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SPN #6x05 Live Free Or Twihard (episode review)

Okay, so I really liked this episode. :) Here's my review... may not be too coherent 'cause I'm exhausted and it's really cold here but I'll try...

As someone who has never really been a fan of all the Twilight stuff (*ducks*), I loved all the potshots they took at it. Especially those two in the beginning having the names Kristen and Robert. Heh. Their scenes were so cheesy it was great.

Dean's not ready to give up seeing Lisa, I see.

Love the scene where they interview the one girl's dad and then go up to her room. Dean: "Not vampires. These are douchebags." LOL! Sam investigates her laptop and she's got an emo!vamp desktop wallpaper and some scream sound effects. Heh! Love Sam's "That's just... uncomfortable." And Dean's "What's he so unhappy about?"

Every single thing Sam does on that laptop results in screams! I'm sorry but I can't help laughing at that. And the password was "Lautner"?

Vamps stealing blood from a bloodmobile. How could I not see that coming?

Sam and Dean go to the club that was mentioned in the girl's messages back and forth with one of the vamps. I love how out of place the boys look in there. Although is it just me or did the music playing in the background not seem to work as well as the music we heard in the sneak peak clip on CW's site? I thought that music was better.

Anyway... love the boys' reactions to seeing the two male vamps kissing.

Dean: "When was the last time we had a beer together?" Swan Song, wasn't it? *feels sad* :(

"You got Efron, I got Bieber." LOL.

Wow, badass!Sammy making quick work of that vamp.

I love Dean's scene with the kid who was obviously just playing a vamp (with the fake fangs and all). Dean asks him how old he is, 12? Then he says "is that glitter?" Kid says it helps him get laid. Dean: ".... Really.." Kid runs off and Dean yells after him "Use a condom!" My mom and I were cracking up at that.

Uh oh. Big guy (vamp) tells Dean "you're pretty." Dean: "I don't play for your team." Heh. But the vamp attacks him and Sam JUST FREEZES AND STARES?!! Why does this really bother me??? :( Then he seems to snap out of it but before he can do anything, the vamp runs off.

Oh crap, Sam doesn't seem too freaked out that Dean is changing. Dean says he can hear his heart beat and it's quite calm. Sam denies it of course. Do not like this. :(

Dean goes off to see Lisa, thanks her and Ben for everything but then says "Oh God, I'm Pattinson'ing." LMAO!!!

Oh crap, it looks like he wants to feed from her but he stops himself. *phew* Poor Ben must be really confused here, too. Glad Dean didn't snap and try to go after him either.

Dean is convinced Grandpa will kill him, but he tells Dean he wants to save him. Hmmmmm. He tells Dean he has an antidote, and both boys act surprised. Gramps later calls Sam on it, asking him what's wrong with him because he'd told Sam about the antidote months ago. Sam seems caught off guard and says it couldn't have been him, it must've been Christian. Gramps wonders if Sam wanted Dean to turn and lead them to the nest (or something like that), but Sam tells him  "You think I'd risk my own brother?? What's wrong with YOU?"

Convo ends there, but it's really got me wondering. I really don't trust Gramps, but it seems like Sam is really behaving off here, too. Who should I mistrust more? The SamGirl in me wants to believe our boy and think that Gramps is really weaving a complicated web, but the way Sam stared at Dean as he was being fed on still bothers me.

Anyway, Dean decides to visit the nest and brings along the dead man's blood syringe Gramps gave him, intended for the big vamp who fed on him. Wow, that vamp really seems to have a thing for Dean, doesn't he? He starts mentioning his "father", which I assume is the "alpha" of the vamps.

Dean tries to get him with the syringe, but the vamp catches on too quickly and wrestles with Dean. Suddenly they all faint?? Including Dean? Weird images start coming forth, little vamp girls and a whole lot of other things I can't remember right now...

After they finish their acid trip Dean starts attacking all the vamps. Wow, "Robert" was easy to end, wasn't he? LOL :D

Sam and Gramps show up and see all the fallen vamp bodies and blood. Gramps: "Looks like your brother has some Campbell in him after all." Ummmm..... okay?

Turns out Dean did kill the vamp who turned him. Wow...

They give him the antidote and it makes him puke blue. Nice. But he flashes back to everything that's happened since he got fed on. Interesting how it freezes on Sam's face as the vamps feed on Dean. Dean's finally cured and Sam pats him on the back, looking somewhat relieved but is that really it?

Sam asks Dean what he saw in the nest. Dean tells them about the alpha, that it seemed more like a spiritual being (which I kind of guessed from the whispering sounds as this was all going on and the way the head vamp gazed up at the stained glass as he was talking about his "father."). He tells them that the vamps seemed to be getting orders from him, like where to go, who to turn, etc. He says the vamps aren't afraid of them anymore.

At the end Dean tries to reach Lisa but he can't. He looks at Sam and says "you have my back, don't you?" Sam: "Of course, Dean."

So I did enjoy this episode. The only thing that's really bothering me is Sam. I'm still a big SamGirl (albeit one who loves Dean as well) so please, no Sam or Dean bashing here. His reaction to Dean being fed on bothers me and I really don't know what to make of the talk between him and Gramps. Like I said, I've always been suspicious of Gramps and I still don't trust him. But something is still off with Sam and it really worries me. From the look of the promo for next week it looks like we may get a little deeper into this. Whatever is wrong with him, I really, really hope it can be resolved this season. The fact that they seem to be dragging out what exactly it is makes me frustrated, although I can see why they wouldn't want to address the whole thing at once. Keeps us looking for answers and coming back for more. But goodness, I really want Sam to get his "soul" back! Crossing my fingers that there is some kind of resolution (that doesn't require another huge sacrifice, of course) to this. If there isn't, I guess that's a fanfic fix-it that can be explored.
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