jessm78 (jessm78) wrote,

First Day: whoo-hooooo!!

Today is my first full day at the new office and things are great.  First I was able to sleep in a little this morning -actually able to eat breakfast, shower and get ready without rushing - and got here a little after 8am.  Parking was great - the lot was totally empty.  It's so nice and quiet here (well except for the A/C kicking on and off, but even that is really nothing), I love it!!

My mom is also feeling better.  She was a lot better yesterday and was pretty much back to normal last night.  She seems to think something she ate bothered her, plus the fact that she didn't have many fluids to drink on Friday when it was very humid.  I'm just so glad she's okay now.

So things are a lot better now, finally. 

Tags: life, work

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