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Why kill a good thing?

I know everyone hates hearing me rant or whine about this, but Friday's episode, plus some comments made by people on GW and at one of my Sam/Daniel lists keep nagging at me and making me feel really down about this season.

The user pic I have next to this entry pretty much describes how I feel. Whether you ship Sam and Daniel or not, I think it appears that their friendship is tenuous at best in season 10. Why do I say that? Well, there's the fact that we've been forcefed Daniel/Vala in almost every episode so far, which also means lack of team moments. Daniel and Sam have interacted - how often?

I know we all say that they're friends behind the scenes and offscreen, and maybe I am being really petty for saying this, but it's not enough for me. I need actual evidence that they are friends. If they don't act like it onscreen, who's to say that they *aren't* acting that way offscreen? We can engage in all the wishful thinking we want, but I'd rather that we didn't have to. I'm almost getting tired of it. Maybe it's my scientific background, but I need concrete evidence up front that they are still friends. Yeah, I know, their friendship is canon and all of that, but can't canon be changed? Can't some factor be introduced that allows for that change (Vala in this case)?

In case you're wondering what caused me to go bonkers over this, I'll explain. Over at Gateworld, some person posted in the anti-D/V thread going "NOOOOO! Daniel and Vala are the most perfect couple on Earth! I cannot see him with anyone else, ESPECIALLY Carter [guess that was directed at me...*rolls eyes*]... I don't want Share or Sarah... Daniel and Vala had such great chemistry in Prometheus Unbound and they are so good together!" Yeah okay I don't agree and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but why would someone visit the Anti thread if they're Pro? Anyway the "especially Carter" part stung me, even if they were talking about ship. This person comes off as a new fan, and because they haven't seen much of Sam and Daniel interacting even on a friendship level, no wonder they don't see any chemistry between the two. I thought I saw several people in the S/D thread also making excuses for the D/V interaction and saying that Sam and Daniel are still friends and Daniel likes Sam better than Vala. But the thing is, how do you know? Just because of the way they acted in the past? I don't think that can be used as evidence. And who's to say that Sam and Daniel didn't have some big fight in between episode 200 and this one? I guess there is no evidence either way but I think it's an open question.

Plus, someone in that thread mentioned that there doesn't seem to be the same spark in their chemistry as there had been before. They said that their interaction all seems one-sided now... that it was Sam who was so concerned about Daniel in Flesh and Blood and he acted all business as usual at the end. I can't disagree with this person, and it makes me sad. Plus it was Sam who smiled at Daniel in Pegasus Project and knew something was nagging at him. We've seen plenty of Sam being concerned/worried for Daniel, and he has not reciprocated at all (well, not counting Morpheus, but I thought there was more concern on her part for him than vice versa).

I was also bugged by the fact that a D/V shipper on one of my S/D lists pretty much told us to just deal with it if we don't want to see the D/V ship in the episodes. She didn't mention anything about S/D which disappointed me since this is a S/D list. Neither did anyone else who posted reviews of this past episode. Maybe I am way too zealous over this whole thing, but I feel that no one really cares anymore. That I am the only one who sees what's happening to the S/D friendship and gives a whit about it. And the fact that there's nothing I can do about it makes me feel even worse. I'm sorry, it's not enough for me to say, "oh yeah, they're still friends offscreen even if they don't talk to each other at all in the episode."

I made some banners a few weeks back. If anyone is interested in them for any reason, feel free to take (credit would be nice but you don't have to).

What I am about to say may make me seem like a traitor to the whole SG-1 cause, but I really need to say it. I have not really taken part in any of the "Save the Show" campaigns. Why, do you ask? (if you're still reading anyway) Because if things are going to continue like this, with a D/V ship being pushed and Daniel being really distant towards Sam (as well as Teal'c), then I don't want to see the show go on for another season. If there was a chance that they would listen to us and greatly improve it, then I'd be maniacally writing letters along with the rest of you. But I don't hold much faith in TPTB to do that and I just cannot support the show continuing this way. I hate that there's no team feeling anymore. And I just don't believe that someone can take a magic wand and POOF, the show will suddenly be back to its former glory in an 11th season.

I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm betraying any of you. I really don't mean to. I just can't deal with this anymore if they're so intent on not showing the friendships that have stood the test of time. I'm going to live in AU land where we can be 100% sure that Daniel still appreciates Sam and Teal'c as friends and actually acknowledges them as such. Sam and Daniel were such good friends to each other early on - what happened? What made them grow apart, at least onscreen? Why did it have to happen?

Okay, I'll shut up now. I hope that no one hates me and I'm sorry to bug everyone with my whining/ranting. I'm just feeling so down about this. :( I don't think it's too much to ask to see actual proof that they are still friends. I can't keep up all the assuming anymore.
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