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Puppy!Sam Picspam #107 (Supernatural)

Sorry for the little hiatus with these picspams - everything just got pushed back when I went to Chicago con (would you believe I'm still editing pics from Friday and Saturday? Oy...). To make up for it, I've got an extra long installment of it this time....

Episode #6x03: The Third Man

... extra long as in, almost 140 pics. I've split it into two parts so that it doesn't kill anyone with slower connections. *g* So 69 pics in both parts. Warning: make sure you have lots of pillows, mops and drool buckets for the first handful of pics in this part. I don't want to be responsible if anyone hurts themselves. ;) I also get a little naughty at times in this one - hopefully you won't mind too much, lol...

Okay, without further ado...

1. Helloooooo, PuppyHair! *eyes travel downward* Oh......

2. *stares* *drools*

3. Hooooooooly.....  *drools some more*

4. *slurps*

5. Never a bad time for a fangirl visit ;)

6. Eep! Drool bucket needed. Stat!!

7. No, I don't think there are enough drool buckets in the world..... *falls to floor*

8. Proud member of the gutter club here...... *struggles to get off the floor*

9. Who is the fangirl that dares to disrupt a Puppy workout?? Not like we've been distracting him enough already....

10. Puppy, really, you need to stop doing this

11. Oh, what am I saying?? *bites tongue*

12. Yeah, I was only joking about that... *licks PuppyDimple*

13. Ooh, SlightlyBitchy!Puppy ... not bitchy enough for an actual bitchface, but the attitude is there! Gee, Puppy, as if fangirls haven't watched you work out (and even helped) before? Tsk...

14. Heh... Proud!Puppy. Yup, once you get the PuppyTreatment, you can't ask for better. *nods*

15. The PuppyEyes™ are quite proud, too

16. Aw... Regretful!Puppy? *pets*

17. Guess not.... *stares some more and fans self*

18. Tsk! What did I say, Puppy?!

19. *gasp* Bad Puppy! Why should you have to pay when you've got fangirls right here who are happy to spend time with you for free?

20. Alpha!Puppy

21. Goodness... if it's not killing with cuteness, it's killing with hotness... it's really hard to keep up sometimes, Puppy...

22. Hee! Puppy wants to give her his card... “Need some Puppy Love? Call 555-DANG-IM-CUTE-AND-HAWT”

23. She'll be back... no one can resist the Hawtness That Is Puppy...

24. Confuzzled!Puppy ... she's calling back already? That was quick...

25. Hm, looks like Dean needs some convincing to join the case... time to see if the PuppyEyes™ will work over the phone

26. Heh... yep, it's easy to see the PuppyEyes™ aren't being quite truthful here...

27. Aw, looks like they haven't worked... don't give up, Puppy

28. But it looks like a little bitchface has done the trick

29. Yep, still got it...

30. Agent Puppy looks sooooo bored leaning against the Pup Mobile... let's help him out a little

31. Hm, the PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles seem concerned

32. Amused!Puppy

33. Puppy feels the need to drag out Mr. Snarkypuss again...

34. YouAreJustSOPrecious,Darlin'!Puppy

35. ORLY?Puppy

36. Facial Shrug Alert!

37. Don'tMakeFunOfMahWheels,Biatch!Puppy

38. Puppy is actually hurt that Dean has scorned Francine (the PupMobile's given name... why, yes, he has actually named her... lol)

39. *pets PuppyHair*

40. Time to score some info... he's warming up the PuppyEyes™

41. Dean's impressed... Puppy really has been giving the PuppyEyes™ a good workout....

42. Hee! PuppyShrug!

43. Dean thinking: “Dammit! What has he been doing all this time with those things??”

44. Curious!Puppy

45. Heh... he's wondering if he'll find some PuppyTreats in there.... I don't think so, hon...

46. This whole case is really weird, but the PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles got nothin'

47. Puppy hates being confuzzled...maybe a kissy will help

48. It's the Confused!Puppy Head Tilt :D

49. *gasp* Dean! What are you doing?? You don't cut off the Francine... er, the PupMobile!

50. Uh oh... he's gonna get a lethal dose of bitchface and/or PuppyEyes™ now!

51. “Were you racing me? Francine considers it really childish behavior”

52. Yep, we've got bitchface!

53. Dean: “Helloooo! Puppy Express with a special delivery!”

54. *twirls wayward strands of PuppyHair*

55. Huh... the PuppyEyes™ seem overwhelmed for some reason

56. Puppy reeeeeally gets tired of having to show the PuppyCredentials now

57. “Officer Kolfax... you would consider me a cute puppy, wouldn't you? Now, you wouldn't mind sharing just a little bit of info with a cute, harmless puppy, right?”

58. A cute puppy being refused entrance warrants a bitchface. *fingers long strands of former PuppyMop*

59. No one can deny entrance to Puppy! It's time for BatteringRam!Puppy

60. Another bitchface for good measure

61. HighlyConcerned!Puppy

62. Bzuh??Puppy

63. The PuppyEyes™ aren't working, so he goes for the AttackDog!Puppy approach

64. "Seriously. Don't make me bring out Mr. Bitchface."

65. Worried!Puppy

66. Um...OCrap?Puppy

67. And now Ed won't answer Puppy when he calls him... this calls for another bitchface

68. Uh, no, Puppy... you don't wanna touch that...

69. Ed's dead... Puppy bitchfaces himself for not realizing this in the first place

That's it for part 1. Go HERE for part 2. :)
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