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SPN #6x10 Caged Heat (episode review)

I've learned never to trust LJ when they say their usual Friday maintenance will only take about an hour... *snort*... so this is way later than I expected. But here are my rambly thoughts about tonight's episode...

Two things I really appreciated about this episode were 1) finally getting some insight into what could be in store for Sam upon getting his soul back, and 2) what stake Grampy has in all this. Not that either of these were much of a surprise, but I was glad that they did come out and say it.

Episode opens on Crowley torturing the shifter from 6x02, questioning him about purgatory. He threatens him with a speculum? LOL

Loved it when the demon guy that Dean questions tells him he doesn't speak "Little Bitch." Dean: "Remember when we used to gank demons?" Hee.

He's fed up with all this and says he's done. Sam says they don't have a Plan B, so they have to stick to this if they want his soul back. Dean asks if he even wants it back. Sam: "I'm working for Crowley, aren't I?" Hmm, should we assume that Sam has just been this way and that way about getting the soul back? Like having doubts but then aiming a little more towards wanting it back?

Meg's back and she captures them! Being her usual smartass, of course and sharing some smartassery (is that a word? It should be... *g*) with Dean. Sam laughs and tells Dean that she's running scared, if she wanted to kill them she would've done it already. Apparently Crowley wants Lucifer's loyalists.

Whoa. Sam wants to work with her to get to Crowley. Tsk, since when has working with a demon ever been a good thing. Dean can't believe he wants to work with a demon, that she killed Ellen and Jo, but Sam tells him "we're working with demons *now*." Was pretty heartbreaking for Sam to basically ask Dean to look past that. Is he really desperate to get that info from Crowley?

Heh... sorry, but I laughed when Sam lied as he called Cas, telling him about the Ark of the Covenant. And Cas falls for it! Sam: "That's the plot of 'Raiders', Idiot." LOL. He tells Cas he doesn't care about his war in Heaven w/Raphael, etc. Sam says that Cas owes him, and if he doesn't help him he'll kill him. Eep. :/

Cas tries to locate Crowley, but he's hidden. And then... Grampy suddenly shows up. They ask him where Crowley is and natch, he doesn't want to tell them. He also doesn't want to help them get Sam's soul back. Dean insists they're his blood and Sam is his grandson. He asks him what Crowley is holding over him......

I knew it had to be Mary. I knew that Crowley would tell him he could bring Mary back. Grampy thinks Dean doesn't understand because he knows how to live without her. Mary is his daughter. Aw... I actually feel a little bad for him there. Dean tells him it won't go anywhere good, that it's wrong. Grampy of course says he's a hypocrite. But this is Winchester (and I guess Campbell, too?) Way, isn't it? Dean says it's their Achilles heel. He tells them they'll figure out another way but Grampy doesn't want to hear it.

Oh my, Cas watching porn... "The pizza man loves his babysitter. Why is he slapping her rear? Maybe she's done something wrong." It's ComicRelief!Cas, and I gotta say I loved our boys' reactions.

Grampy shows up after all with the location of Crowley - where he keeps the alphas and tortures them.

Ah, Sammy's got the demon killing knife back!

This next part was revealing, but it still made my heart ache. Cas tells Dean he doesn't think getting Sam's soul back is wise. He says it's been locked in the cage with Michael and Lucifer for more than a year and they're taking their frustrations out on him. He says that Sam could be damaged from it. Dean doesn't want to believe this and asks if there's a chance he could be fine. Cas says he could be, but he doesn't think it's likely. Noooo. :( But Dean says that if he isn't, he wants Cas to fix him. He says Sam is a replicant (ooh, a little Blade Runner reference there) and that he needs his soul.

Oh crap, Sam's been overhearing this whole thing. And he doesn't look happy. *sigh* I figured as much. :(

Figured Crowley would have hellhound "guards" there.

Ooh, Cas/Meg makeout session! Cas: "I learned that from the pizza man." Heh.

Quick break to mention that the Shallow is really kicking tonight... the boys look incredibly hot, and I believe I saw some nice bouncy SammyHair as they were running from the hellhounds :D

Uh oh, Grampy makes a blood sigil and disappears Cas. He sold them out.

Um, okay, do we really need the political references in here? I'm probably overreacting a little, but I hear enough crap about politics in the real world. I watch shows like this to escape from that stuff. I know it's a joke, but it kinda took me out of the episode for a few seconds, in a pretty important part. Please don't anyone flame me for this. I didn't hate it but I really think it was kinda pointless. I said something like this about another reference a year or so back and someone tried to fight with me because we had different politics, so I'm really hoping to avoid that again I hate arguing about that stuff. Again I know it's a joke and part of Crowley's smartass personality, but it stuck out like a sore thumb to me.

Anyway... (again sorry and I hope no one hates me for saying that) so Crowley locks them up while Meg takes on the hellhounds.

Oh, geez... just when I thought he was gone, Demon!Jonas Qui.... er, Demon!Christian is back. And he starts torturing Meg.

Dean: "Sam? I'm standing in pee!"
Sam: "Consider yourself lucky."

Aw... heehee :)

Grampy is back and Dean again tells him that he chose a demon over his own grandsons (hmm, sound familiar? Telling Sam he chose a demon over his own brother, right?). Grampy says who is Dean really to him.. that he's like a stranger. Ooh, Dean threatens to kill him.

Oh, Sam's reaction as they're taking Dean away.....  and oh shit, he's drinking his own blood???

Oh wait, he made a devil's trap out of it to trap the demons coming for him. Ooh, smart. I love his grin. :D And I love how he goes to find Dean who's being beat up by the other demons and attacks the.

OMGYAY! Dean kills Jonas Christian with the demon knife!

Meg now tortures Crowley for Sam. Crowley says he can't get his soul back and asks Sam why he'd want it back. He says he'd be a drooling mess and Meg agrees. Sam decides that Crowley is now useless, Crowley escapes the devil's trap and starts attacking them when Cas comes to the rescue - with Crowley's bones. Crowley can't help Sam so he torches him!

Damn... Crowley is the guy we love to hate and I think I'm gonna miss him a little.... but I kinda figured he wasn't long for this world....

The end... oh, it breaks my heart. :( Sam now seems to not want his soul back after what both Cas and Crowley have said. He says that when angels and demons agree, he listens.

And he just walks away.

:( :( :(

I guess in conclusion I thought this was a good episode - they did actually come out and tell us what could be in store for Sam upon getting his soul back. We learned what Grampy's stake was in this whole thing, too. Again, neither one was really a surprise, but at least we found out.

I still think Sam will get his soul back, though. I'm thinking something will happen to make him reconsider. The images in the promo for next week (I won't give any details so I don't spoil) looked pretty bad, but honestly I do think it won't end up playing out this way. In the end, I think he will reconsider and will get his soul back somehow. It most likely won't be until after the mini-hiatus, but hopefully we won't have to wait too long after that. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. I know things look bleak, but I'm really trying to have faith and keep positive about it. I guess we'll see how it plays out.
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