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SPN #6x02 Two And A Half Men (Episode Review)

Okay, I thought this episode just ROCKED.

To sum up very quickly....

Some great points:
1. Sam and Dean banter!
2. Sam and Dean trying to take care of a baby!
3. IMPALA, baby!!

Okay, so in detail...

We see a woman running from something with her baby clutched to her chest. She hides from it and then gets dragged away by something, leaving the poor baby listening to her screams.

Dean is going through the Impala's trunk, studying one of his guns with what appears to be reverence. Heh, it's obvious he doesn't want to stay away completely. But he covers the poor girl up again with the tarp.

So fearing for Lisa and Ben's safety after what happened last week, they've moved. Ben doesn't seem too happy.

We see Sam working a case by himself, I guess the case with the mom and the baby. And he's talking to Samuel about this. It doesn't look like Sam is too comfortable as he's talking to him. Samuel says that sometimes he worries about Sam. Sam: "Sometimes I worry about me, too." Aw. :(

Okay, it's obvious Dean has Lisa and Ben on lockdown. Hmm, some parallels here between him and John? Except in this case, Dean freaks out when he sees Ben handling one of the guns. He says Ben will never shoot a gun, and Ben retorts that Dean did so when he was his age. Dean yells at him. Aw, poor Ben at that instant. :( I know Dean doesn't want them living the life he did, but I still felt bad for the kid at that point.

Hee! We get to see Sammy eating!

Dean and Lisa talk about him yelling at Ben. It's obvious he's trying to protect them but she says she has to work and Ben has to go to school. She knows he's trying to protect them but he's scaring her.

Back to Sam's investigation... He tangles with a shapeshifter and nicks him with the knife. Then he finds... something... under the table. Something that he has to call Dean about. He tells Dean he needs his help and Dean says that he's out - he's staying out.... while laying salt down. Hmm, not exactly, Dean. Sam tells him to make an exception and to meet him or he'll drive right to his front door. Dean wants to know what's so important. Something has him concerned enough that he does meet Sam.

Heh! Love when Dean sees the baby and Sam says, "Welcome to the party, Mr. Gutenberg."

Dean's agreed to work with Sam on this I guess, because now he's showing Lisa how to use the gun. He's still expressing doubts about doing this until Lisa virtually throws him out of the house ("if you don't walk out, I'm going to shoot you." Yeah!).

Aw. Boys with the baby in the car are adorable! Dean telling the baby to speak up if he knows anything and the baby grinning at him. Then Sam telling Dean to buckle his seatbelt! Hee!

Sam's reaction when the baby farted, LOL.... and Dean's "don't take it personal." :D

Okay, I just loved the scene of them going shopping for "supplies"! Sam doesn't know what to get and Dean says "paste or jelly to put on their butt." I love the banter! Sam wants to know how Dean knows so much about this and he says that Lisa has a niece or something like that. And this exchange? LOVED:

Sam: Huh!
Dean: Shut it!
Sam: I just said 'Huh.'
Dean: And I said shut it!


The baby is crying very loudly and the poor boys are trying to calm him. Another epic scene. I love Sam's "Dean! Make it stop. Everyone's going to think we're child abusers!" ROFL!

Then a random older lady suddenly takes an interest in the baby. I love how she asks the boys what his name is, and they say "Bobby" and "John" and then "Bobby John." Sooooo appropriate.

Ooh, she's a shapeshifter. Interesting little twist. Dean threatens her and Sam utters a shocked "Dean!" Okay, does this not sound like the old Sam and old Dean to anyone else? Just a little?

So now the boys are in a motel room and Dean is tending to the baby. He complains it's like "diffusing an IED of baby poop." Sam is so amused. Awww.

And he's humming "Smoke on the Water"! Love it.

Again, Sam is amused and surprised that he's such a natural with the baby. Dean makes it sound like he's had practice with Ben.

Love the talk the boys have here. Dean doesn't want Lisa and Ben to have the same life he and Sam had, but Sam reminds Dean that he's got them on lockdown. Dean insists it's temporary, but Sam tells him that Dad always said that to them, that it was the same thing for 22 years. He tells Dean that what he's doing really isn't different from what Dad did with them. Sammy's got a good point.

