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Puppy!Sam Picspam #112 (Supernatural)

I've got this one all done so I guess I'll go ahead and post now. :)

Episode #6x08: All Dogs Go To Heaven

Another huge picspam, 130 pics in all. Hope it doesn't kill anyone's browser, lol. And sorry some of the pics are pretty dark - but I tried to fix it as best I could.

1. Ooh, Flashback!Puppy.... mmmm, pretty...

2. Hi, Puppy... whatsa matter, not hungry?

3. ZOMG!Puppy

4. Wow, Puppy's food must really be bad... he's offering it a bitchface

5. “And Diet Coke... I wanted a Barq's Root Beer, dammit...” *bitchface*

6. Ooh, bitchface for Crowley, too

7. Um, Crowley? What are you doing to the puppy?

8. Owwie!Puppy snarls and bares his teeth

9. Noooo!! Bad Crowley! Poor PuppyPaw :(

10. Well-deserved bitchface for Crowley comin' right up

11. Wow... he's trying to hold back a Bitchface Deluxe now...

12. *applies special ointments* Yay, the PuppyPaw is better!

13. “Liek, wow, fangirls. That's some magic you have there.” Mm-hmmm... :D

14. Hee! Puppy is still in awe of the magically-healed PuppyPaw

15. IWantMahSoulBackNAO,Biatch!Puppy

16. Awww... Threatened!Puppy *protects him*

17. Curious!Puppy

18. Fangirl alert ;D

19. O RLY?Puppy

20. PuppyProfilePorn!

21. It's dark, but we got a pair of confuzzled PuppyEyes™

22. Here, too :D

23. Aw... Puppy looks like he really needs a little nappie...

24. Facial Shrug Alert!

25. PuppyEyes™ trying soooo hard to convince Dean that this Puppy is the genuine article

26. “The PuppyEyes™ are gonna prove it to you, Dean. I'm 100% pure Puppy.”

27. *PuppyEyes™*

28. *pets the gorgeous, sun-kissed PuppyHair*

29. Huh, Agent Puppy looks a little nervous... *pets*

30. Interesting vocabulary you have there, Agent Puppy...

31. Why the bitchface, though?

32. Hee, Puppy wasn't expecting to get this reaction... it's now turned into an uncomfortable bitchface!

33. The PuppyEyes™ move on to more important things... “So, am I gonna get my walkies before the sun goes down?”

34. Guy: *odd look* Dean: “Sorry. The big puppy here gets cranky if he doesn't get at least two walks a day. Needs a lot of exercise...”

35. I think Agent Puppy's tie needs to be loosened a bit. *nods*

36. *stares in awe of the flicky PuppyHair*

37. Yep, the fangirls are back ;D

38. Insomniac!Puppy

39. See, now this is a sight I would *not* mind greeting me when I wake up... not at all...

40. Need some help with your PuppyWardrobe, hon?

41. “Pretty please? *kissy*” Alrighty, happy to help :)

42. There we go. The PuppyEyes™ are grateful

43. Need some help with that as well, Puppy? :D

44. Got the PuppyCredentials, front and center... he's also warming up the PuppyEyes™

45. Aww... EagerToPlease!Puppy

46. Heh! He's already warming up the “Please to be helping a lost, kewt little puppy?” act!

47. Dean's leading the questioning... but the PuppyEyes™ are right there as backup :)

48. “Whoa!! Uh....... oh, Hai, fangirls...”

49. Wow, there's another puppy there... he wonders if he'll be able to make a new friend now

50. Puppy doesn't understand... why is Cal being such a meanie to the other puppy?

51. The PuppyEyes™ direct their attention back on his girlfriend Mandy

52. Ooh, BadCop!Puppy with a bit o' bitchface

53. Which he quickly covers up with the PuppyEyes™ of innocence

54. He's now moved onto the PuppyEyes™ mode of questioning

55. You'reAGood-For-NothingHooch,Biatch!Puppy ... wow, he's really getting rough now!

56. “I am NOT afraid to use this bitchface.”

57. And now back to Kill-With-Kewtness mode...

58. Aaaand back to bitchfacing... “This is my uber serious bitchface. It's quite effective, really...”

59. I do believe Puppy wants to be scratched under his neck now

60. Hee!Puppy

61. “Hey, I never did get that neck rub...” Aww, sorry, Puppy... *scratches under his neck*

62. Honestly, I didn't know agents with such pretty hair really existed!

63. Huh... random bitchface time?

64. “Walkies again, plz?” Dean: “Dude, you've already been on three today!”

65. “*iz sad*” Awwww, we'll take you for walkies, Puppy!

