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SPN #6x01 Exile On Main Street (episode review)

Just got done watching this. Here are my thoughts, for what they're worth (and please, no Dean vs. Sam wank)....

Okay, um.... wow. Things really are different. There are some things I kinda need to get used to.

Well, let me get the shallow stuff out of the way first. Oh, boys. How could you look so beautiful? Dean, tucked in shirt and all (though I admit it was weird seeing him that way, lol). And Sam with your pretty hair. I love seeing it all natural and wild-looking, not greased back like he had it a couple of seasons ago.

We start with a "One year ago" recap, and then Dean waking up in bed next to Lisa. He tells her "I'm good," but something in his face tells me he's not all good. Then we get a montage showing him leading his "normal" life, interspersed with scenes from his hunting life with Sam. We see him and Sam having a beer, following that scene of him and his friend Sid having one. We see him showing Ben the ropes as far as auto shop goes, followed by that scene from the end of Fresh Blood where he did the same thing with Sam. I liked the way they showed the scenes from his old life tinted in blue.

I like the opening credits this season. Blue with smashing glass. Kind of makes you think of this "illusion" of a perfect life or normal life being shattered by the reality of what's going on in the aftermath of the apocalypse (which will no doubt be explored further this season).

We also see that Dean hasn't given up every element of his hunting life. He's got that jar of holy water under the bed.

He's talking to his friend and telling him he used to do "pest control" with his "partner." It's easy to see he can't escape this life completely. Once he leaves the bar he hears a scream outside, runs to an abandoned building and sees scratch marks on the wall and blood. Did anyone notice that on the outside of the doors there were a few "DJ Sam" posters? Maybe it's nothing but I couldn't help noticing that.

Ahahaha, shades of Yellow Fever with Dean getting scared by a Yorkie! What is this connection between Dean and Yorkies? In Devil's Trap after he and Sam pulls that fire alarm in the apartment building, he tells the firefighter that he has a Yorkie that pees when he's nervous... then he gets spooked by the Yorkie in Yellow Fever... and now this scene. It's so amusing. *g* Anyway Sid is amazed he has a gun but Dean tells him it's registered and that he was going after a possum. "Possums kill." Heh. Uh oh, he ends up finding sulfur. Something's up.

Lisa then finds him and asks if he was going after a Yorkie. It's obvious he's trying to keep the hunting stuff from her, which makes sense that he's trying to protect her and Ben from all that.

Awww, he's got his Baby under a tarp! And he's got the LeatherJacketOfAwesomeness (heh) and Dad's journal locked in a box. A lightbulb flickers and who appears but the YED!! YED tells him that God brought Cas back, so why not him to add a little spice to the sugar. Hmm. He also says "you can't outrun your past," which seems to be the theme of this episode. He starts strangling Dean when............  Sam kills him??

Apparently that was a dream/mirage/whatever, but Sam himself isn't. He tells Dean he was poisoned, and he himself had been poisoned by that thing, too. Wow. So easy to tell that Sam has changed. He seems a lot more business-like and matter-of-fact. When I first saw the teaser clip from this scene, I thought he seemed really "off", but now scene in the context of the episode it doesn't seem quite as jarring to me (or indicative that he's "evil" or whatever).

We got a hug!! I'm sad that Sam didn't seem overly emotional, but it looked like there was some emotion in his face during the hug, and this is how I see it: perhaps Sam has distanced himself emotionally from Dean since he's been away for a whole year, or perhaps it's not a huge emotional overload at the time because he could have been looking in on Dean? If what we see in the S5 finale is any indication, anyway (when Sam was looking in on him in the final scene, but seemed resigned to the fact that he had to leave Dean alone to have a normal life).

Getting back to the change in Sam, I know Jared has said in interviews that Sam is less lovey-dovey and more tactical this season, but I hope we get some glimpses down deep of the old Sam as well, just little ones from time to time if possible.

