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Does my writing suck?

I should add, "within the community", I suppose. So I posted my story the other day (and again thanks to everyone here who commented on it - I really appreciate it), and I only got 3 reviews at Strangely enough it did get 225 hits.

Do people really find my writing that bad, not worthy of reading? Or if they do read it (as suggested by the number of hits) do they not find it worthy of a review? I know the majority of Stargate SG-1 fanfic on that site is Daniel/Vala and Sam/Jack, but I know people who also write Sam/Daniel like me and they still get a lot more hits and reviews.

What am I doing wrong? Do people not like one-shots? Is my style too drab? Too angsty? Too smarmy? I hate to sound like I'm an attention whore or egocentric or begging for reviews, but I always find them helpful and they let me know that people are taking the time to read, so I'm not writing the stories and posting them for nothing. They make me feel better about my writing, which sometimes I think.... well, see the title of this post. *blushes*

It's not just I belong to several Yahoo groups and no one comments there either. It's mostly just me and this other woman posting stories, and everyone comments on hers, but not mine. I just get ignored and it makes me wonder why I should bother posting them at all.

That said, I really think LJ is the best place to read stories and talk about them. I'm not sure why, but I get a lot more feedback about what I write here than anywhere else lately. Everyone's been very helpful, so I really appreciate it.

I just wish I could discount the lack of reviews elsewhere... but it still bothers me somewhat...
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