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Puppy!Sam Picspam #116 (Supernatural)

He's baaaaaack!!

Episode #6x12: Like A Virgin

Over 100 pics to celebrate the return of our wonderful Puppy. :D Follow the linky, 'cause he's

1. Hi, Puppy... awwww, Puppy looks so peaceful as he sleeps...

2. OMG Puppy's awake! Yay!!

3. Awww, Puppyyyyyy.... *heart melts*

4. PuppyHug in t-minus 2 seconds...

5. We've got PuppyHug!

6. :( *sniffles*

7. Oh, we missed your PuppyHugs..... after Bobby, me next, please?

8. Just look at that precious PuppyFace so overcome with emotion...

9. *squeeees in pitches only puppies can hear*

10. TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby, you're next! (and then me! :D)

11. Awww...

12. But wait, the PuppyEyes™ do not understand... did they not see TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby get killed?

13. Help out a poor, confuzzled Puppy, pleez?

14. The PuppyEyes™ say, “LIKE,OMG! Cas!! I remember him... being killed for his hate of wax museums?”

15. “Bobby! Please don't tell me he was killed in the name of wax museums, which suck! *PuppyEyes™*”

16. *ovaries burst*

17. *nibbles PuppyNeck and PuppyEar*

18. Poor Puppy and his PuppyEyes™ are just so overwhelmed! *pets gently*

19. “I'm starving. Direct me to the PuppyTreats, plz?”

20. Hee! It's NomNomNom!Puppy

21. PuppyFlashback Time! *sniffle*

22. Huh... Thoughtful!ChowHound!Puppy

23. Facial Shrug Alert!

24. *lovingly brushes long strand of former PuppyMop away*

25. OMGWTF??Puppy

26. Whoa, the sweet, innocent lil Puppy was gone for that long?? It's so hard to take in... *pets*

27. The PuppyEyes™ are desperate, Dean. Need the info.

28. But Dean's not being very forthcoming. Might we have the beginnings of a bitchface? First one for the Actual,Genuine,100%Pure!Puppy


30. Hee! Dean's caught in the bitchface ray! Notice how he backs down so quickly! ;)

31. Hm...Skeptical!Puppy

32. *hugs Puppy... just 'cause*

33. Aww, the PuppyEyes™ are already eager to get right back to working cases :)

34. Puppy looks pretty laid back on the outside, but inside he's going “Ooh, case? Can I come? Pleasepleaseplease?? *wags PuppyTail excitedly*”

35. “Don't make me use these... *PuppyEyes™*”

36. Hee... Puppy brings out Mr. Snarkypuss... and a bit of dimple'age :D

37. Dean gives in... Teh PuppyEyes™ win! Yay!

38. What?? TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby isn't coming? Was it something the PuppyEyes™ said?

39. “TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby doesn't seem so awesome right now, Dean. Do you think he's an evil clone? Or maybe a ... Robo!TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby?”

40. *plays with PuppyHair*

41. “Puppy wonders if he should have TheFormerAwesomenessThatIsBobby cited for cruelty to puppies... Don't you think your overreacting just a bit, hon?

42. Facial Shrug #2!

43. Kissy, Puppy? With pleasure! :D

44. Puppy really missed the fun car rides! He begs Dean with the PuppyEyes™ to let him crack open a window to stick his head out and feel the wind in his hair

45. *licks PuppyDimple*

46. “You can't lie to the PuppyEyes™, Dean. Spill.”

47. Facial Shrug #3!

48. Dean starts to spill. Those PuppyEyes™ are a kind of Truth Serum, I tell ya ;D

49. “Hiya. I'm Agent Puppy, and I care. No, really, I do.”

50. “See? *PuppyEyes™*”

51. “We need to ask you a few questions. Come on, you can't say no to a kewt puppy, can you?”

52. Dean thinking: “Damn. He's still got it...”

53. *ExtremePuppyEyes™*

54. *pets... again, just 'cause*

55. Puppy says “Meh. I'm kewt. And hawt. Deal with it.”

56. “And I haz teh new & improved PuppyEyes™.”

