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Finally feeling better!

After a few days of feeling miserable I'm finally back on track.  I saw the orthopedic doc on Thursday and he wouldn't admit that he hurt me (I guess because this other guy was in the of his associates or doctors in training, or whatever), but basically that I'm going to have days where the pain is bad, that it was a serious injury and takes months to recover (seriously, he said these exact words).  He also said that I should wear my sling again if my arm gets "tired", I should sleep sitting up in a chair with lots of pillows, take Ambien to help me sleep, and Tylinol for pain.  I was so frustrated with him.  He then tried to be nice and told me he knew how I felt because he once had a similar injury and had to sleep in a chair for 2 months, etc.

Then I go for physical therapy Fri afternoon and the therapist was annoyed.  He said the doctor should not have twisted my arm like that, and I shouldn't wear the sling because it'll cause my arm to lock up and I won't get the mechanism back.  I do admit it felt great to exercise it during the PT.  I slept better last night also, think I got about 8 hours of sleep.  I'm not pain-free, but the pain is pretty dull and I can at least deal with it.  And I can move the arm a lot more than I could a couple of days ago.  I have to see this doctor again next week - but I'm going to stress to him NOT to twist the arm again.  Hopefully he'll understand....

Also spoke to a lawyer yesterday and things are going to start moving along in that respect.  She told me that kid's liability should take care of everything and that he's automatically in the wrong because he hit a pedestrian (even if he says something like I darted out in front of him). 

So I am feeling better, which I'm grateful for.  I was feeling very depressed the past two days, mostly because of the excruciating pain but also because of the post-traumatic stress.  I may go for counseling, just to help me deal with this a bit more.  Even though I'm feeling pretty good today, I still have bad days.

Again thanks everyone for your well wishes, they do help. :)
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