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SPN #6x11 Appointment In Samarra (episode review)

Here are my probably somewhat incoherent thoughts on tonight's ep. Usual disclaimers apply - no bashing of any kind. Just objective, honest thoughts about both boys. :)

OMG Show, you just kill me. Do you know that? I so called that ending in my last post. I said I thought they were going to end it with Sam's soul going back into him, and then we'd probably have to wait until after the mini hellatus to find out the aftermath.

Anyway, how awesome was it that Robert Englund was "Dr. Robert"? Heh. :D Apparently he knows them from way back when. Dean gives him a letter to give to Ben in case something goes wrong? Ben? The doc says he thought he'd have a letter for Sam and Dean tells him that nothing he says will mean a damn thing to Sam. Why does this hurt so much? :( I mean, I guess it's understandable he'd react that way after how Sam left at the end of the previous episode, but still... :(

So Dean is dead.

Is it me, or is Tessa really snarky here? Quite different from how we've seen her in the past. Although back in IMTOD and Death Takes a Holiday, she was more compassionate. Here she's just no nonsense and wants Dean to just do as he's supposed to.

Good old Death appears. Dean wants him to jailbreak Luci's cage and get Sam's soul out. Although he tells him that Adam is in there too and he wants both of them out. Hmm. Death says he can only pick one, so Dean picks Sam's soul. He knows Sam's soul is damaged but he asks Death if he can somehow hack off the Hell part. Death says that souls aren't like pieces of pie (perfect analogy to use on Dean... *g*) and they can't be broken. He does tell Dean that he can put Sam's soul behind a wall - or the memories that go along with it, I suppose. But he tells Dean the wall isn't permanent.

Dean tells him to do it anyway, but Death wants Dean to be him for a day. He tells Dean not to remove his ring for 24 hours, or.....

... and Dean wakes up prematurely even though he's been out for 7 minutes?

Sam's reaction to this whole thing is to be expected. Says it's his life and his soul. I still don't blame him after hearing from both the angels and demons that it would damage him. Bobby also seems skeptical of Death's plan but Dean tries to make Sam trust him. He says he won't let Sam get hurt. Sam says he'll trust him (immediately I'm not buying it - sorry Sammy) and asks him not to mess it up.

Back to Tessa being snarky as she tells Dean to stick to the rules and kill everyone whose numbers are up. Dean ends up killing a robber who sticks up a convenience store owner (and his kid/?), and then a heavyset guy who ends up having a heart attack from some pizza. But he quickly learns that this "playing God" thing is not easy.

Is it me, or is Sam in the abandoned warehouse from Changing Channels?? :D He summons Balthazar and tells him he needs some "angel advice." Balthazar asks why doesn't he ask his "boyfriend" - meaning Cas. LOL. Sam wants a spell that can keep a soul out of the body forever - for him. :(

Balty wants to screw Dean in this as well and tells Sam he has to "scar his vessel" with patricide. John is long dead, but Balty explains that he needs the blood of his father..... but the father needn't be blood. Oh, I think it's obvious who Sam is going to go for. Oh, Sammy :(

Getting back to Reaper!Dean... I like when he kills the robber and the guy asks "why?" Dean: "Mostly because you're a dick. Enjoy the ride down, pal." Heh. Then when heart attack guy dies, he asks Dean what it all means. Dean: "Everything is dust in the wind." Heart attack guy: "That's it? A Kansas song??" LMAO!!

Okay, these scenes with Sam and Bobby drinking and playing cards are making me nervous...

As I said before Dean is starting to realize how hard it is to play God. He's supposed to kill a 12 year old girl with a heart condition. Tessa of course throws the "it's destiny" crap at him that she first gave him back in IMTOD. Dean won't let the girl die. She heals and then we see a nurse named Jolene leaving since the surgery was canceled.

Eep, here we go... Sam takes a swing at Bobby, but Bobby gets the best of him. Then later Sam reenacts The Shining as he axes the door. Bobby even tells him not to say "Here's Daddy." Sam tells Bobby he has to do this, that it'll be bad if Dean shoves his soul back in. He says that Dean doesn't care about *him*, he cares about his little brother burning in Hell. Ouch, this really breaks my heart. :( Bobby tells him that he's being scary right now and he's not giving them much choice.

