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Puppy!Sam Picspam #107, Part 2 (Supernatural)

Here's Part 2. Enjoy :)

70. Aw, don't be so hard on yourself, Puppy... *pets*

71. *gently kisses six five forehead*

72. Puppy's gonna cry? Awww :( *hugs*

73. *drowns in PuppyEyes™*

74. Ewwwwww,Icky!Puppy

75. ResearchGeek!Puppy! Oh, how we missed you! :D

76. The PuppyEyes™ are judging you, Dean. Harshly.

77. Just the mere mention of Cas makes Puppy bitchface

78. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

79. HighlyAmused!Puppy

80. *stares at the 8th wonder of the world – Puppy's sideburn*

81. Huh, the ForeheadCrinkles are getting a real workout this episode...

82. Mr. Bitchface doesn't understand why Dean is bothering.

83. EEP! Cuteness overload!!! *flatlines*

84. BlessYourLittleHeart,Sweetie!Puppy

85. Mr. Snarkypuss is quite tired of all the bitchface and PuppyEyes™ competitions Cas insists on

86. Puppy say in very small voice: “oh shit.”

87. “Hello there, Puppy Winchester. Lest you forget I am the one true Bitchface Master...”

88. “I am SO not in the mood for this.” *extreme bitchface*

89. Later... “So, you still think you can beat me? Have you not forgotten about these??” *PuppyEyes™*

90. “Why, yes. But I am saving those for later. *bitchface*”

91. “Deeeeean! Make him stop!” *PuppyEyes™*

92. Yep, Mr. Snarkypuss/Bitchface/PuppyEyes™ is NOT pleased

93. “So, what, you like him better?” Awwwww, Puppy, we still love you!

94. Poor sweetie... *hugs*

95. "My bitchface still pwns yours."

96. Cas proves he still has the PuppyEyes™ mojo... this upsets Puppy... awwww :( Hon, no one can beat you in that area! *more hugs*

97. Hmm, Fangirl Alert?

98. Puppy still seems desperate to defend his Bitchface title

99. 'ScuseMe?Puppy

100. Facial Shrug #2!

101. "He is no match for these PuppyEyes..."

102. “I heard that.” *PuppyEyes™*

103. Federal Marshall Puppy means business. *nods*

104. It's the tried and true Bitchface method for grilling for info!

105. Wow. Even though they're rivals, Puppy defends Cas with a bitchface

106. Puppy Profile Porn!

107. Puppy doesn't object to causing a fellow puppy pain?? Oh noes, something's not right :(

108. Although... those PuppyEyes™ seem a bit conflicted...

109. Emotionless!Puppy? Nooooo! :(

110. The PuppyEyes™ do seem concerned, though... Puppy, these mixed signals are really bugging us...

111. Gobsmacked!Puppy

112. Ooh, a little flash of PuppyMop there...

113. Threatened!Puppy ... *rushes to protect him*

114. “OMG! Francine?? Is that you I hear crying out for help?”

115. “Francine! NOOOOOO!!!”

116. And of course he bitchfaces Cas and the ... other guy for killing his beloved PupMobile...

117. Poor Puppy is trying to hold back the tears... awwww. *pets*

118. Cas returns. “You just HAD to kill Francine, didn't you. Meanie.”

119. Looks like Puppy's gonna sneeze... *readies Kleenex*

120. “Even though I'm different, I's still a kewt Puppy, aint I?” *PuppyEyes™*

121. Back to killing with cuteness again... I don't know how he does it...

122. Apparently, the PuppyEyes™ competition is still on...

123. “Howdy ho! Yep, it's me, Watchdog!Puppy.”

124. Puppy! Noooo!

125. Of course he bitchfaces his attackers...

126. Ben's choice in Halloween costumes kinda disturbs Puppy

127. ... for a moment. Now he finds it impressive... aw :)

128. Facial Shrug #3!

129. PuppySayWhat?

130. Fangirl Alert :D

131. “Of course Puppy's fine! See? Kewt, happy Puppy?”

132. It's the Confused!Puppy Head Tilt again

133. “What's there to understand? Kewt Puppy... that's all there is to it!”

134. We can always tell when it's a tense moment... the fangirls show up ;D

135. “I don't know what to tell you, Dean... it's the Kewtness That Is Puppy... I really can't explain it”

136. *pets the flicky yet soft PuppyHair...again*

137. Fuzzy, but ... Facial Shrug #4!

138. “Remember... still a cute, sweet Puppy!”

Bitchface count: 13 (!!)
Facial Shrugs: 4

That's about it. And because I feel so bad about pushing these back so much, I've got the picspam for the next episode (last week's) ready to go as well. I should be posting that early tomorrow. :)
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