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SPN #6x08 All Dogs Go To Heaven (episode review)

Feeling all upbeat and squee-worthy, so posting my review a little earlier. Again, this is a bashing-free zone. Thanks in advance. :)

Finally it seems we've made some progress! I loved the scene at the end of this episode. I really think it's a step. But I'll get to that later.

I am a huge dog person. HUGE. I've had dogs in my family my whole life. So any time I get to see more of them on screen is good. Although whenever I was seeing Lucky, like in the scene where he brought the toy to the little boy or when he was shot I had to keep in mind he was a human, or I'd be either "awwww"-ing or sniffling more than is necessary.

Okay, anyway, we're in Buffalo and we see our first casualty of the night. Attacked by a ... something. Werewolf?

Hee! Love the boys at "Fat Jack's." Dean is on the phone with Bobby when suddenly Crowley shows up. He has a job for them but Dean doesn't want his job. He calls Crowley. "Dickass." Heh. But Crowley makes it personal and tells him that it's a hostage situation - "I own your brother." He wants them to bag an alpha and he'll give him Sam's soul back. We've learned not to trust Crowley very much, haven't we. I think this is going to be a lot more complicated than it seems.

They think they're dealing with werewolves. So it seems they don't always turn on a full moon - they can turn on a half moon too? Huh, that's different...

Dean obviously doesn't like working for a demon and can't believe Sam wants to work this case. On the surface I can see why Dean would say that - for one thing, look at what he did when Dean had to "work with him" in The Devil You Know last season. In Sam's point of view, it's obvious that he wants to work the case to get closer to getting his soul back. He insists to Dean that it's still him. He has the same mind, the same memories, likes the same music (hmm, thinking back to Lazarus Rising for a brief second... *g*), and he even mentions the girl he had a crush on back in Bio class. Aw. :) He tells Dean he's going to prove to him that he's still his brother. Aw again. :)

Just a quick interjection to say that I don't care what anyone thinks - I love Sam's hair and I want to pet it. Badly.

When the boys pose as agents, Sam says they "do the work of mouth-breathing dick monkeys." Hmm, that's a new one, Sammy. LOL

We get to see how Sam really does not sleep. Not ever. But he can't help it. He tells Dean to get the lead out while Dean calls him "Robocop." :D

We go to the house of the guy that's a suspect. Awww.... cute kid that girl has. :)

So the guy (Cal) is the boyfriend of the woman we see with the little boy. Sam and Dean are questioning him about his brother's death and their German Shepherd starts reacting weird and barking at them. Cal gives some kind of evasive answers, saying his brother was always bothering them and etc. Our boys start wondering if he's the werewolf and decide to keep an eye on him. He doesn't turn so they leave.

But then the dog, Lucky, shows up and attacks him! Ah, interesting twist that the dog is involved... obviously not werewolf but something else. He changes into a man and goes back to Cal's girlfriend. He watches her in bed and then changes back into Lucky, getting in bed with her as if protecting her. Hmm.

Hee! Sam quotes Ghostbusters!

Dean tells him he can deliver the alpha to Crowley. Huh.... is he being exactly truthful here or just telling Sam what he knows he wants to hear?

Again being a dog owner I get all sappy when we see "Lucky" bringing the toy to the little boy - though of course he rips it.

Our boys show up and tell her about Cal being killed. Dean wants to talk to her son but she doesn't understand why. Sam seems to take exception to it too. Apparently he thinks she's the werewolf and we can see the gears turning in his head as if he wants to capture her and deliver her to Crowley. He tells Dean he'll stay with her, but Dean doesn't want him to. Sam just says he'll watch her.

So Sam watches from a playground but sees "Lucky" as the werewolf. Wow, his PuppyEyes™ are really blaring, aren't they? He's aiming a gun at the guy but then sees him talking to another guy and waits until he's alone. Uh oh, the guy senses that Sam is there and takes off running - turning back into Lucky the dog. Sam chases him and LEAPS OVER A FENCE. Wow, so he's The Bionic Sammy now!

Okay, second time where I had to convince myself it's a guy, not a dog. When he gets hit by the car and we hear him whimpering (and the driver saying they need to find a vet), I started feeling bad. But again it's the dog lover in me. *g* As they drive away Sam yells "It's my dog!" And we can definitely see the real meaning of that.

Sam tells Dean that it's a skinwalker. They find "Lucky" in an animal hospital. I like how they talk to him and Dean shows him the silver. What was it he was holding up that made Sam laugh (and say "silver or not, it's funny")?

