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SPN #6x12 Like A Virgin (episode review)

So I've got a headache (probably from the leftover meds I'm taking... thankfully not much more to go) but I'm in a good mood after watching this ep and I've got a review...


Flaily thing #1: We finally got a musical montage!!! Classic Aerosmith with "Back in the Saddle", was it? Awesome :D

Dean/Cas scene shown in the preview clip. Cas doesn't seem too happy about Sam's soul being back. It felt skinned alive when he touched it. Ouch. Bobby seems a bit more optimistic despite what Sam (er... RoboSam) had tried to do to him in the last episode. He tells Dean Sam's been through a lot before and he always bounces back.

Flaily thing #2: Sooner than I expected, the Puppy entereth! Awww, Sammy with those brimming Puppy Eyes, and THE HUG!! The HUG, people!! Oh gosh, it just about killed me. The hug people were hoping to see in the season premiere (but didn't for obvious reasons). The look on Sammy's face as he hugged Dean.... *sobs*

And then Bobby gets a hug. Awwwwwww, Puppy Sammy.... : ( Of course Bobby is still going to be pretty wary after the last episode.

Flaily thing #3: Sam is starving! We get to see him chowing down probably more than we've ever seen him in this show, LOL. Chowing down and drinking beer! Aww. :)

Dean asks him what he remembers and of course since the wall is up, he only remembers up to jumping into the pit and just now waking up in the panic room. And of course the inquisitive Sammy wants answers, how he got back, etc. Dean says he dealt with Death and insists the whole thing is over now - it's done. He obviously doesn't want to talk about it.

Dean and Bobby outside.. Bobby's still not looking overjoyed and Dean asks him "why the poop face?" Heh. :D Lest we forget that Sam went Menendez on him in the previous ep and he can't believe that that isn't all erased. He thinks Sam should be told about all this but Dean is afraid that if they do, it'll crack the wall. He wants to send Death a gift basket. Bobby still thinks they should tell Sam and that he'll find out eventually.

Aww, Sammy's eager to get back to work. :D Bobby gives them a case about young girls who've been disappearing recently (like the one in the private plane in the teaser).

Flaily thing #4: Boys in the Impala with the music turned up and acting like old times! Well, sorta. Sam wants to know about this past year and a half that he was "gone." Dean won't tell him. Sam does bring up about wanting him to get away and start a life, and Dean tells him he was with Ben and Lisa for about a year, but it didn't work out. Of course he won't tell him about the half of a year with RoboSam. And like old times, to show that he doesn't want to talk anymore he turns the music up.

As they're investigating some of these cases we get more of the old Sammy and his good old interaction with Dean. :) In one case Dean had stolen the diary of one of the girls... Sam asks if he stole the diary from her room. Dean says "I love that you asked me that." Sam: "Why wouldn't I?" Aww. :)

Turns out these girls had things like "promise rings", etc. They interrogate one of the girls in the hospital. Aw, we can see that Sam is back to his old part in these again... not doing playing the "bad cop" when the girl says the other guy found her story crazy and he says he's not the other guy. I can't say "awww" enough in this review. Anyway turns out her promise/purity ring was stolen - 'cause she wasn't actually a virgin?

Something is stealing these virgins and the rings. Sam asks what likes virgins and gold. Dean: "P. Diddy." Sam says he dies and is gone a whole year and Dean's still not funny. LOL. Loving their interaction throughout this.

Dean calls Bobby and asks him for help on dragons. He wants him to call someone. Bobby: "Who, Hogworts?"

Flaily thing #5: Dad's journal! Sammy consulting Dad's journal! :D Looks like he's getting some kind of distant flashes of memory? He asks Dean if they hunted a skinwalker, for some reason he keeps thinking they did. Dean ends up going alone to meet this Doctor Visiak who supposedly has a history with Bobby. But before he does, he calls Sam a "nerd." Ah, good old times indeed ;)

Yep, seems the Dr. has had a history with Bobby. She's an interesting character. Turns out Dean needs a blade to kill dragons, but it has to be soaked in dragon's blood. She mentions a few blades like Excalibur, etc. But she says she has one in her basement. It's stuck in a rock and of course has to be pulled loose. Of course Dean will attempt.

Flaily thing #6: Okay that scene had me LMAO. As he tries to pull the blade loose, that heroic music in the background really got me. And as he fails to get it out, it stops! I swear, it was almost Monty Python-esque (especially if you've seen Holy Grail). Dean tries again, the music's playing and then stops as he goes "sonofabitchit'sreallyinthere!" Honestly this scene had me on the floor, just like his fight with the tinkerbell in Clap Your Hands If You Believe.

