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25 June 2007 @ 10:00 am
SG movies and some banners  
So I didn't watch Unending on Friday, except for the last minute or so (have to say I loved the little tribute SciFi had during the end credits though). I saw it in March and tried to put it out of my mind, but everyone is buzzing about it again, pictures are showing up again, and it's bumming me out again.

I've made a few banners....
Now, I'm seeing banners on some websites that have a promo pic of Daniel and Vala sitting together and something like "Unending Love" or "Love is Unending." I decided to put my own spin on a banner like that and here's what I came up with.

Unending Hatred

I'm sorry if this bothers anyone and I suppose it's not entirely accurate... maybe something like "Unending Indifference" would be better. :/

I also modified the images a bit and made a plain base, so if anyone wants to snurch and use, make your own text, please feel free.  Credit not needed but appreciated.  The final two are sort of a take on the D/V banner... sort of.

Unending base

Maybe there is something wrong with me but I find it hard to believe sometimes when people keep insisting they're still friends.  Can you actually prove that? Can you take an episode from season 10 and say "See? Daniel still cares about Sam (and/or Teal'c)" ? I know people tell me that they've been friends over the course of 10 years, built up this foundation and it's hard to believe it's just gone.  But who's to say that it isn't? How do you know something didn't happen between them to cause them to stop caring about one another?  I just hate the way TPTB have made things seem this way.

I also read an interview MS gave on Gateworld.net and he mentions one of the two DVD movies.

GW: What hints can you give us about Daniel's role in Ark of Truth?

MS: From what I know about it, I think that we're off searching for an ark. [Laughter] And Daniel has some more leftover baggage with two characters in the universe. One is Merlin and the other is Ganos Lal, otherwise known as Morgan Le Fay. We have some leftover stuff that we're going to be bringing to the table that Daniel's knowledge of is going to be intricate.

He gets to be by her side -- for Vala. She has to deal with her husband -- or ex-husband, however you want to look at that -- Tomin. And Adria as well. So there's still a little leftover stuff that Daniel gets to be intricately involved with. We get to search for this secret weapon that might solve all of our problems. Of course, with the Ancient experience, and with the knowledge of the Ori, Daniel becomes intricate to that particular story.

So it appears that this movie will be an awful lot like Dominion was, just subtract Baal, add Merlin and Morgan Le Fay.... and poor Tomin, who will no doubt be killed off in this movie (at least from the way MS calls him Vala's "ex-husband").  And again Daniel will only be with Vala and will ignore everyone else.

So I'm not wasting my money on this.  I'm not even bootlegging it (not that I've ever done that before...).  The Ori is a pretty boring storyline to me anyway.  I know other people feel differently and that's fine but I'm not going to watch something if it bores me and bums me out.

I just hope the second movie will be worth it.  I've seen a behind-the scenes pic of AT and MS sitting together relaxing in between filming, and they're both in desert camo so I'm assuming they'll be together in at least one scene in the entire movie.  I'm crossing my fingers that they'll actually interact and Daniel will actually treat Sam like a friend instead of snide and sarcastic (which is what I'm expecting for the first film - if he does actually interact with her and Teal'c at all).

Anyway I'm sorry for being so negative... just all the hoopla over Unending and Daniel/Vala in general is depressing me a little.  Nowadays it seems like you have to ship D/V in order to be a fan of Daniel... so I guess I can't be a fan of his anymore unless I support that ship. :( 

*off to catch up to reading fanfic to cheer myself up... hopefully*
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maevebran: S+DUptoNoGoodmaevebran on June 26th, 2007 12:05 am (UTC)
Ok Jess as for season 10 Friendship with Sam and Daniel episode 2 Morpheus, they depend on each other to stay awake. Sam actually runs her hand on Daniel's shoulder and back. If it had been Vala he would have shrugged it off but since it was Sam he accepts it just like he always has. Daniel isn't a touchy feely person but has always allowed Sam to touch him. How about the way he tells Sam she has to hang on just a little while longer. The way he says it reminds me of when Ascended he said similar things to Jack and Teal'c (and if talking to her like he did Jack and Teal'c doesn't convey deep abiding friendship I don't know what would.) He also props her back up from when she slumped down to try to sleep. He holds her a little longer than strictly nescissary.

Then in The Quest part 1,Look at the body language. Daniel is stnding between Sam and Vala at the cave entrance. He is practically in Sam's personal space almost touching but not quite because he needs room to aim his p-90 at Adria but is feet away from Vala.
Adria threatens Sam and Daniel jumps in to do what Adria wants with out thinking.

Also Bounty. Again body language at the end of the episode (where this icon comes from) Daniel is standing in Sam's personal space. You don't do that and grin if you are not really good friends.

Keep in mind this is coming from a Daniel/Vala shipper.
jessm78: being therejessm78 on June 26th, 2007 09:42 am (UTC)
Maeve I gotta thank you for putting up with me. I think about this stuff way too much and let it bother me. Just reading about the movie kind of discouraged me and brought it all back, I guess...

You know, I guess it didn't occur to me to pay much attention to body language, even the really subtle kind. I did like what I saw in Morpheus and the Quest Part 1. I guess I figured that there was nothing more after Bounty so assumed something made them drift apart.

I hope to see the friendship again in Continuum at least but I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up too much...