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Puppy!Sam Picspam #104 (Supernatural)

To commemorate the season finale, here's an extra special installment of

Episode #5x22: Swan Song

I think I've outdone myself. This picspam is over 150 pics. I've divided it into two parts so I don't kill anyone with a slow connection. *g* I hope that you like it. I know to most of us it was a pretty serious, heart-breaking episode, and I really tried to inject some humor into it. I think I got a little carried away... maybe I over-compensated for the seriousness, lol. But hopefully it's not too bad. Dean, Castiel, Bobby, and (highlight for finale spoiler) an archangel appear as supporting characters.

1. Hi, Puppy ... you look pretty comfy there. Mind if we join you?

2. Careful, Dean. Don't startle the PuppyEyes™

3. Thoughtful!Puppy

4. *pets*

5. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

6. Hm... Fangirl Alert?

7. “Dean, I found that straight iron on the floor next to my bed again. I know a lot's been going on lately, but do you really have to take it out on the PuppyHair?” (just joking, Puppy... you know I love your hair ;))

8. Aw... Grim!Puppy

9. Hm, I think Puppy needs a hug? Who's with me?

10. *hugs Puppy*

11. *hugs Puppy some more*

12. Grateful!Puppy

13. Puppy's on a crusade for PuppyTreats and the demons aint talking. You know what this means...

14. *pets the PuppyHair*

15. Awwww :(

16. Bleak!Puppy *pets some more*

17. Facial Shrug Alert!

18. Hai, PuppyDimple!

19. The PuppyEyes™ are looking a wee bit awkward...

20. But they're soooo pretty when they want something

21. Nope, the PuppyEyes™ aint fooling around here!

22. Heh, it's the MustYouBeSoDifficult?Bitchface

23. What?? Noooo, we could never leave our sweet Puppy caged up! Don't even suggest that!

24. The PuppyEyes™ aren't gonna budge an inch til they get an answer

25. Puppy's looking pretty tired. Why don't we just call off the whole Quest For the PuppyTreats and get a good night's sleep, Puppy?

26. *pets some more*

27. Have you hugged your Puppy today?

28. Such a lost looking puppy :(

29. “As you can see, my PuppyEyes are brimming with concern and sorrow. But because of the scope of this situation, I forfeit this competition to you, Puppy Winchester.”

30. “Uh... thanks. Shake on it?” Heh... Puppy wants to make it official with the Gimme Paw trick

31. “I suppose I should... but first...” *PuppyEyes*

32. “Well, okay, just one more...” *PuppyEyes™*

33. OhThisIsSoooLame!Puppy ... yep, I think they're done now. *g*

34. Awwww :)

35. *softly kisses six five forehead*

36. Bless your heart, Puppy!

37. Puppy so wishes he had those PuppyTreats right now instead of... Go Juice..

38. *twirls extra long strand of former PuppyMop between fingers*

39. “Okay, I'm ready... let the Quest for the PuppyTreats begin!” *cue heroic music*

40. Hey! No manhandling the Puppy!

41. THANK you! *PuppySneer/Bitchface combo*

42. *cue flashback music* Aww, what have we here? Mini!Puppy playing with his PuppyToys :D

43. Yep, with that famous PuppyMop!

44. Eep! Flashback to Pre-Semi'd!Puppy

45. Back to the Present... Puppy meets his maker

46. HandOverThePuppyTreatsNAO,Biatch!Puppy

47. He's preparing to open up a huge can of PuppyWhoop-Ass

48. So powerful it turns demon heads into supernovas

49. “Now that you've experienced Puppy Fu in it's purest form ... hand them over.”

50. “I'm warning you... I've been saving my Supreme Bitchfaces for just such an occasion!”

51. “Uh, Sammy, I saw a PetsMart just down the street. Why don't the fangirls and I just pick you up some PuppyTreats there?”

52. “No, Dean. This chucklehead promised me the bestest PuppyTreats ever. I funny intend to get them.”

53. Um...WaitAMinute... OCRP?Puppy

54. “Don't make me use this bitchface.”

55. Aw... Intimidated!Puppy

56. “But... But you said there were PuppyTreats!”

57. “The bitchface will NEVER forgive you for this.”

58. Don't do it, Puppy! We'll get a lifetime supply of PuppyTreats for you!

59. Dean: “Don't do it, Sammy.” Puppy: “But they're so tempting...”

60. He first tries to shame Lucifer with a little Scared!PuppyFace

61. Ooh, PuppySneer! He bares his teeth and growls

62. You're so cute, Puppy, but no! You can't do this!

63. Nooooo :(

64. The PuppyEyes™ cry out for help... *helps Puppy up*

65. Whoa... Freaked!Puppy

66. Uh, Puppy? Whatcha bitchfacing at?

67. Hee! Look at that former PuppyMop in action!

68. The PuppyEyes™ are concentrating reeeeeally hard...

69. Um, Puppy... you're scaring us. Just FYI.

70. Facial Shrug #2!

71. What?? Puppy's GONE?? Noooooo!!!!

72. Looks like Puppifer is attempting a wibble...

73. “Remember, I'm still a cute Puppy...”

74. “... Bow down to my kewtness.”

75. “Your brother is really gonna enjoy those PuppyTreats... NOT.” Why, you!! *would beat Puppifer senseless if his meatsuit wasn't so cute*

76. Puppifer has decided to branch out and open up a wax museum

77. Whoa – Bitchface of Epicness

78. “It shall be the most wonderful museum of its kind! Filled with wax representations of virtual nobodies that people will come from miles away and pay handsome sums of PuppyTreats to see!”

79. “Ah yes, I can just taste them right now...”

I think this is a good place to end Part 1. GO HERE for the rest! :)
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