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SPN pics from set of ep 6x06

I'm more behind on commenting here than I realized.. *g*... but I will get there.

How do you guys like the pretties that were released last night and this morning?

I'm talking about the pics here and here (with loads more HERE and HERE) from filming yesterday afternoon/evening. Somewhat spoilery, so you may not want to click if you're avoiding all spoilers. But dayum, the boys are looking mighty fine. I want to pet Jared's hair and Jensen's hair accessory makes me giggle. Hee. :D

Here are some of my favorites ... some are spoilery, so I'll include them in a cut.

First, the non-spoilery ones... click to enlarge...

And here are the somewhat spoilery ones...


Source: SpoilerTV and Nigel Horsley @ Flickr

Enjoy. :)

ETA: More of these spoilery type pics can be found HERE also :)
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