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Update and new Icons

Well, I was feeling a lot better this weekend. Monday I was feeling a lot better too, although I think I hurt something at physical therapy. Was doing one of my resistance exercises when I felt a pull in my arm. They told me the muscle was just tight from not having been used. It's still sore, although it's not excruciating and I can deal with it for the most part (only gives me trouble when I move my arm a certain way).

Also saw my primary care physician today and everything looks good neurologically. I just have to get the name of a good counselor now to help me get past the depression and anger (which I've been told is pretty normal after experiencing something like this).

I'm still trying to avoid using the right arm too much... It's weird using my computer mouse left-handed (despite the fact I'm left-handed anyway... I can't use a mouse with my left hand. Pretty odd I guess...) but I'm managing. I made a new icon today that I thought I'd share. I also have a couple I made not long before the accident but don't think I've ever shared them. If you like please feel free to snurch. Credit not necessary but always appreciated. :)

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