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One lone icon...

I had to do it. That new season 6 promo for SPN that we just saw? The one for 6x01 I presume? Wow. Yeah, I'm not going to get too deeply into it or assume much because it's hard to tell exactly what's going to happen from a 20 second promo. So I'm not going to read into it too much. But I am excited and looking forward to the 24th more than ever. :D

And I just HAD to make one icon from it. Because a certain something from it is way deserving of icon'age.

Because he just kills me.

(I'll put it behind a cut but there really isn't anything spoilery about it... unless you count hairstyles, but it's hardly that much of a change from last season anyway...)

Okay, I'm done. *grin*

If you like and want to use, by all means take. Credit not totally necessary but always appreciated. :)

ETA: Gawd, I can't believe I already saw one comment griping that Sam needs a haircut. Or maybe I can. *rolls eyes*
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