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More SPN filming pics

Yesterday I posted a link to some new (well, as in Monday the 7th) pics from filming episode 6x18 over at dean_sam . Well I went back to the site earlier today and found out that she'd added some new pics. We all know this one, of course (Don't worry!! Not spoilery!):

*loves this pic*

But here are some new ones. Mostly of Jared because I think he's just adorable and everything else.... Click to enlarge (and behind a cut to save room):

Awww, Puppy is just so endearing, isn't he? And YAY, his hair still looks pretty! (lol, you knew I was going to say that, didn't you? *g*)

Pretty smile :D

Rockin' the shades! Guess he's doing some reading in between scenes (the caption for the pic said it was during rehearsal).

Source of pics: susan gittins on Flickr
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