66. Bzuh??Puppy

67. Dean has compromised and taken Puppy for a ride instead... of course Puppy is disappointed that they've stopped. He didn't get enough of a chance to stick his head out the window and feel the breeze

68. Stakeout!Puppy

69. Hm, Agent Puppy seems a tad overwhelmed

70. And now he's being Mr. Snarkypuss

71. Hee! PuppyShrug!

72. Heh, MovieBuff!Puppy quotes Ghostbusters :D

73. The PuppyEyes™ are eager to discuss the case again...

74. He wonders if he's somehow able to hypnotize Dean with the Powerful PuppyPaw...

75. “Still a kewt puppy, amirite?”

76. Aw... he's not showing it, but Puppy is just so eager to see his new puppy friend again!

77. *has an incredible urge to muss up the PuppyHair*

78. “Ma'am, I know this isn't the best time.... but I'm a kewt puppy. And I care.”

79. And he wants another kissy!

80. “See? Your pain is my pain.” *sheds tear*

81. Facial Shrug #2!

82. “Dean, stop arguing. Don't make me get out Mr. Bitchface again.”

83. The PuppyEyes™ are very good at delegating responsibility...

84. “... And while you're doing that I'll stop at PetsMart to see if they have any PuppyTr.... I mean, keep an eye on Amanda.”

85. “Whoa, whoa, whoa... Dude, I heard you... you're gonna make a PuppyTreats run.”

86. “Am not.” *PuppyEyes™*

87. The fangirls are happy to help in such an awkward moment ;)

88. “See the PuppyEyes™? See them? They convey my 100% innocence...”

89. He's also enlisted the help of the ForeheadCrinkles

90. Awwww, Puppy's lonely and doesn't have anyone to play with :( Hang on, boy, we'll be right there :)

91. “Hey, there's my new puppy friend. Wonder if he'll come out and play with me?” Puppy, I said we'll be right there...

92. “ZOMG! My puppy friend isn't what he claims to be!”

93. The PuppyEyes™ are, indeed, shocked.

94. Can't you tell how shocked they are?

95. Heh.. Puppy's gotten over his shock and now wants to play a round of Puppy Hide 'n Seek

96. Dammit, the Hide 'n Seek has now changed into a game of Tag

97. Ooh, a bit of Flying PuppyHair

98. “My puppy friend got hurt! Nooooo! :(“

99. Huh, I guess Puppy's cell reception isn't too good... why else would he be bitchfacing?

100. Looks like it's better now... all it needed was a little coaxing from the PuppyEyes™

101. Don't be afraid, Lucky... even though he's bitchfacing right now, Puppy really is a wonderful companion...see? He even has a toy for you!

102. Aw... Amused!Puppy

103. It appears that Puppy has another itch he can't quite scratch... we'll help you there, boy :)

104. OMG, kewtness overload! *flatlines*

105. IsBabyGonnaCry?Puppy .... tsk, now you're being mean, Puppy

106. “You're not impressed with my snark?? *bitchface*”

107. “'Scuse me, can you speak up a little? The PuppyEyes™ can't hear you...”

108. Lots of info for the PuppyEyes™ to absorb.... but they're up to the task

109. It's the OMGWHAT??PuppyEyes™

110. Puppy? Can I please pet your hair? Can I brush it and comb it and tangle my fingers into it and..... *cough* sorry.

111. Awwwwwww! Puppy wants to play! :D

112. “Pleeeeeease? It's so much fun! *PuppyEyes™*”

113. But Lucky doesn't want to. And so we have bitchface.

114. Windblown PuppyHair.... oh my.....

115. I'mWorthIt!Puppy *iz weak*

116. *falls to floor*

117. Indignant!Puppy

118. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

119. *pets the lush PuppyHair*

120. Sniper!Puppy

121. *tsk* Puppy, you really shouldn't have unbuttoned your shirt that far... now the fangirls are gonna be all over you :D

122. Ooh yeah, it's Badass!Puppy with his badass bitchface

123. OMG Puppy, look out! It may look like another puppy friend, but he's not!

124. Aw, Puppy is sad at all the carnage... remember, Puppy, they were no puppy friends of yours

125. *drowns in PuppyEyes™ .... and PuppyHair Porn*

126. Puppy's cheered up a little now that he's finally got some PuppyTreats :D (and O/T squeee, but that is the shirt he wore at this year's Chicago con! *geeks out*)

127. Ah yes, it's the perfect time for a heart-to-heart PuppyTalk, wouldn't you say?

128. Whoa, Puppy really has dropped a bomb on Dean... but he tries to soften the blow with the PuppyEyes™

129. Puppy really has been a bad Puppy... :( But he's pretty, so I forgive him :)

130. Aw... he really wants to be the best Puppy he can be ... *hugs Puppy*

Bitchface count: 14 (wow, he's really bitchfacing up this season, isn't he? *g*)
Facial Shrugs: 2

Hope you enjoyed it. We'll be back again next week at this time. :)
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