before....). He asks Michael and Lucifer if he's interrupting anything and says they need to talk. Dean wants to talk to Sam but Michael says Dean's not in this anymore since he's not Michael's vessel.

Then he gets interrupted by Cas saying "Hey, Assbutt!!" (uh... 'kay?) He sets Michael ablaze and gets rid of him although he will be back after a while (but I assume that Adam himself has been killed?). Lucifer gets angry at Cas and says that no one dicks with Michael but him. And he kills Cas!

Dean is trying to get through to Sam, but Lucifer beats him up, badly. Bobby tries to shoot him but he kills Bobby!!! *flails*

Dean is still trying to get through to Sam. His "Sammy, you in there?" breaks my heart. As Luci beats him up, Dean insists that he's not going to leave Sam. At that moment Lucifer stops and sees the little army man in the ashtray of the car. Suddenly Sam breaks through as he starts to remember how it got there and then all his memories flood back (and we see little scenes from all the past episodes, the last one being Dean hugging him in AHBL Part 2... *cries*). Sam takes control seemingly and tells Dean "it's okay, Dean, it's gonna be okay. I got him." He takes the key , tosses it onto the ground and does the chant.

The ground falls open and I knew something bad was about to happen. Adam as Michael comes back and tells Sam to step back, that he has to fight his brother - it's his destiny. He grabs onto Sam and the two of them go down into the hole.


And of course it's time for another stupid commercial break.

Cas returns and it seems that God brought him back, better than before. He heals Dean and he revives Bobby. *phew* But that was it?!

Chuck talks about how hard endings are, trying to tie up loose ends, the fans are gonna bitch and there are always going to be holes.

Dean and Cas are in the Impala and Dean asks what he's going to do now. Cas doesn't know what God wants but Dean is really angry and says he's coming for God next. He's angry that he didn't get anything out of it, he didn't get Sam back or anything else. Cas tells him that he got no Paradise, no Hell, just more of the same. He asks if Dean would rather have peace or freedom. And then he's gone.

Chuck tells us that this is the last Dean and Bobby see of each other for a long time. So they go their separate ways, I'm assuming? He says that Dean wants to die or bring Sam back, but he can't do either because he made a promise. So we see him go back to Lisa. Oh God, I can't watch this...  crying too much :(

Chuck says that this was a test of Sam and Dean, and they did alright because they chose family. He says that endings are hard, but nothing ever ends, does it. Hm, good point, Chuck.

And with that, we see a streetlamp flicker and Sam is standing there, looking in on Dean who is with Lisa and Ben.


Okay, I'm back. But I'm still crying. So I guess it really was about family. Sam ended up breaking through to Lucifer and not killing Dean when he thought about the Impala and all the times he had with Dean. Dean tried so hard to get through to Sam and he managed to do so, and then kept his promise to Sam at the end.

So who was the character who was supposed to die then, as dictated by the spoilers? Bobby died but Cas brought him back. We thought Cas died, but he's apparently an angel again. I guess Adam (as Michael's vessel) was the one to die then since he ended up in the hole with Lucifer? Or was it actually Sam who died? I still don't get it at the very end. I assumed that when he appeared, he was a spirit. If he's dead, how will he come back for next season? Will it be like a Lazarus Rising redux? God, I hope Show doesn't go there again. And I also hope it doesn't take place years in the future, even several years, 'cause I dunno, I never liked big time jumps in shows much. What if they make our boys look all old and icky and... not like themselves? *worries*

Dammit Kripke, you bastard!! Yes they tied up a lot of loose ends, but I'm still all discombobulated and confused and still crying here. I honestly can't believe a show is affecting me this much (last one to do that was Stargate SG-1 when its final episode aired).

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  • Not again...

    I'm suspecting the sinus infection I got rid of has come back. :( I really hope not though... maybe it's just allergies. Keeping my fingers…

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