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Chicago SPN con, Sunday Part 2 (the boys' panel) pics and report

Finally! It's been exactly a week since this con actually first started, and I'm finally ready to post my report and pictures from the first Q&A panel of the day. That would be Jared and Misha's, plus a surprise guest. *grin* Don't ask how I was able to remember so many details... I guess it was just such a blast it stayed with me. It really was awesome.

I don't remember *every*thing, but here are the things that stick in my mind the most.... :

Okay, before anything started, they told us that Misha would come out first, then Jared would join them, and then it would just be Jared. Unfortunately, Jared didn't get any solo time. *sigh* The time just flew by. Anyway let's start with Misha...

It started with a girl up at the mic telling Misha that her mom said he's her favorite character. Misha asks "where is she?" The girl said she wasn't there, she was at some family gathering or something like that. Misha: "Wow, where are your priorities??" Heh. He then told the girl to tell her " thank you." The girl continued with her question and asked how much improv makes it on air. Misha said that toward the end of S4 he did a lot of improv, he was just getting more comfortable doing the show. But after a while someone with the show told him that they talked to Kripke and the others and they don't want him to do any more improv, they want him to say what's on the page.

He was asked about the sigil on his chest in Point of No Return, if it was really painted on because it didn't look like he cut himself with a knife. He tells us that he went through a lot of hell doing it, that he's permanently disfigured now. *snerk*

He was asked about the end of Swan Song, if it was hard to do that. He said that it really took a lot out of him, seeing Jensen leaning up against the Impala as Jared fell into the pit (even though it was really a green tarp, lol). He said it was hard to look at Jensen because of his face being so disgusting ... "and then they put that makeup on him!"

They asked him what was the funnest episode to film and he said it was when he beat Dean up in the alley in PONR. He said they had a lot of fun filming MBV, that there were a lot of laughs between them in that one.

There was a funny point where he was asked what it's like to work with Jared and what he's learned from him. Misha launches into this thoughtful discussion about the book "Man's Search for Meaning," in which the author talked about suffering in a concentration camp and that it teaches us that it's the way we deal with everything that matters. Then he says "Sitting in the Impala with Jared when he farts is a learning experience, especially when you can't roll down the window because it will f**k up a shot." LOL! Poor Jared, he really was the butt of jokes that weekend. If people weren't getting in digs at him for farting, it was about him being a gigantor (and I'll get to more of that in my reports of the days preceding this one).

He was also asked about old cartoons, and which ones were his favorites. He actually included "My Little Pony" on that list (Hee! I used to watch that too) as well as "Jem", and then other shows like "Knight Rider" and "Dukes of Hazzard."

Someone asked him that if he had to live with any SPN character, who would it be. He said it would be nice to live with Lisa. She is nice, has a cute kid, would be good around the house. But not Sam or Dean because they're always in some sleazy motel and you have to deal with both of them, wait for the bathroom, etc.

That was about it. Jared then walked into the room to cheers. He said "you're welcome for getting Misha off the stage!" But people protested for Misha to stay, so Jared let him. lol. They had a bit of banter for a little while... Jared mentioned something about Misha boring the dogs that were in the audience because they were lying on the floor. He was asked to explain about the prank he played on Misha with his phone, where he texted Misha for his birthday but it was only one letter at a time. He said that he has 2 phones, a Canadian one and a US one, and he used the US one by accident. Misha said that Jared woke him up with all the texting. Then he retold the story about the call to Thailand that he told at VanCon.

There were a couple of girls who wanted to ask a question, and the one girl said her friend lost her voice. They didn't believe her and kept goading her to speak. So she did, and the poor thing was all squeaky sounding. They kept trying to make her talk and wanted to know how she got sick. Misha asked her something like "did you fall down a well?" She said that she was trying to rescue a dog, and they laughed while Jared kinda ran off the stage. Anyway the girl continued with her question as best she could and asked Jared if it upsets him when people call him "Gigantor." Jared says yes, and that he needs a hug, so he goes offstage to give her one.

