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18 July 2007 @ 12:39 pm
Icon and Wallpaper Bonanza (S/D; Daniel; Sam; Jack/Daniel)  
So, after finding a cool tutorial by mercscilla (here), I went icon crazy again. Most are Sam/Daniel, but there are also a few lone Sam and lone Daniel ones, as well as a Jack/Daniel (friendship) one. Snurch as many as you'd like. Credit not necessary but appreciated.

(note: first icon was made using tutorial by chris4short (love it!). Most of the icons' tiny text are from brushes by cdaae (find them here).)


And now for the wallpapers: five new ones in my episode series, from Fire and Water to Cor-Ai (there are two different ones for Hathor). Again, they are mainly friendship.

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Nadine: SG-1 Sam & Daniel one lookdine7184 on July 18th, 2007 01:36 pm (UTC)
Pretty icons!!!! I really like 13. ^_^
jessm78: being therejessm78 on July 31st, 2007 12:51 pm (UTC)
Thankies!! :D
Nicoletrisana on July 18th, 2007 01:43 pm (UTC)
Beautiful icons and WP's Jess!!
jessm78: groovyjessm78 on July 31st, 2007 12:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks!! :D
Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^<: SamDanielchris4short on July 18th, 2007 03:06 pm (UTC)
Pretty! Oh really nice... have to nudge muse too!
jessm78jessm78 on July 31st, 2007 12:58 pm (UTC)
Heehee... thanks!! And do nudge away, please :D
Rowan Darkstar: Sam and Daniel - starlightrowan_d on July 18th, 2007 10:17 pm (UTC)
Some lovely work here. Snagging several icons and all the walls. Will credit the icons when used, of course.:) Thanks for sharing!!
jessm78: being therejessm78 on July 31st, 2007 12:42 pm (UTC)
No problem! And thanks - I'm glad you like! :)
annikamalfoy: S/D inseperableannikamalfoy on July 19th, 2007 07:41 am (UTC)
I love you girl. You know that. I'm snagging icons 3 and 6. Hathor no fury like a woman scorned? Bad pun. ::Grin:: Like the walls though, natch'. Especially the Singularity one, but as an S/D shipper, would you expect anything less?

Speaking of Singularity. I find it interesting that Coop (Ron Cooper) wrote it. He seems to love the horror (IMHO) that is Vaniel. He also wrote Fallen, which is a good episode for S/D. "Was there anything between us?" Love.
jessm78jessm78 on July 31st, 2007 12:51 pm (UTC)
Hee hee, yeah, I think I do. ;)

I know I know, really bad pun... I just couldn't help using it, Heh heh heh...

I'm glad that you like them. :) I always found that interesting too. The only explanation I can think of is that his conversion to S/J (apparent anyway from the looks of eps like Threads) has something to do with it. He did write some good S/D though back in the day. I think he also wrote In the Line of Duty - flowers! Hello!! :D
annikamalfoyannikamalfoy on July 31st, 2007 03:11 pm (UTC)
So it appears that Coop was a closest SD-er, until he started writing SJ and DV. Ugh.

Why does it seem that a lot of the SD shippers have converted to SJ or *horror* DV?
brian_is_here22 on July 30th, 2007 02:13 pm (UTC)
sorry for the repost
Hey! These are some great icons/wallpapers. I haven't really been around much this summer but I wanted to stop in for a moment since I've talked with you in your LJ a few times about Stargate. I ended up buying S10 (mainly because of a few episodes here and there and to complete my collection because it really wasn't my favorite season at all). I only watched a few of the extras but the main reason I bring it up is because in the Unending one, there were three quick shots that I thought were cute. One where you can see Michael from the back (and slightly the side) leaning in to hug Chris Judge very warmly and there's another one where he does the same to Amanda. Then there's another one where he puts his arms around both Chris and Amanda. We did get a couple behind the scenes pics on Gateworld where they were holding each other behind the scenes of Unending but it was nice to see them in live action even though they didn't show it onscreen for as long as I'd have liked.

Another thing I wanted to show you if you didn't see it was someone with the LJ name dryope posted pictures of a recent event where Michael, Amanda, Chris, and Ben were all at. MS isn't there in some of the pics and AT, CJ, and BB are wearing different clothes depending on the pic so I don't know if it's all at Comic Con but two different days or what but you can tell by the hair it's all very recent. Anyway, Michael and Amanda are in a pic together and they look cute (though I prefer shorter hair on AT) so if you didn't see it, you should (it's towards the end):

jessm78: Fire and Waterjessm78 on July 31st, 2007 12:48 pm (UTC)
Re: sorry for the repost
No problem! It did come as two emails to me, but looks like just one post made it, so no worries. Anyway, thanks. :) I haven't been around too much lately because I was struck by a car on the 20th during my lunch hour (will go into the gory details in my next entry) and although I've been home since the following Monday, the meds they had me on made me quite ill. Today is the first day I feel a lot more human. But I really appreciate the link to the comic con pics! I was wondering what had happened during that con, but was just too out of it to care at the time.

Thanks also for the heads up on the S10 set. I was debating whether or not to get it (recorded quite a few eps myself) but that really sounds like a nice extra there. Think I may check it out.

Thanks again!