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New SPN fanart

Made some more fanart recently that I wanted to share. :)

1) 15 icons, mostly of Sam, various S1-5 episodes


2) Two banners, one with S2 promo pics and the other with images of Sam from S5. I'm not too happy with the first one, mostly because the boys were photographed at different angles in the pics I used... probably could have used something else... but was trying out a tutorial and wanted to see what I came up with.

3) Three wallpapers. First one is Sam and Dean from 2x02, second is Sam and Dean from 5x16, and the last is Sam and John from 5x13. Click to enlarge. These are all in 1280x1024 size (since that's the resolution of my monitor, lol), but I have the first one in 1024x768 as well... and if you have any request for specific sizes let me know and I'll do what I can. :)

Comments are love. Feel free to take, credit not totally necessary but always appreciated. :)

Tags: art: banners, art: icons, art: wallpapers, supernatural

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