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I'm in the mood for some crack!

And by crack I mean... well, not crack!fic, but crack!picspam :D

This pic inspired me for it:

(credit to likeladygodiva @ Tumblr)

So out of this came this little crack!picspam idea I had.

Short series of pics, but I couldn't help myself. This is *not* to be taken seriously! It's all in good fun ... the stuff my brain comes up with sometimes! LOL

" I wonder if I should change my hair..."

"NO. Don't even THINK about that."

The next day..... "Decided to try a new style. What do you think?"

"So yeah... kinda decided that I missed the bangs. Look okay?"


"I'm in a style rut. So I got up this morning and poured bacon grease on my head."

"Hey Dean. For Secret Santa, Cas got me a bottle of "Nice & Natural" shampoo. Does my hair look okay?"

(Screencaps and Jared pic from Chicago con 2010 are mine. Jensen pic from Comic Con from WB (I think))

Hope it made you smile. :) I may do other picspams like this from time to time... whenever I get inspired by something (or if anyone has any ideas they'd like to share just let me know).
Tags: picspam: crackety-crack, silly stuff, supernatural: dean winchester, supernatural: sam winchester

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