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Puppy!Sam Picspam #113 (Supernatural)

Happy Tuesday everyone. :)

Episode #6x09: Clap Your Hands If You Believe

Since there's going to be a short hiatus w/the picspams (wait! It's only an extra week until we get the next new episode), I thought I'd offer up a huge, huuuuge picspam this time. So this one is *over 150 pics*. Yep, that's right. *g* I split it into two parts so the loading doesn't kill anyone's connections, lol. Link to part 2 will be at the bottom of this first part. Hope you enjoy it!

1. Hi, Puppy! Hee, it's KewlOpeningCredits!Puppy :D

2. And now it's Puppy in real-time... looking a mite uncomfortable...

3. *tousles the overstyled PuppyHair*

4. Fangirl alert ;D

5. Oooh, Attitude!Puppy

6. *tsk* Misbehaving!Puppy needs to be reigned in!

7. Puppy say “WTF? I'm not done yet!”

8. Poor Puppy... he was having such fun being Mr. Snarkypuss

9. The PuppyEyes™ cry out in protest

10. Looks like he's working on a bitchface now, too...

11. Time for walkies... but Puppy still feels the need to protest

12. The PuppyEyes™ don't understand exactly why they're working this case

13. Hm.... not sure where Puppy was groomed this morning, but he should really get his money back... *g*

14. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

15. Confuzzled!Puppy

16. “Huh... I do wonder why they had me under that blowdryer for such a long time...”

17. Aw... you're still pretty, Puppy. :) *pets the PuppyHair*

18. Uh oh... here comes bitchface

19. Yep, we've got bitchface

20. “Look, Dean, I know it bothers you. But the fact of the matter is that I'm still a puppy.”

21. “... A soulless puppy, granted, but look at me! I'm still kewt, right??”

22. Desperate!Puppy *plays with PuppyHair*

23. Puppet!Puppy? No way!

24. *pets*

25. Reporter!Puppy readies the PuppyEyes™ and PuppyKewtness to get some answers out of Mr. Brennan

26. But Brennan is ignoring them! How could anyone ignore such a kewt puppy?? Blasphemy!

27. Whoa... it's the 'ScuseMe??PuppyEyes™

28. WTF? Brennan is kicking Puppy out?? Meanie!!

29. Puppy is hurt... awww :(

30. And BadCop!Puppy emerges, with his trademark bitchface

31. UGH!YouSickenMe,Biatch!Puppy

32. Heh... he's got Brennan locked into the PuppyStare :D

33. It's Puppy's “I'm judging you. Harshly.” face

34. “Mr. Brennan, are you typically this mean to puppies?”

35. One final bitchface!

36. No fury like a puppy scorned... *g*

37. Now Puppy needs more walkies to cool down

38. Looks like Dean's starting the Puppy Obedience Classes now :D

39. And Puppy thinks he's got an edge in the class, seeing as he's already got the PuppyKewtness built in ;)

40. Oh, yeah.... back in the gutter we go ;D

41. “Where was I? Oh, yeah... I'd like to order 26 of your extra large bags of “Good Boy” PuppyTreats. Express delivery, please.”

42. It's the OMIGAWD!PuppyEyes™

43. Puppy really wants a kissy now

44. Magic of the PuppyEyes™ being transmitted over the phone line. Actual footage.

45. Alas. Looks like it didn't work. Time for another bitchface

46. I do believe Puppy is looking to be scratched under his neck now :)

47. Hai, PuppyDimple!

48. Yep, Puppy is very eager to get his Drunk!Puppy on now

49. *flatlines*

50. Facial Shrug Alert!

51. Upon visiting the Scary Halloween Corn Maze, Puppy finds a new toy! Tsk, silly Puppy, it's just Dean's phone!

52. The Corn Maze's fun house intrigues Puppy

53. “Hai, I'm lost. Please to be helping a poor lil' Puppy find his way home?”

54. “Pleeeeeeease?”

55. “See? I'm kewt...”

56. “And I has teh PuppyEyes™...”

57. Why is Puppy giving the Corn Maze activity sheet a bitchface?

58. “No pony rides? Seriously??? I came all the way out here for NOTHING??”

59. Yep, the PuppyEyes™ are not pleased

60. Good thing we fangirls are here to make him less tense ;D

61. Bzuh??Puppy as another fangirl (apparently) introduces herself

62. “I want my pony rides NAO, dammit!!”

63. Come on, Puppy. It's not worth it. Just take your bitchface and let's go home...

64. Oh wait... looks like Hippie!Fangirl has made Puppy an offer he can't refuse

65. *iz ded*

66. *iz still ded*

67. CaughtRedHanded!Puppy ..... oh, my...

68. “Oh, Hai, big brother!”

69. *kicks Hippie!Fangirl out, inserts self*

70. OMGYAY!Puppy

71. Thanks for the view, Puppy... could you turn around now?

72. Thank you! Wait, don't put the shirt on just yet!

73. D'oh!! Oh well, he's still cute... and hawt...

74. “Plz don't be mad, Dean!! See, I'm a puppy! All kewt and innocent...”

75. Puppy senses that Dean isn't buying it. Bitchface time.

Part 2 is HERE. :)
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