Cut to Sammy  and flaily thing #7: Wall of research! Ah, good times. He calls Bobby and asks for Bobby's help on where he could find these dragons, which are apparently supposed to have lairs like caves. Bobby says they can be somewhere else dark and damp and Sam thinks of sewers. Then he asks if Bobby's okay, if there's anything he should know. He asks him what happened this past year and Bobby won't say.

Sam's apparently not too happy that no one's answering him, so he calls Cas. And Cas shows up. Awww... have to say I liked the way the told Sam it was good to see him alive. Sam would hug him but it would be awkward. Heh.

Dammit, Cas spills the beans! Yeah, he tells Sam that it's good this whole thing didn't kill him, but he asks him what it's like to have his soul back. Oh dear... and Sam wants details of course. What to think of this? I'll come back to this later.

Heh, how did I know that Dean was going to blow up the rock encasing the blade? Which reminds me of flaily thing #8: At the end of the previous scene where he told the Dr. that he had an idea to get the blade out, anyone notice they played a short riff from that old "Brother's Theme" music, the "Dean's Dirty Organ" one from the soundtrack? I thought that was pretty awesome. And now in this scene, I swear the background music we also heard in BDABR, the scene where Sam is alone in the motel room and the air conditioner starts smoking. So that was kinda cool too. :) He blows up the rock and gets the blade out.

Back to the motel. Flaily thing #9: Anyone notice that Sam's wearing the old shirt he wore in Dead Man's Blood and The Usual Suspects? I've always liked that shirt... good to see it again :D But we can tell from Sam's behavior that this whole thing isn't sitting well with him, and I'm sure we'll see why later.

They find the dragon's lair and see all the virgins caged up. Dean stabs him with the blade and another conversation that made me LOL: Dragon guy: "Where did you get that?" Dean: "Comic Con." Hee!

Okay, so the dragon guy has an accomplice? Is this another dragon guy? Sam manages to stab him.

Flaily thing #10: Brotherly talk at the end! Aw. Sam tells Dean he is so, so sorry for everything he's done not just to Bobby, but to him. He tells Dean that Cas told him. And he says that Dean should've told him. We can see that Dean was worried about how it would affect him if he knew. He tells Sam that Death "put up the Great Wall of Sam." Heh...aww.

Sam feels so guilty and says he has to make thing right. He needs to know what he did. Dean doesn't seem to happy about this but Sam asks what would HE do.... the same thing.

Bobby's got info on something called "monster land", aka Purgatory. As he's talking about this, we see the dragon guy flinging one of the virgins into this "pit-like doorway" thing that he opens up with a chant. She suddenly comes back as if she's possessed by something. Hmm. Bobby mentions something about something else being able to come through it, something about a "mother" or "mother of all." Hmm, could this mean mother of all the alphas? Or mother of all evil? Interesting and no doubt they're going to come back to this.

So, final thoughts... Of course I loved all the brotherly moments - the hug, the talk at the end, the banter... it was a bit reminiscent of old times. Maybe not completely, but certainly more than it's been the first half of this season. Loved seeing John's journal again, the "wall of research", boys in the Impala with the music going... it was all nice to see. The comedy moments I thought were great, too. Especially Dean trying to pull the sword from the stone. And the pop culture references were flying.

I wasn't sure what to think about Cas telling Sam about all this. I totally understand why Dean and Bobby didn't want to tell Sam about anything he did. Dean especially was afraid the wall would start cracking, and Bobby of course is still wary about what RoboSam tried to do to him last episode. I guess Cas decided to be honest because he thought Sam would find out anyway and maybe he thought it was easier to just tell him instead of having Sam chip away at the wall and get to his damaged soul? Maybe I'm not totally understanding.

I felt so bad for Sam, though... it ached to see him getting back into his old habits and then feeling so guilty once he was told about the things he did without his soul. I wonder if knowing this info now would keep him from scratching at the wall, or would he just be doing it to find out more about what he did so he can set things right? I don't know if it's going to be this easy, and I'm sure there will be some kind of fallout (though I hope it's not too bad and too much all at once), but for now I'm just going to enjoy the fact that Sammy's back. Yeah, RoboSam was pretty hot in his own way, but I was missing Sammy as well.

So I did enjoy this episode. I went into it not having my hopes up and expecting a whole lot and I think it was pretty awesome.
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