Now onto Dean's reaction to Sam admitting he'd been back for about a year. I'm trying to see this from both boys' POVs. Dean's reaction is totally understandable. He can't live without Sam and is upset Sam's been back the whole time but hasn't told him. He tells Sam "I wanted my brother!" Sam tells him "you wanted a family!" Am I the only one who is a bit disappointed that "brother =/= family" here? Sam is his family, too. But I'm also looking at it from Sam's POV. He wanted to give Dean a slice of the life Sam had always wanted for himself - that he'd gone off to Stanford to start. He'd made Dean promise not to bring him back for that reason. So I can understand that he's being selfless here in wanting something for Dean that he never got himself, but I also understand how upset Dean is in not knowing he was back and how much he wanted his brother.

Edited because I forgot: So Dean admits that he wasn't exactly living the whole apple pie life this whole time... I knew it.

Okay, I have to say the whole "Campbell family" thing is going to take some getting used to. I'm not all that thrilled with them at the moment... I don't hate them, just find them kinda "meh" right now. Especially Gwen (were they trying to add a bit of Meg's attitude to her or is it just me?) and the quiet cousin. Christian, well, he'll always be Jonas to me, LOL (if you get the Stargate SG-1 in-joke). Awesome to see Grandpa Samuel back, though... So he was resurrected? And he's in the dark as to how it happened much like Sam being out of Hell?

It turns out the thing that poisoned Dean was a djinn, but Grandpa has an antidote, and Sam and the others had killed a few of them. Dean remembers about Ben and Lisa and hurries home to make sure they're okay. They're gone and he freaks out (um, Dean, you told them to go to the movies, remember?)

Dean sensing Lisa and Ben are in danger, brings them to Bobby's house. Bobby has apparently known that Sam has been back. Dean is also upset that Bobby knew and never got him. Bobby pretty much repeats Sam and tells him that he was able to get out of the hunting life. Apparently this is something hunters dream of, a nice normal life, and they were glad that Dean was able to get it, I guess.

Dean and Lisa talk and she assumes he's leaving. She's upset and says that she wanted someone for Ben to look up to, and that the last year was the best of her life.

Grandpa Sam tells Dean that his ancestors killed vamps on the Mayflower, so hunting is in Dean's blood. He tells Dean "we're your blood." Yep, you can't escape your past.

Sam and Dean talk and Dean asks Sam if he remembers the cage he was in with Lucifer. Sam pretty much says that he's out, he's with family, with Dean, so why would he want to think of Hell. Wow, quite a difference from Dean having all the flashbacks to Hell and etc back in season 4. I wonder if Sam will be acting like this, trying to forget about Hell but it comes back to bite him. I'm really curious to find out how Sam was brought back, though. He says he ended up in a field in the rain. I wonder if someone helped bring him back, maybe helped him escape? I hope we get some insight into this during the season.

They go staking out djinns and Dean sees them attacking people in a house. Sam tells him they're goners but Dean insists on trying to save them. A djinn attacks him and makes him see visions of Ben and Lisa being visited by the YED. He puts Lisa on the ceiling and makes Ben drink his blood.

The Campbells break in and kill the djinns, while Sam goes to help Dean.

So in the end, Sam wants Dean to come back with him, but Dean says no. He even gives the Impala keys to Sam, but Sam's got his own car. Aww. :( But I definitely don't think this will last. Something will happen that will get the boys hunting together again. it just has to.

Next week's looks interesting. And nice new promo vids with Jared's voiceover. :)

So that's about it for my review. Like I said, it'll take some getting used to with the Campbell clan (maybe with the exception of Grandpa Sam). It's good to see the boys together even thought they parted ways at the end (but I have a feeling they'll be working together more often soon... hopefully we won't have to wait too long). I was surprised to hear Bobby talking about Dean "getting out" and having a normal life because I kept thinking of his speech in No Rest For The Wicked, where he said "family don't end with blood", that as hunters they stick together. I guess at the very core of the hunters is a longing for a nice normal life, though? We did see it from John a bit back in Salvation when he told Sam "I want you to go to school, I want Dean to have a home".... They want this normal life but accept the fact that it just won't be that way.

Alright, I'll be quiet now. *g*
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