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Puppy!Sam Picspam #108 (Supernatural)

While we wait for the new episode, I thought I'd post a little something from last week's episode...

Episode #6x04: Weekend At Bobby's

And by "a little something", I really mean "a little something"... like less than 40 pics. I tried the best I could with such a Puppy-lite episode. But hopefully you'll like it all the same!

1. Hi, Puppy... hmm, Curious!Puppy

2. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

3. The PuppyEyes™ seem pretty curious too

4. Puppy is kinda disappointed that he's not in focus... awww

5. *pets*

6. Puppy! Noooo!

7. Yep, this abuse is more than the PuppyEyes™ can take... *runs to get supplies*

8. The PuppyEyes™ hold on for dear life

9. Poor Puppy... *snaps nurse uniform on* ... ooh, flying PuppyHair

10. *marvels once again at the flying PuppyHair before gathering first aid supplies*

11. Oh noes! Fire! Gotta protect the precious PuppyEyes™ (and PuppyHair... *g*)

12. Hmmm... Sneaky!Puppy... on the phone with another fangirl, perhaps?

13. TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby has something important to say... the PuppyEyes™ are all ears... er, eyes...

14. *plays with PuppyHair*

15. Puppy doesn't understand... why is TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby scolding them so?

16. Yep, it's the Confuzzled!Puppy Head Tilt :D

17. Awwww, there, there, Puppy... you're really not a bad dog...

18. *hugs*

19. Dang, that is some impressive ForeheadCrinkle'age...

20. Thoughtful!Puppy

21. Ooh, it's Puppy, International Style! Who here wants to see Puppy in a kilt?? :D

22. Hmm, Puppy looks a wee bit chilly there... *calls for backup to help warm him up*

23. Nope, he still looks a little chilly... *gets hot cocoa and warm fuzzy blanket*

24. Be careful, Puppy! Don't want to burn that PuppyPaw

25. Puppy gazes upon Crowley with the PuppyEyes™ of Shame

26. WTF? “Moose”??? Puppy is rightly insulted

27. Uh oh... looks like Puppy's got an urge to chew on those bones... now, now, sweetie, we've got a stash of PuppyTreats for you in the car

28. "*melodramatic sigh* Ohhh, alright.” Dean: “Your PuppyTreats obsession is kinda disturbing, Sammy...”

29. A lil bitchface for Crowley

30. And hit with the PuppyEyes™

31. One more bitchface...

32. Puppy's a little bit nervous... still used to traveling on the right side of the road, lol...

33. Puppy: “Bobby, I'm really getting hungry. Think you could get some more PuppyTreats before we get back?” Dean: “Dude, you just woofed down a whole bag of them!”

34. Puppy: “Pleeeeeeeeeease, Bobby?? *PuppyEyes™*” Dean: *sigh*

35. *licks PuppyDimple*

36. Puppy: “Thanks, Bobby, I really owe ya one. Make sure you get the ones that taste like cheeseburgers, alright? Oh, and pick up a little something for the fangirls while you're at it...” Dean: “I'm not here, I'm not here, I'm not here......”

37. Aww, Guilty!Puppy... perhaps he's asked too much of TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby? .....Nah...

38. *gently kisses Puppy's six five forehead*

39. And we end with Puppy bathed in some eerie car lights...

Bitchface count: 2
Facial Shrugs: 0

So I think I'm finally caught up! *g* Stay tuned for next week for the new episode... and I promise I'll have it posted earlier!
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