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Chicago SPN con, Sunday Part 1 (Jared/Misha Breakfast) pics and report

Okay, so I'm finally at the point where I can start posting pics and a report. It took me FOREVER to edit these pics. First of all the lighting was kinda crap in the breakfast room. I was at table 25, which was *supposed* to be a halfway decent table, but for some reason all the tables were shifted around, so we were kinda center-right in the last row of tables. I had my telephoto lens, but because of said crap lighting I had to use my flash, which wouldn't always cooperate, so I missed a few moments here and there. I also had a head or two in the way, so you'll see a glare on the corner of a fair amount of these pics. Sorry about that! Also because I used the flash I had to try and edit the red eye out of many of these pics. Hopefully they're not too bad.

To sum up? Misha was his usual funny, offbeat self. Jared was a cute big puppy. And his hair. Oh, it could not be fluffier and flicker. *loves* As I said in an icon I made from a Comic Con pic some months back:

Hee! *cough* Anyway...

I don't remember everything from breakfast since I was so preoccupied with trying to get pics. But here's what I do remember:

Jared and Misha were late because the Chicago marathon was that morning. They were supposed to be there by 8:45 and they didn't end up getting there until a bit after 9, as I remember. Before they came in Gary from Creation set up the microphones and purposely made one really tall and lowered the other one a LOT so they'd be perfect for the two of them. LOL. When they arrived, Misha went over to the tall one, leaving Jared to have to crouch low to use the low one. How did I not see that coming? ;D

After this, Jared called Misha a "cute little thing." He asked us how we like season 6 so far, and what do we think of Sam. People's reactions were kinda all over the place. Someone called out, "thanks for the workout!" referring to the scene at the beginning of #6x03 where Sam is working out shirtless. We'd just seen this episode the night before. And in this scene we see that Sam is paying for sex, so Jared brings this up of course and thinks it's interesting. He said he thought Sam once said he doesn't pay for sex, but he couldn't remember the episode. A few people called out "Lazarus Rising!" Misha says "It's scary you all know that!"

They talked a bit about filming those generic promos we see at the end of the episodes. They'd shot them down in LA and Jared was going into a bit of detail, almost trying to recreate how they were posing and stuff, and he says "my hair isn't blowing around enough. Can we get a fan over here?" They also said that a lot of the wardrobe got stolen, in particular Dean's original season 1 leather jacket. *sniffle* Jared said they were outfitted in this alternate wardrobe for the shoot, especially Sam wearing a leather jacket. They said the person in charge of wardrobe didn't know anything about the show.

They talked about working with the babies in Two And A Half Men. Jared complimented Jensen on the way he handled them. Misha adds "did you know he can actually lactate?" Heh. Jared went on to say that they had some trouble working with the babies, that the first baby was a set of twins and one wouldn't cry on cue.

Someone congratulated Misha on being a Dad, and asked him to pronounce his son's middle name (Anaximander). Jared joked that you could find that name on the keychains in Six Flags, but not "Jared." He also said that Misha probably named him that because he was pissed off about not being able to find his own name on those keychains so he did the same thing to his son. Heh.

There were a couple of people there with guide dogs, and one lady in particular told Jared she was 3 feet tall, and asked about how far she would come up to him. He pretty much ran and leapt over some of the chairs to get over to her. He saw her dog and pet him(her?). Whenever someone had a question for Misha, Jared would act all hurt and would pout (I think he even hit his microphone stand, LOL), saying "let's get back to Jared now!"

Someone asked Jared how much weight he can press now. He said it used to be about 350 but now it's about 315. Misha interrupted with "how much does a Corolla weigh?" lol....

Jared was also asked about how he broke his wrist in the beginning of season 2, so he explained what happened in Bloodlust (when he fell after getting hit by the phone) and about how he needed surgery for the hand when they were about halfway through filming CSPWDT. He went into detail about how the painkillers affected him, how loopy and out of it he was. Having broken my shoulder a few years back and getting surgery done on it, I can totally relate to that.

He said they're shooting episode 9 right now and should be finished with it by Wednesday.

That's about all I remember. Now it's time for pics! You can find them all HERE. If you want to use them for art, feel free, although I'd love to see what you come up with. I only ask that you credit me.

Some previews:



I hope to post the Jared/Misha(with Surprise!Jensen) panel pics by either tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy!
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