57. “... And the PuppyInnocence... as in 'LIEK,OMG, I can't believe you stole gurl'z diary!11”

58. Heh, Puppy can't stop staring at the bag of PuppyTreats... he wonders if they can put this case on hold for just a little while........

59. “Stop taunting me with the bag, Dean. You want me focused? Let's take five so I can give those PuppyTreats a proper home... *pats belly*”

60. “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze??? *PuppyEyes™*”

61. Srsly?Puppy

62. Fangirl under the table!

63. Yep.... ;D

64. “The PuppyEyes™ haven't forgotten about the PuppyTreats, Dean. Just FYI.”

65. “Hai. I'm Agent Puppy. And I still care. *PuppyEyes™OfSympathy*”

66. “I'm not the other man.” Awwwww. :)

67. Just look at those PuppyEyes™ brimming with concern...

68. “Sorry to bother you, but the PuppyEyes™ really need the info. Anything else you can tell us?”

69. Facial Shrug #4!

70. Hm, Awkward!Puppy

71. Yep, it's already time for Puppy to go walkies

72. Ooh, some nice flying PuppyHair!

73. “WTF?? I'm trying to order PuppyTreats off PetSmart's website and it totally freezes up!”

74. “Dean? Have you messed with Betty* while I've been gone?”      *Puppy's laptop

75. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... no.”

76. “You DO know what happens when you lie to the PuppyEyes™, don't you?”

77. However, a fangirl appears under the table at that very moment to calm him ;)

78. “Heh. You WISH you had my fangirls, darlin!'”

79. Concerned!Puppy

80. Facial Shrug #5!

81. What? Leaving the puppy all alone?? Noooo! *quickly makes plans to keep him company*

82. Nerd!Puppy?? Awww, you're OUR nerd, sweetie!! *huggles him*

83. “Hai, fangirls? It's me. I'm getting kinda lonely. Will you be there soon?” Aw, sorry, Puppy, we ran into some traffic... *grumbles*

84. “'Kay. Guess I'll just sit here and wait for fangirls...... *whistles* ... come on, fangirls...”

85. “Ah! That was fast.....”

86. But look who interrupts the reverie... “Howdy ho, Puppy Winchester. I trust you haven't forgotten our bitchface competitions...”

87. “Uhhhh.... oh, yeah.... but we also did this, didn't we? *PuppyEyes™*”

88. Aw... Puppy is just grateful that his bitchface/PuppyEyes™ rival is still alive!

89. And now back to the competition...

90. Puppy's surprised that Cas doesn't even seem to be trying... “So this means I'm still the PuppyEyes™ champion, yes?”

91. “Uh... 'scuse me? What's this about the PuppySoul?”

92. “Oh cool, new PuppyToy. Can I play with it now, Dean?”

93. Puppy really likes the new toy! And look, it's the PuppyShirt from Dead Man's Blood and The Usual Suspects! *geeks out*

94. Facial Shrug #6!

95. Damsels in distress cry out, startling the PuppyEyes™

96. Puppy bares his PuppyTeeth in frustration, trying to pry open the cage (with some bonus PuppyMop!!)

97. Oh noes! Don't burn the poor PuppyPaws!

98. “Eep!! My... PuppyToy!!! Must.... reach.......”

99. An epic bitchface for Mr. Dragon Man...

100. After all that excitement, Puppy is feeling a bit winded.... *comforts him*

101. Awwww... see, he's already feeling better! *pinches Puppy's cheeks*

102. Huh... bitchface for Dean and his new shiny things... guess he really is getting back to normal. *g*

103. “I am so, so, so sorry.” Aww :/

104. *gently kisses the six five forehead*

105. Poor Guilty!Puppy

106. *pets*

107. After all this, we're so glad to have you back, Puppy! *huggles him*

bitchface count: 4
facial shrugs: 6

So, a noticeable drop in the bitchface count with this episode. Also a more concentrated use of the PuppyEyes™ to signal the return of the PuppySoul. Will things stay like this? All we can do is tune in and see.

That's it for this week. Tune in again next week for the next episode. Hope you liked. :)
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