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SPN #6x04 Weekend At Bobby's (episode review)

Here are some of my thoughts on tonight's episode....

Meh, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of Sam and Dean in this one, and the episode felt a little more like a spin-off starring Bobby with the boys making guest appearances, but it was interesting to see a little more about Bobby and learn how this deal with Crowley is affecting him. And it's always nice to see Rufus (and Crowley) again. Oh, and I thought Jensen did a great job on his directorial debut.

So we're opening with Bobby summoning Crowley because he wants his soul back. Being a demon of course Crowley isn't going to want to give that up easily - he says he just has to make his best efforts to get him his soul back. Bobby's got 10 years left.

Yep, I knew Bobby would trap him. Ingenious way of doing it, too. Except Crowley threatens him with his hellhound, so Bobby releases him.

Ah, we finally get a glimpse of our boys. :) They're in Wisconsin investigating something-or-other (they found a claw, it looks like?) and call Bobby asking for his help.

During the montage with Bobby traveling around, looking for info, drinking, etc., we can see how he's affected by this whole deal and how much he wants to get out of it. Nice song choice.

Turns out the boys are hunting a Lamia. Okay, folklore geek here, but I thought that was so cool. I've seen documentaries of the folklore on vampires and read books on it (most notably "In Search of Dracula" by McNally and Florescu  .... okay, I'll stop geeking now) so I thought that was pretty awesome.

Looks like Bobby has kidnapped a CRD and holding her in the basement. He wants info on Crowley and his deal. Crowley has said he's "king of the crossroads", but she says he's "king of Hell." Hmmm.

So we finally see the flirty neighbor that was mentioned in the spoilers. Nice girl, hope she survives. I like how he tells her that the screaming (from the CRD) is just a horror movie he has on. She says she loves scary movies and asks him if he's seen "Drag Me To Hell." Bobby: "I'm tryin' to avoid it." Heh.

Bobby's torturing the CRD with a blowtorch.... uh... how is that working? But then we see later that he's torching her bones. Ah......  She tells him Crowley's real name: Fergus MacLeod.

Crowley is Scottish? Is it me or is his accent so very not Scottish?

Bobby's wall of phones! :D

Rufus needs help burying a body - an Okami and it's weird seeing them outside Japan (just like it's weird seeing the Lamia outside Greece). The two guys don't know what's up with all the monsters.

Ah, interesting that the Scotch Crowley likes tips them off to his origins.

Dean and Sam are still battling the Lamia ... ouch! Poor Sammy getting thrown around like that.

Nice to see the sheriff from Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid back again. I liked her character. Heh, Rufus' aliases include Luther Vandross and Ruben Stoddard. It turns out the Okami isn't dead after all. Bobby manages to save Marcie (the neighbor) and makes quick work of the Okami in the wood chipper.

Bobby: "I thought your chipper was broken."
Marcie: "I just said that to get you over here."
Bobby: *awkwardly admits dinner sometime might be nice*
Marcie: "I don't think so."
Bobby: "...... Story of my life."

Aw, Bobby. LOL

Turns out Crowley had a son named Gavin. Bobby's thinking of using his ring to summon him and use him to get his soul back.

Oh noes, here we go. Dean on the phone with Bobby, saying he's worried about Sam, he's different, something's not right, etc. Yeah, I expected it after the way things ended last week, but all the unanswered questions and theories and such are making my head hurt. I really don't want Sam to be evil or without his humanity or anything like that. I hope that it won't be something this awful whenever the big reveal comes. If it turns out that he is without his soul/humanity I hope there's a way to get it back. But I digress....

Bobby's preoccupied as Dean is saying all this and he gets a call from Rufus as Dean's talking. He tells Dean he has to go, that this is important. Dean: "More important than Sam??"

Rufus has Gavin's ring but the cops are on his trail so he swallows it. Uh oh. Back to Dean on the phone, he tells Bobby that he's the one person he could talk to about everything (Sam, leaving Lisa, etc.).

Finally Bobby tells Dean to bring Sam in and he talks to them both on speaker. Wow, he just lets loose and tells them they're the whiniest, most selfish bitches. He's always come through for them, etc etc. He's preoccupied with Crowley having his soul and trying to get it back and asks them "how about helping me for once??" The boys seem taken aback and tell him they'll be there for him.

Now Bobby tries to convince the sheriff to have Rufus extradited (he's in Andover). She refuses at first because she could get into trouble, but she comes through for him after all. You can tell she has a soft spot for him. Rufus presents the ring to Bobby (who says "I'll boil some water." lol).

Bobby summons Crowley's son. Gavin MacLeod. Ha!

Crowley appears. I like how he imitates Bobby bugging him for his soul ("I want my soul back, Idjit!" and "But I'm surly and I got a beard!" lol). Suddenly he sees his son and it looks like he's overcome with emotion but then tells Bobby that he hates his son so it wasn't exactly a clever thing for Bobby to do.

Bobby's got one up his sleeve, though. Tells Crowley he knows that, and in fact his son was very helpful and told him everything about Crowley.

So..... Crowley, er, Fergus, made a deal to become more well-endowed? Um, ooooookay...... lol

The boys are over in Scotland, eh? Wow, first time they've gone abroad. And they've dug up Crowley's bones.

Turns out that demons can die if you torch their bones? Wow, that's a new one to me. Bobby says they're just spirits or ghosts with an ego. So the deal is Crowley's bones for Bobby's soul.

And..... he grants it to Bobby? Wow, I didn't think it'd come so easy, but  I guess it shows that Crowley has that self-preservation thingy in place. I have to wonder how he'll factor into everything later on.

Then he shows up in Scotland with Sam and Dean. Dean wants to torch his bones anyway, but Sam stops him. He says Crowley is a dick, but a deal is a deal. Crowley: "I don't need you to fight my battles for me, Moose." Moose?? lol aww, poor Sam.

Yeah, I was wondering how Dean survived such a long plane trip. He used up a few barf bags? Heh, figures. Bobby sorta apologizes to them and asks them to roll credits on this chick flick.

Just as the ep ends he's back at the wall of phones. So I guess Bobby is back to work, business as usual.

Huh.... I dunno but I feel like I'm left wanting something.... maybe it's just because I've only seen it once so far and I need more time and more viewings for it to sink in. But it seems that getting his soul back was a little too easy. Unless there is some complication tied into it that will be revealed later. Eh, guess we'll see.
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