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Sam in Everybody Loves a Clown: Picspam-y Thing

In honor of two amazing ladies celebrating a birthday tomorrow (actually here it should be "tomorrow" in about 15 minutes... I'm up way too late, lol), I have a picspam type of thing from one of my all-time favorite episodes: 2x02 Everybody Loves a Clown. I was just going to do a regular picspam of huge caps, but I was in an artsy mood, so I played around with colors and things. The first few caps look a bit wonky because they were pretty dark and the color scheme I had in mind didn't work for them. But the rest of it is more or less the same... I guess I wanted a "moody" or "nostalgic" (or both) feel to it.

So, sendintheklowns and deej1957 , I know how you guys like the ep (or at least Sam in the ep), this is for you. And I changed my header back to reflect my obsession for this episode too! *points* LOL. Hope you girls have a wonderful day. And I hope anyone else who sees this likes it. I was trying something new. :)

Again I hope you liked. And sendintheklowns , I can't tell you again how mesmerized I am by your header. *G*
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