He was asked which is his favorite persona that he's done on the show. He replied "CSI Miami." He put his sunglasses on and did the whole "jackpot" thing. And sadly I didn't get a shot of it because my stupid camera flash acted up. *sigh*

There was a mention of Jaredina and Castiela.

Jared was then asked what kind of cologne he wears. He mentions that he's a sweater, asks if we can see him sweating, and he says he wears Old Spice and Abercrombie's Fierce. He talks about how hot he gets, that he works out in the gym on set and then has to do a scene. He said there would be girls in coats freezing and he'll be like "it's so hot in here!"

There was a cute moment where a woman who had been at VanCon with her little boy was asking a question for him. The guys recognized him and asked him to come up on stage where he gave them high fives. It was adorable. :)

Jared talked about Tom Welling hiding in the back seat of the Impala while they were filming Asylum in S1. He'd snuck into the backseat without them knowing and then when the cameras rolled, the three of them got out of the car. Jared doesn't know why it's not on the gag reel, but it was probably before they knew they'd get a full season (or a new season) so they didn't have a gag reel to speak of yet.

At one point a girl came up and said she had to leave for work soon and Misha asked her "are you asking for gas money?" LOL. She wanted to ask Jared for a hug and things got pretty crazy then... I think Jared ended up hugging Misha so she tried to hug Jared anyway. Then Jared says something like "She said my hair is better than Misha's, do you believe that?" while he runs his fingers through it and tosses it back (and I die a million deaths....... :D).

Of course someone had to ask a controversial question.. there has to be at least one of those at a con, doesn't there? This girl asked about the portrayal of angels on the show, that does it bother them that they're portrayed negatively with the good angels leaving Heaven, etc. Misha gave a good answer and said that if anyone has a problem with it, then they're basically taking the King James Bible to task, that the angels are portrayed as warriors in it. Jared pretty much said the same thing. Not to turn this into a rant, but it bugs me when people take the show so seriously sometimes. I mean, I consider myself a fairly religious person, but I know it's just a TV show and it shouldn't be taken 100% seriously. That's about all I'm going to say. But honestly, I wish people would chill. It's just a show.


Someone else at the mic said they had a question for Jared and said he portrays Sam as some kind of "RAWR Gigantor." Something like that... Jared started laughing hysterically and actually fell off his chair onto the floor.

Then we got the surprise. Jensen suddenly appeared at the mic and the room went crazy. We were all screaming. He starts talking in this really shy way, saying "Hi, this question is for Misha." The guys played it up, Misha telling him it's not his turn and Jared saying "that's okay, we're not judging you." Jensen says to him "I was wondering if you could do your best Dean impression?"

The room went totally wild. Misha is like "I knew it," Jared is laughing, and Jensen is doing this sort of victory dance before he goes up onstage near Misha's seat. Misha did a really quick Dean impression and then Jensen joined them to sit down. He said "sorry guys, I was getting bored back there." It was really awesome and I just knew Jensen would crash the panel.

The girl who started to ask the Jared question was all like "WTF?" to Jensen, he said "oh I'm sorry, I'm so rude, my mother would be ashamed" and he hugged her. Anyway the girl repeats the question about Sam being a big gigantor, why Jared plays him that way and Jensen said something like "I've been asking that for 5 years." The girl asked if it's easy to do that, and is he like that in real life. This turns into Jared saying he breaks doors and stuff down, he's like a bull in a china shop.

Then a girl told them she was writing something about fandom and asking why they'd want to embrace it and not run away from it. She was addressing Misha. Jensen asked if she would go straight for him, while Jared asked "the real question is have you had your eyes checked?" The girl tells them that she's actually legally blind on one eye. OMG, if you could have seen Jared's reaction. He's got his hands over his face like "oh shit, what did I just say?" He goes off stage to hug her while Jensen puts his sunglasses on and starts acting like Stevie Wonder, singing "My Cherie Amour." Heh!

