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So I guess as most of you guys have seen, we've finally got new promo pics for S6 of SPN. :D I know they're being posted all over, but I had to post some of these.. 'cause I think they're amazing. In fact they inspired me to make a wallpaper which is also under the cut so as not to spoil anyone. :)

Pics are for episode to enlarge.  I've added some comments too.

Aww, the Puppy looks so lonely here, doesn't he. Downloading coordinates now to go keep him company. *G*

Hee, Domesticated!Dean sharing a tender moment with Grampy Sam...Is that a PuppySmirk I see? Or the beginnings of a bitchface...?

It does appear to be a bitchface! Heh, I guess Puppy's not happy that the attention is off him now ;)

*licks Dean's neck*... *looks at Puppy* Awwww poor Puppy, here, we'll fix that right now..... *pets* *runs fingers through PuppyHair*

I love this pic... for some reason I can't stop staring at it. Puppy just totally captivates me. It must be the PuppyEyes™, which he's got focused on Dean like a radar .... though the PuppyHair is also lookin' quite fine...

I call this pic "Family, Part Deux"... three fine looking men.... YUM...

And here's the wallie I was inspired to make from these. Not much, I just knew I had to make something the moment I saw them... again, click to enlarge:

Pics are courtesy of andreas_ri 
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