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Puppy!Sam Picspam #106 (Supernatural)

Hey guys, last *new* picspam (should have another extended one for season 1 tomorrow) before I leave for Chicago con. :)

Episode #6x02: Two And A Half Men

Over 115 pics in this one, so not dial-up friendly. Hope you like!

1. Hi, Agent Puppy! He's already got the PuppyEyes™ out fishing for info

2. *pets Agent Puppy's hair*

3. Curious!Puppy

4. “Hi! I'm calling to check on an order for PuppyTreats I placed yesterday?” LOL, Puppy's got his priorities mixed up ;)

5. Fangirl alert!

6. *nibbles PuppyEar*

7. "Sometimes I wonder about me, too.” Awwww :( *pets*

8. *runs fingers through the pretty, lustrous PuppyHair*

9. *iz ded*

10. Hey, it's the PupMobile!

11. Thoughtful!Puppy with a pretty set of PuppyEyes™

12. NomNomNom!Puppy

13. Watchdog!Puppy

14. He's warming up the PuppyEyes™...

15. Aw... Worried!Puppy

16. Kinda hard to see... but Puppy bitchfaces the empty closet, thinking for sure he'd find a monster to gank

17. OMG Puppy, look out!

18. Puppy! Nooooo!

19. Ooh... AttackDog!Puppy snarls and bares his PuppyTeeth!

20. Huh... the PuppyEyes™ are freaked out for some reason...

21. HLYCRP!Puppy

22. More growling and snarling, and this time the PuppyEyes™ help out

23. Nice undies, Puppy

24. D'oh, shapeshifter got away... of course, Puppy bitchfaces

25. Stealthy!Puppy

26. Uh oh, a noise... his PuppySense is tingling

27. PeekABoo!Puppy

28. Whoa, the PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles make a shocking discovery!

29. Aw, Puppy needs big brother's help with the ... “discovery”... and hopes he can get the PuppyEyes™ to work over the phone line to persuade him

30. But wait. Puppy apparently wants a kissy... right now, hon? Okay...

31. Back to persuading with the PuppyEyes™

32. Testy!Puppy

33. Bitchface time!

34. Dean's here! The PuppyEyes™... or bitchface... or both... must have worked! Yay!

35. Hmm... interesting time for the fangirls to show up... but still... here we are ;)

36. Awww... Puppy's being Mr. Snarkypuss again... how freaking adorable :D

37. Puppy got so bored waiting for Dean, he decided to play with the hair straightener he found in the trunk of the PupMobile *g*

38. Aw... just kidding, Puppy ;) *nibbles PuppyNeck* *tousles PuppyHair*

39. *pets... just 'cause*

40. Grim!Puppy

41. Oops, Puppy forgot to instruct Dean on the ways to keep the PupMobile happy

42. Puppy once again gives us the perfect opportunity to nibble the PuppyNeck ;D

43. Puppy is soooo unimpressed

44. Oh noes, Puppy feels like he's gonna pass out now! Come out here with us hon and get some fresh air :)

45. Bzuh?? What are these mythical supplies Dean speaks of? Perhaps air freshener to aid the powerful PuppyNose?

46. The PuppyEyes™ reeeeeally hope so

47. Shopping with Puppy! Dean better watch out that he doesn't raid the entire PuppyTreat section...

48. “This?? This doesn't look like PuppyTreats to me...”

49. Hee! Skeeved!Puppy

50. Facial Shrug Alert!

51. Aw! DelightfullyAmused!Puppy

52. Oh noes! The powerful PuppyNose is at the mercy of a dirty diaper once again

53. The PuppyEyes™ cry out for help

54. Mr.Mom!Puppy

55. The PuppyEyes™ are on a mission...

56. The baby's incessant crying is enough to make Puppy bitchface

57. Yep, when Puppy bares the PuppyTeeth you know he means business

58. “Dean, Mr. Bitchface is getting cranky, and you know what happens when he gets cranky...”