Dean with the Magic Fingers! Hee! Okay, we are seeing more of the old Dean here. Definitely. *g*

Oh, ick. Yep, the baby is a shapeshifter, but I love how he turns from Caucasian into Black. Pretty cool. And just remembering now what Dean said later, they can't take him to an orphanage because they might be a little unnerved when he suddenly becomes Asian. LOL!

Interesting how Sam finds out that the woman (mom of the baby) was divorced and that the baby was apparently not the ex-husband's... so I guess she had an affair or something with a shapeshifter? Would that make the baby half shapeshifter then? Or does that not really matter at all?

Speaking of which... a shifter busts in and goes for Dean, saying something like "not talking about the father, talking about OUR father." And Sam comes in and shoots him.

Ooh boy. Sam wants to take the baby to Samuel.

Yeah. The Campbells still creep me out. I kinda want to smack the smirk off Gwen's face. And Jonas--uh I mean Christian, was kinda irking me too.As he was Dean. Although Sam tells him to leave Dean alone - he's his brother. Thanks for saying that, Sam.

Samuel asks why Dean can't give him a little trust and Dean says it's because they're both back and he doesn't know how. Samuel tells him he's not the only one who wants to know. Still.....

Okay, I was a little bugged when Christian wanted to take the baby, Dean was objecting, and Sam asked why he didn't want him with the baby - because he's a hunter? Okay, yeah, I get that Sam has been working with them for a whole year and would show some loyalty to them,  but... eh, I guess it's still because I'm so wary of them. I hope that Sam learns they (or at least Samuel) can't be trusted and realizes it's just him and Dean.

Whoa, the shifter looks like Samuel now!

And he kills Mark the mute cousin! Well, that's one down... (sorry if I sound too cavalier about it but like I said, they just do not sit that well with me)

They go down to the panic room with the baby and.... OMG, the shifter now looks like Sam!! Okay pardon me for a moment while I drool over Shifter!Sam...... hotter than hot..... :D

Okay, done. ;)

Wow, now he turned into Dean. That was quick. He renders Dean unconscious and takes the baby from him, walking out.

Uh okay, did I miss something right after that? When Dean joins Sam and Samuel, I half expected it to be Shifter!Dean... did they actually show the shifter escaping with the baby? Or did I miss that somewhere?

So the reason the shifter was so powerful is because it's the "alpha" - the "king shapeshifter." Huh. Well they did say they would delve into the origin of some of these creatures, so yeah, I can see that.

Uh oh, turns out Sam heard that one shifter they ganked at the motel say something about "our father", which would have meant that he must have known the alpha would come after them if they had the baby ... aka they'd use it as bait. Sam seems a bit uncomfortable at first when Dean says this and he denies it, saying they thought Samuel's place would be the safest. Oh, Sam, it looks like all that time with Grandpa has influenced you a bit. :(

Okay, just who was Samuel talking to at the very end there? Someone wants him to deliver the shifter to them?

Dean is back with Lisa and tells her he doesn't know what to do now. He tells her he's acting like a prison guard and it's not him... that his Dad was like this all the time and it scared the hell out of him. Lisa says he's not a construction worker, he's a hunter and that he doesn't want to be here. Yeah, I think it's obvious now. As much as Dean tried to strive for an apple pie life, he was doing it for Sam. Now that Sam is back and wanting to work with him again, this life just doesn't seem to be for him. Lisa can really read Dean well. He says he does want to be there, but she says he wants to be working with Sam too. She doesn't want to keep having this discussion every time, and she knows it's going to keep happening...

So she wants Dean to go. She wants them to break it.

Wow. Well I have to hand it to Lisa for wanting Dean to be happy. He doesn't know if he's ready to leave, esp. Ben, but she says they'll still be there and whenever he wants to see them he can, but to be in one piece when he does.

So that's apparently it. And now comes the scene of epicness:

Dean removing the tarp. YAY Impala!!! and "Smoke On the Water" playing in the background! AWESOME!!

So yeah, that's about all I got. I really enjoyed this episode. The Campbells still bug me, and Grandpa is being pretty shady here. I suppose more will come out about this. I was just so happy to see the boys working together more. The banter between them was wonderful, and I loved the scenes of them with the baby.

Only thing I hope for now is that we find out that we can't trust Grandpa and maybe the cousins, that Sam realizes that maybe he shouldn't trust them so much and he and Dean start to heal together now.

Bring on next week!
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