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15 September 2006 @ 08:48 am
One of those days...  
It seems like I'm using this journal just to complain about everything and I know how tired people get of hearing me complain. So ... sorry.

But anyway, that's what today is ... just one of those days where anything and everything wants to go wrong. I got into work and switched the computer on. It wanted to download updates for Windows (tech guy once said we must download all the security ones). Okay fine. But I can't do anything til they finish because they always make you restart the computer... unless I save my work. At any rate it's annoying. So it finishes downloading and I go to restart the computer. As it restarts and the first screen comes up, it goes dead. Totally dead. I click the mouse, press different keys, nothing. It just beeps whenever I press a key. Wonderful way to start the day.

I manually shut it down. I reboot and wait for everything to finish loading, and it looks fine. I open my web browser to check email before starting work and it takes forever for the window to even come up. I opened one of the programs I use a lot here at work and that wouldn't come up. Everything gets really slow, programs start to hang. I try ctrl+alt+delete, doesn't work. Desktop is frozen. At this moment I am about two minutes away from putting my fist through the thing (yeah okay so I really can't because I'd get in huge trouble).

So I go and shut it down manually again. I wait a few minutes and then reboot. I wait extra long for everything to load up just in case. Then I start as I usually do. So that's the point I'm at now. Everything seems fine, but I don't know if it'll last. I really hope it will. The fact that I woke up with a bad headache doesn't help matters either. :p

It feels like one of those days that starts out bad and is just destined to get worse as it goes on, until it's 12:00 AM Saturday, then I know the day is over and the promise of a whole new, most likely better, day is in store.

Oh well, hopefully Atlantis tonight will make me feel better. Not really mentioning SG-1 because I'm not so sure if I like how it's going to go. There was another AOL Vignette thingie for tonight's ep (with a preview of next week's) up on YouTube. You can watch it here. I did a double take because it actually looked like Daniel (despite the fact that Vala is with him ...AGAIN...) actually talked to Sam. *insert "OMG" here* But I don't know if I like the way he talked to her, especially when they first made their way up to Sam.

In the cut is a little sort of "summary" of the events.

Sam is in some part of the ship when Daniel and Vala head towards her. She says "Daniel! Vala!" sounding a bit surprised or maybe relieved. Daniel says "Hi Sam!" but he says it in this sort of fake gleeful tone and he gives her this sort of fake, sarcastic grin. It seems like he's being patronizing to her. Sam talks to him and I don't think he really even looked at her at all, just at Vala. Then Sam asks him if they have a plan, and he says "we don't" in sort of a flippant tone.

If you watched this little vignette, I'd like some opinions. What did you think of Daniel's manner when he and Vala went up to Sam? Did you think he was being a smarta$$ with the way he said "Hi" to her and the sarcastic grin he had? Did you even think it was sarcastic? What about the snippets for The Quest Part 1? Did you notice how Vala was with Daniel in just about every shot that he was in?

Anyway opinions would be helpful. I know we'll be seeing the ep for ourselves in less than 12 hours but just wanted some thoughts on his behavior towards someone who is supposed to be his friend. It's funny, I showed my mom that vignette last night and she said she doesn't like the way Daniel is now, almost like he's snotty and much too sarcastic. Sadly I have to agree (but that's just me).

Well I guess I'll shut up about that now. I'm hoping that things will get better here as the day goes on.

*pops an Advil*
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Suzotchkasuzotchka1 on September 15th, 2006 10:27 am (UTC)
Sounds like you're having a bad day. **HUGS YOU** Couldn't tell you anything about computers. The one I have here at work sucks too.

I haven't seen the clip that you're talking about. And I totally forgot about the new SG-1 episode. I was so focused on Atlantis'.

The rain is making my knee hurt and I have to go out at lunch to meet a friend for lunch.

I hope your day get's better. At least it's Friday *twirls finger*.
jessm78jessm78 on September 15th, 2006 11:28 am (UTC)
Aw thanks for the hug. :) I needed that. Sorry to hear that your knee is bothering you. (((HUGS YOU BACK)))

Yeah I started forgetting about the SG-1 ep until someone posted that link in the Daniel/MS thread...my morbid curiosity (or inner masochism, I'm not sure...LOL) made me click on it. I am more interested in what's going to happen on Atlantis.

Thanks again. :) And yeah, you're right about that - it's some consolation.