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Jensen and Jared at Creation SF Con: Picspam

So I'm finally over this icky illness and finally able to post my picspam! *dances*

I admit the pics are mostly of Jared, but there are quite a few of him and Jensen in the beginning. Credit for these pics goes to the wonderful wolfpup2000 who takes such awesome con pics! I've just cropped, colored and done various other (hopefully not too bad) things in PSP. Also added some little captions. There's no real set style to these pics, I've pretty much experimented with different techniques on just about all of them. Not my best work but I hope you like them. :)

1. Boys in B&W!

2. Jensen Profile Porn and Jared Lip Porn *slurps*

3. ♥ ♥

4. Loved this moment :D

5. Such gorgeous grins (*kicks Jensen's mike away*)

6. D'awwww, Puppieeeeeeee... :( *pets him*

7. Awwwww :D

8. Hai, Puppy Jared!

9. Ray of sunshine

10. Srsly, they need to let him wear his hair like this on SPN... all fluffy and flippy like you wanna run your fingers through---*cough* No, I'm not obsessed, I promise....

11. Couldn't resist :D

12. Facial Shrug Alert*!

13. Long live the flickies... *happy sigh*

14. *nibbles neck*

15. I know this one's a bit weird, but I was going for a "sketch" type of effect.

16. Puppy wants a cookie?

17. Are we having fun?

18. Which one... can't I have both???

*check my Puppy!Sam picspams if you're confused ;)

Again I hope you like it! Less than 24 hrs to go till the new ep! Whoot! :D
Tags: convention: spn: san fran, jared padalecki, jared's hair is pretty, jensen ackles, picspam
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