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SPN Art update! Icons and wallpapers

I have some more art to share, some icons and wallpapers.

1) 27 icons: mixture from S1, 2, 4 and 5.


And here are the two wallpapers. With the Dean one I was experimenting with a new style LOL. Click to enlarge:


And I was a bit disappointed that the S1 promo pic on the Sam one was so orange and stood out from the others. I tried to fix that with the hue/saturation brush, but it's still glaring. Oh, well.....

Hope you like them. Comments are love. Please don't hotlink, and credit is always appreciated. :)

I'm also thinking of updating my meta post on Sam's hair to cover the end of this season. And I have a sort of cracky (as in crack!fic) idea for a small picspam.
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