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Puppy!Sam Picspam #113, Part 2 (Supernatural)

Here's Part 2. Enjoy. :)

76. Perhaps this wasn't a good time for a bitchface. Puppy now looks guilty

77. “I would've gone looking for you if the fangirls didn't make me an offer I couldn't refuse, with PuppyTreats and everything! And I'm still a kewt puppy, you know...”

78. “Now, accept my PuppyApology and don't tick Mr. Bitchface off!”

79. Dean is properly chastened. Puppy: “I still got it. Yay!”

80. Story time! The PuppyEyes™ hang on Dean's every word...

81. Puppy suddenly makes himself appear 6 years old. All that's needed is the PuppyMop *g*

82. Heh... Schmoopy!Puppy

83. Dean appears distraught... so Puppy decides to administer some of the PowerfulPuppyTouch

84. Bewildered!Puppy

85. “Kewt, innocent Puppy. Please remember that.”

86. *extra dose of PuppyEyes™*

87. Hee! WeirdedOut!Puppy

88. Hm... Horndog!Puppy?

89. Facial Shrug #2!

90. Awkward!Puppy tries ever so hard to stifle a bitchface

91. The PuppyEyes™ are very eager to discuss the concept of the PuppySoul

92. AreYouFreakin'KiddingMe??Puppy

93. Day 2 of Puppy Obedience Class... seems he's really trying to get extra credit with those PuppyEyes™...

94. The PuppyEyes™ are really trying to follow along in today's lesson....

95. He's actually taking notes with them!

96. Hee! PuppyShrug with a little duckface action :D

97. “What am I supposed to be looking at, Dean? There aren't any PuppyTreats in here...”

98. Facial Shrug #3!

99. The PuppyEyes™ are sooooo unimpressed

100. Aw... Puppy's so cute when he gets all excited about... researchy stuff! :)

101. Hee! Awkward!Puppy tries ever so hard to be polite

102. Facial Shrug #4!

103. Facial Shrug #5!

104. Hm, the PuppyHair looks almost windblown... perhaps freshly tousled by fangirls ;D

105. Facial Shrug #6!

106. “Please to be giving the kewt PuppyEyes™ some much-needed info on fairies?”

107. Okay, Puppy reeeeeally wants to go now... he's giving a PuppyEyes™ cry for help to Dean

108. Of course Puppy is thirsty, but this dollhouse tea set is a little too small for the PuppyPaws

109. “Mmm, Pomegranate Pizzaz... more, pls?”

110. After all that tea, Puppy really needs to use the facilities... so time for another walkie

111. “Hi, Mr. Brennan! Feel up to having a big puppy keep you company?”

112. Just say yes, Brennan. You don't wanna make the puppy cry...

113. Succumb to the PuppyEyes™. Succumb.

114. Damn, it didn't work. This calls for a bitchface

115. I think you can stop bitchfacing him now, Puppy. “Sorry. Once I start, it's hard to stop...”

116. “Okay, I'll stop now. Sorry.” Good boy! *pets*

117. IThe PuppyEyes™ listen intently to Brennan's story

118. Fangirls under the table :D

119. Tsk, you're doing it again, Puppy.... after we told you to stop the bitchfacing

120. “Sowwy. :(“ Awww... okay, just have a little discipline from now on... *pets PuppyHair*

121. “Dean! It's nice of you to try and get me more PuppyTreats, but I didn't think it'd lead to you getting arrested!”

122. Aw – GuardDog!Puppy stands ready as Brennan reads the magic spell

123. It's the guy from the Corn Maze fun house! OMG,YouReallyDOSuck!Puppy

124. “I just... wow, I'm just so amazed by your level of suckitude!”

125. *bitchface*

126. Ooh, PuppySneer!

127. Oh,ByTheWay...DidIEverTellYouThatYouSuck,Biatch?!Puppy

128. Dammit Puppy, stop being so hawt!! *fans self*

129. *twirls fingers in the flicky PuppyHair*

130. Uh oh... when the PuppyEyes™ narrow dangerously, you know you're in trouble...

131. “Oh, fangirls... just in time.... need to find my happy place again.... mmmmmmm....”

132. “You WISH you had fangirls like me.”

133. “BORROW one of my fangirls?? Heh... Yeah, no, I don't think so....”

134. *licks PuppyDimple*

135. *thud* *eases off the floor* *licks some more*

136. Back in Gutterville...

137. “You can make me a real puppy again?” Awww :(

138. Aw :( *hugs*

139. Shaken!Puppy *gives more hugs*

140. OMG Puppy, look out!

141. Puppy! Noooo! .... ooh, little flash of PuppyMop there...

142. Poor wounded Puppy... *readies ointments*

143. I know it's not the right time, but..... *nibbles PuppyNeck*

144. Puppy outwits Fun House guy! Clever Puppy!

145. Puppy is really gonna need a nappie after this is all over... *huggies*

146. Facial Shrug #7!

147. Such a lovely area... although Puppy frets that there are no trees ;D

148. Thoughtful!Puppy

149. Hard to see, but Facial Shrug #8!

150. The PuppyEyes™ are confuzzled

151. “Of course I want the PuppySoul back, Dean.” Hope you mean it, Puppy... *huggles some more*

Bitchface count: 13
Facial Shrugs: 8

So that's it for a couple of weeks. Hope you enjoyed, and a Happy Turkey Day to my fellow US fans. :) *puppy hugs*
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