The banter was flying high in this con. They were asked what their personal heavens would be like. Misha said "it's on stage with these guys." Jensen says "that's a bunch of bullshit." Jared agrees, saying that being with "these guys automatically makes it not my heaven." Jensen finally said that his heaven is home.

They were also asked what their first cars were. Jared said his was a '69 Camaro. Jensen mocked him and said he had an '88 Pathfinder that he named Patty. Misha had a '79 Corolla station wagon.

A girl told Jared that she loves his hair. She said it was "so lush." I had to applaud her because I'm so sick of people complaining about his/Sam's hair being too long, he needs to chop it all off, etc. I know he gets told this (how nice his hair is) sometimes at cons, but I'm still happy to hear it! *smiles*

They were all asked what episodes they're proud of and which one would they redo. Jared said he was most proud of IKWYDLS and Heart. He said he would go back and review S1 because it was a learning experience. Jensen said that he wouldn't go back and redo The End because it was so tough to get through. He mimed going back and forth acting with himself, muttering.

Then a girl (actually one of my friends on the Sam forum) praised Jared... she didn't get the opportunity to tell him at VanCon in 2009 since his panel was cut, so she started telling him how much we all appreciate him. She went all through it while Jared walked offstage over to her. Meanwhile in the background, Jensen and Misha were making the most of it with Jensen putting his sunglasses on and posing for Misha (who took a pic of him), Misha talked on his cell phone, etc. My friend said we wanted to give Jared a standing ovation, so Jensen and MIsha both left the stage. Then Jared told them to come back, while people in the audience told them to as well, so they came back and we all gave all of them a standing ovation. 

Jared was asked to do an impression of Castiel. He got up, stood still and said in a really robotic tone "I raised you from perdition." Then he was asked to do it as High!Cas in The End. He did the same thing, but kinda slurred his speech like he was stoned. It was great. Jensen said that Cas has changed again, so Jared went off stage while Jensen said "He's not there!"

Misha talked about how disgusting it was to eat all that raw meat in MBV.

That was about all I remember. But it was amazing. I was just disappointed that Jared didn't get to do a solo panel, but I guess all that happened there was no time for it.

Now here are some pictures. If you want to use any of these, that's fine. I just ask that you credit me. And I'd really prefer for these not to end up on eBay, as I know some people's pics have been ending up there. I want to share these pics with everyone, just as long as you let me know and give me credit. :) I've got all of the pics from the panel up HERE on my Flickr. But here are a few samples (click to enlarge):


Jared's all, "Hai, Misha! Hai!" right here:

*stares and stares* This man's hair is so exquisite.........

Surprise!Jensen plays Mr-Shy-First-Time-Con-Goer-Long-Time-Fan:

Jared errs ... reaction to the girl telling him she's legally blind in one eye:

And Jensen's Stevie Wonder impersonation:

To anyone who's seen my Puppy!Sam picspams ... Facial Shrug Alert!!! :

I just really like this one:

I think this was when the girl praised Jared's hair.... mmm :)

Jensen and Misha reacting to my friend's statement to Jared... and I love how Jared is just sitting there like an eager little kid!!

Hmm, Jared seems to be giving Jensen the PuppyEyes™ over here...

Okay, I have no idea what was going on here... I only know it was at the very end of the panel, and that Jared's face cracks me up :D

Can't believe I finally got this all written up. Sorry it's taken so long! I hope to have my autographs and photo ops posted soon, too. And then I'll go all the way back to the beginning with Fri and Sat, lol. Sorry I've fallen so behind on LJ but I'll catch up if it kills me!
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  • I have a weird dilemma...

    I have this friend online whom I've known for 14 years now. She and I met through another fandom back then when most people were in Yahoo clubs…

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    Received cards today from z3nyatta (it was awesome meeting you and Ryver at ChiCon! I wish I could go next year but I think it might…

  • Chicago SPN con, Sunday Part 3 (photo ops)

    Have a little bit of time so I wanted to finally post about my photo ops. Right after breakfast ended, they started the Jared photo ops, so we had…