59. Wow, Mr. Bitchface is indeed busy today

60. LIEK,OMG,RUFrickinSerious??Puppy

61. It's a bitchface-a-palooza!

62. He hopes some PuppyEyes™ and general PuppyKewtness will distract from the chaos

63. Impressed!Puppy

64. Hm, the PuppyEyes™ are crying for help again

65. Appalled!Puppy

66. Heh, Puppy tilts his head to the side as he usually does when he's confuzzled

67. Um...OhCrp?Puppy

68. Fleeing!Puppy with some Flying PuppyHair!

69. Puppy attacks the shapeshifter with a bitchface of epicness

70. Puppy! Nooo! *stares in awe at the pretty Flying PuppyHair*

71. *twirls strands of former PuppyMop around fingers*

72. Puppy looks sooo unhappy... he needs some pampering.. anyone agree?

73. Uh oh, is the PuppyNose in distress again?

74. Awww, Amused!Puppy... and Hai, PuppyDimple!

75. Oh, Snarky!Puppy, please never change

76. Facial Shrug #2!

77. Puppy proves that he has not become rusty at the Kill-with-Kewtness routine

78. The PuppyEyes™ can't believe Dean is selling himself short

79. Facial Shrug #3!

80. Double teaming Dean with the PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles

81. Facial Shrug #4!

82. *gently kisses Puppy's six five forehead*

83. The PuppyEyes™ command your attention

84. *pets the soft looking PuppyHair*

85. Agent Puppy is a great listener. Yep.

86. Daddy needs a little convincing, so Puppy breaks out the PuppyKewtness again

87. A little ForeheadCrinkle'age wouldn't hurt, either...

88. Love when a good breeze kicks up and that PuppyHair gets all nice and windblown :D

89. Awkward!Puppy

90. Yay! Puppy to the rescue!

91. Puppy is mildly concerned

92. Hee! That windblown PuppyHair is a sight to behold

93. Heh!ISoDon'tGetThisSoMuchIt'sActuallyHilarious!Puppy

94. Looks like Puppy needs a little help scratching that itch... you're a little busy driving, Sweetie, let us get this one ;)

95. Wha?DidYouSaySomething?Puppy

96. Got that itch taken care of... and now something a little extra ;D

97. *dies from the hair porn*

98. “By the way, in case I haven't said it before, that Jackson guy had NOTHING on me...”

99. “Oh, God, someone please shut this bitch up.”

100. “Pwease, Dean? You can trust teh PuppyEyes™, right?”

101. Aw, Guilty!Puppy... *pets*

102. Mediator!Puppy

103. “You all are *joking*! Daniel Jackson WAS Stargate!”

104. “You take that back. I beat him six ways to Sunday. Hell, I even had a girlfriend who DIDN'T get killed off.”

105. OMG! Traitor!Puppy is now a Jonas Fanboi?? Okay, Puppy, you're starting to worry us...

106. Don't care how cute you try to look, Puppy. Bad Puppy! Bad, baaaaad boy!!

107. Aw. Puppy sees how disappointed Dean is, and to make amends, he administers the PowerfulPuppyTouch

108. Aw... Nervous!Puppy... *pets some more*

109. ZOMG! A second Puppy! The PuppyEyes™ are freaked

110. Shapeshifter!Puppy with an epic bitchface

111. Ooh, two hot puppies.... I know one is a shapeshifter, but I don't care!

112. Again, I don't care that he's a shapeshifter.. grrowwwrrr!!

113. *iz ded*

114. Huh??

115. The PuppyEyes™ play innocent

116. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

117. What? Puppy really a bad dog? The idea is just ludicrous!

Bitchface count: 8 (9 counting Shapeshiter!Puppy)
Facial shrugs: 4

That's about it. Tomorrow I'll post the extended version of the Hell House Puppy picspam, and I'll be at it again hopefully later next week with the new episode. We'll see how I do with editing pics from Chicago.
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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