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Update and thanks

Received cards today from z3nyatta (it was awesome meeting you and Ryver at ChiCon! I wish I could go next year but I think it might conflict with my wedding), lusaly (such a pretty card hon, and I love the pics of the boys!!), peach_megumi (love the handmade card - so pretty!), autumndandelion (awesome card - put a smile on my face!). Thank you all so much ... I love them! *HUGS*

Update on my grandmother... she seems to be doing better today, thank goodness. My Dad had gone to see her in the morning and she seemed to be more like her old self. I think she had asked him what happened the day before, what she was doing. I guess it was the infection or the meds that made her so disoriented yesterday. Crossing my fingers that she'll continue to recover. Thanks everyone for your well-wishes, thoughts and prayers. They really mean a lot!

Might see some new art from me soon. I love when inspiration hits. :) I better run now - I have to feed Penny and she's not shy in letting me know. LOL ;)

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