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Met a somewhat sadistic doctor today...

This morning I had an appt with the orthopedic surgeon about my arm.  The guy who operated on me wasn't in (I guess), so I saw one of his associates.  He tells me my arm looks a lot better than it did when he first saw me, that my shoulder almost came clean off (ugh...not a nice image).  Then he proceeds to grab my arm, and bend it and twist it like a pretzel.  It wasn't long before I started seeing stars.  OUCH x 10.  I cried out and told him it hurt, so he stopped and then said I was still missing strength in the arm. This is a day after the physical therapists told me I was doing a lot better and started me on resistance exercises.  Okay...

Then he decides to dampen my morale and tells me it's possible I may not regain strength in the arm, and may have torn my rotator cuff since it's very common with injuries like this.  He said I may need surgery for it some point down the line (although my dad - who drove me there - told me he tore both his rotator cuffs and hasn't had surgery for it).  I told the doc about how I was having trouble sleeping and he recommended that I sleep in a CHAIR.  He said he had a similar injury once and had to do that for 2 months.  Okay, I want to do whatever works and helps me, but I don't know if I could fall asleep sitting up in a chair.  May try to prop myself up in bed and see if that works.  He gave me a prescription to help me fall asleep if I ever need it (Ambien I think). 

Anyway, after all that abuse he did to my arm, it's starting to really smart now.  I'm starting to have a little trouble doing stuff with it again.  I have physical therapy again tomorrow afternoon - really hoping that will help me some.  I was feeling pretty good before he did all that.  Ugh.  Sometimes I wonder what possesses people to do things like that...

On the up side, I went back to work today.  I don't think I'd ever say this, but it was great to be back.  And I'm going back again tomorrow.  Woo-hoo :)
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