"Lucky" is turned back into a human and the boys question him. Sam asks if he plays with his food, etc. The guy doesn't like this, of course. Dean tells him he gets what he's doing. It all comes down to family. The guy killed everyone that came near them and it shows how he cares about them. Then he asks who was the guy with him (that Sam saw, I guess). He tells him that Cal's girlfriend and her son are in trouble and they want to help them.

Turns out "Lucky" is part of a pack of about 30. They were recruited and their group is everywhere, lying low and waiting for a "signal." Once they get it they'll turn on their families and change them. Apparently there's a pack leader who is assumed to be the alpha. But they're not the only pack out there, and no one can stop them. Ooo.

Okay, I'm LOLing right now at Sam carrying on with the doggy shtick, whistling and holding up a ball for him to fetch.
"Lucky": Fetch this, dick.
Sam: *bitchface*


Dean tries to convince "Lucky" to help them. He wants to take down the pack leader, but Sam says Crowley won't be happy, and it could lead them to the alpha to get his soul back. Dean isn't happy about the idea of lots of people being turned into them.

And OUCH - Dean tells Sam that he's not him. He's not Sam, and to stop pretending.

Uh oh, it looks like the rest of the pack shows up and they've got Cal's boyfriend and her son. Sam tells Dean to take the shot (at the pack leader). Dean says that she and the kid are in the way, but Sam tells him to take it anyway. Oh, our hardened Sammy. :( Dean hesitates and it's too late. They're going to go for a plan B.

The pack leader tells "Lucky" that the boss (the alpha I'm guessing?) is pissed about the murders he's done. He wants "Lucky" to turn Cal's girlfriend and son while they watch.

When our boys show up and start shooting at them!

"Lucky" tries to help Cal's gf and her son though and locks them in a back room. The pack leader can't believe he's protecting them and starts belittling him. "Lucky" turns back into his dog form and ferociously barks at Mr. Pack Leader, who shoots him. :( But not long before getting shot himself by.......... Sam? It was Sam, wasn't it? He shares a look with Cal's gf. Not sure what to make of that moment...

"Lucky" goes back to see her and tells her they're the only family he has. He knows what he is, but no one's ever been so nice to him, so he thanks her. Awwwwww. But she calls him a psycho and tells him to go away. :( He turns back into a doggy and leaves.

And we finally get a little heart-to-heart at the end with the boys in a park. Sam tells Dean "You're right. I'm not your brother. I'm not Sam." He finally comes clean and tells Dean that he's been acting like he cares about Lisa and Ben, but he really doesn't, much less care about Dean. Of course this bothers Dean to hear, but Sam says he wanted the real him and he's coming clean.

Quick interjection: Did I mention how much I want to pet Sam's hair??

He tells Dean he's done worse things, killed innocents, etc., and maybe he should feel guilty, but he doesn't. It looks like he's having doubts, though. He says he's not sure if this is really better - he can get a lot done and it doesn't hurt. But - he also says "I was that other Sam for a long time." He admits it was harder, but he remembers stuff from back then, and thinks he should go back to being him.

Sammy, I ♥ you so much!!

Dean admits that it's a step.

Sam: "So?"

Dean: "We'll do what we gotta do... Get my brother back."

Dean, I ♥ you too!!

So yes, they are taking baby steps. We really needed to see this talk. I think many of us have been aching to see this talk for quite a while now. It really is a start and I'm glad they've begun talking about it. And before anyone says that Dean didn't seem all that into helping Sam at the end, that he's saying it just to tell Sam what he wants to hear - I'm sorry, but I respectfully disagree. I think Dean's put up a little front as he usually does, and I think that he probably wasn't expecting Sam to say anything just yet. I think deep down he is glad to hear Sam say these things, that he wants to go back to being the guy he was back then. I think he is going to reconsider working for Crowley. Maybe part of him will still resent working for him, but I think he is more on board with helping Sam find his soul.

And as much as I love Badass!Sam (and The Bionic Sammy! lol), I am glad to see him having some doubts about how he's been recently, and about how he should probably go back to being more like the guy he was. I think he is being sincere about it. He's been pretending to show emotion ever since the premiere, but he's finally come clean and admitted he's not the "Sam" we've known in seasons 1-5.

So I do think they are off to a good start. I doubt this whole thing will be easy, and I really don't trust Crowley much so I think it'll probably be harder to get Sam's soul back than he's promising. But I have faith they will get it back.... somehow.

So yes, I did enjoy this episode. :)
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