Back to Tessa and Dean... she's pissed at him for what he did in saving the girl because he's created a whole domino effect. The nurse who'd left ends up in a fatal car accident and is now going to die. Tessa tells the nurse she wasn't supposed to die yet, she was supposed to live a long life and have kids - but Dean screwed up. Dean says he's sorry and then watches as her husband comes in and grieves over her. Tessa tells Dean to go back and kill the little girl because she's disrupting the natural order of things by being alive.

Oh crap, Sam knocks Bobby out! :(

Looks like the nurse's hubby is trying to kill himself by driving recklessly. Dean's in the car with him and tells him to stop, but he won't. Dean suddenly takes off Death's ring. Uh oh. He calls out to Tessa that he lost and Sam's screwed. No answer so he puts the ring back on, disappears and then sees her. She just tells him "sorry about your brother." Finally he goes back to the hospital and ends up taking the little girl. The poor girl asks in her Canadianese, "What aboot my Dad?" (hee, sorry!) Dean tells her that her Dad will be fine, but she doesn't want to leave him. He tells her there's a natural order to things. The girl answers that the natural order is stupid. Dean agrees with her. Yeah, it really does suck sometimes, doesn't it?

Back to Bobby and Sam. Bobby pleads to him that he's been like a father to him. Sam: "That's just it." *sigh* :( Sam is about to stab him --- when Dean stops him. "Hi, Sam. I'm back."

Oh noes, Sam is in the panic room. How much can this show break my heart, seriously? :( Dean hates doing this too. He and Sam share a series of looks before he closes the little window thingie. He goes back upstairs and sees Death with bacon dogs. Heh. Dean gives him the ring back. I like the imagery with the "It's heavier than it looks, isn't it?" Oh heck yeah.

Dean tells him he flunked and screwed up the natural order. But he tells Death that he'd go back and kill the little girl, knowing what he knows now. Death tells him that he got a hard look behind the curtain, that he learned it's not easy when you have to mop up the mess. He tells Dean that the human soul is not like a rubber ball that can bounce back. So.... yeah, it's easy to see that he taught Dean a lesson.

But! Death says he's going to go to Hell to get Sam's soul anyway. Okay, yeah, he has a stake in all this. Dean wants to know why he'd do that for them. Death says the two of them keep coming back and that they have use. Oy, don't tell me the boys are going to be pawns in something else now? Death says they're digging at something. He's really cryptic, isn't he? He tells them they'll understand when they need to. Oh, what is all this leading to?

So down he goes to the panic room and up to Sam to give him his soul back. Sam resists but Death tells him he'll put up a barrier inside his mind. He asks him not to scratch at the wall because he won't like what happens. The glowy thingy that is Sam's soul enters into him, Sam cries out, and............

We end.

Oh yeah, I so called it that they'd end it there. And I guess it does sort of fit with what Sera said about the episode ending on a "positive note" that would have us really wanting to tune in to the next episode - or something to that effect. So final thoughts, speculations, etc...... God, it was heartbreaking to see Sam going after Bobby like that, actually attempting to kill him. It really hurt. :( Of course he did it in desperation to keep his soul out of his body, but to go as far as to kill Bobby? Oh, Sam. :(

What did Death mean when he said the boys have some use, and that they're digging at something. Could he be referring to Purgatory? I would guess that that would be the next thing on the agenda this season. But what interest would Death have in it? Crowley is gone now, though, so I'd assume someone has some interest somewhere. I guess Death makes sense.

Are we going to see Sam attempting to chip away at the "wall" and suffer any repercussions? Is the "wall" really going to stay up? Or will it actually come crashing down and poor Sam would be in a world of hurt? I don't think it's something that they should totally forget about. I mean, they've built up the mystery surrounding  Sam's soul for half a season now and it would be ridiculous to just stop talking about it. I think it will be revisited here and there, but hopefully whatever repercussions Sam suffers won't be too painful and won't leave him as damaged as everyone is saying. At least I hope.

Sucks that we have to wait over a month to learn of the aftermath of this. But hopefully it will be worth it.

So um yeah, I guess that's it. Episode broke my heart in so many ways, but left me a bit hopeful at the end.
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