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Puppy!Sam updates

With S6 filming getting underway today, I thought I'd celebrate by offering the first installment of my Puppy!Sam picspam updates. I've gone through my whole series and I noticed that back when I was first making them, they were very short. The picspam for the Pilot only had 24 pics! And I'd called it "image heavy" back then! LOL. So, I've decided to add more to these early spams, re-vamp them if you will. Starting with the Pilot and going to at least early or mid S2 before they started getting pretty long. And I've decided to do a little "roundup" at the end of each, where I have a "bitchface" count and a "facial shrug" count. *g* I'm also going to add pics from the deleted scenes if there are any.

So without further ado, here's the #1x01 Pilot Puppy!Sam picspam, re-vamped! There are 64 pics in total for this one. Enjoy. :) I'll probably have these updated picspams posted every week or so, maybe once or twice a week. We'll see how it goes.
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