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Back from vacation...

Just got back from Cape May, NJ, a few hours ago.  Had a very nice time.  The weather was nice, although the first two days the humidity was awful.  On Wed., it hit almost 100 degrees F, and we had almost 100% humidity.  By the evening I was almost ready to pass out.  It was very nice today though, a lot cooler and much less humid.  We did a fair amount of sight-seeing and stayed at a nice little bed and breakfast type place.

My arm is feeling better.  I still have pain but I'm pretty much used to it and it's not excruciating.  I can move it around a lot more than I could before, which is good.  I resume physical therapy on Monday, three times a week, and if all goes well I get to go back to work on Tuesday. *dances* It may only be part time for a little while, but it'll be great to get back into my old routine again.

The only thing that bothers me is trying to sleep.  My arm stiffens up a lot, so I'll fall asleep for a few hours, then wake up and have to reposition it so it feels better.  A great deal of the time I can't even get back to sleep.  I find myself dozing off during the daytime.  I'm hoping this is something that will go away soon.  I don't think I've gotten any proper sleep in about two weeks.

Oh, well.  I'm heading to bed now.  I'm feeling very tired, which hopefully is a good sign that I'll get some decent sleep tonight.  Again thanks everyone for your thoughts and well wishes.  They do help, no matter how often I complain about my aches and pains...and whatever else. :)
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