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SPN #6x13 Unforgiven (episode review)

I actually took a few notes here and there as I was watching this, lol. Then I combined those and some general thoughts on what we saw... here's hoping at least some of it makes sense ;)

We open on a town in RI a year ago, so it's obviously a flashback and Sam is Robo!Sam. He and Grampy are working a case. Hey look, Robo!Sam is wearing his hoodie - the Carharrt type one! How long has it been since we saw him wear that? I think it's the first time this season! Hee!

A cop pulls them over, asks where some guys are and sees Sam has blood on him. Yup, it's Robo!Sam alright... though I have to admit that the smirk and "Have a good night" were pretty hot. ;)

Oh gosh, it's painful to watch him just beat that cop up. And Grampy just stands there? What's up with that??

Present Day ...

Aww, Puppy's catching up by watching the news and is surprised what happened to Mel Gibson while he was gone. Heh.

He gets coordinates on his phone? Whoa, flashbacks to season 1 when John was doing that to them! He has no idea who sent it though. But they lead back to RI where Robo!Sam and Grampy were before. Women are vanishing. Sam insists that they go back there - he doesn't want to ignore the missing girls. Aww, there's the Sammy we know!

Oh crap, he's having flashbacks. Did you see the look on his face afterwards?? Aww :(

They're now in a restaurant and Dean's gonna hit the "Poop Deck" aka the men's room. Hee. :D

Hmm, a couple walks up to Sam and the woman recognizes him from before ... "Agent Rourke". Huh.

Haha, Dean checking out a girl as he exits the Poop Deck! He rejoins Sam and the woman asks Sam what happened to his old partner, aka Grampy. Dean: "He's in sex rehab"... huh, did I hear that right?

Another flashback... OMGJFKSNJDFJDFDLSHH BATHROOM SEX!!!! *falls on floor*

Proof that Sam's been there before shows up in the form of a polaroid taken in the restaurant with him in the background.

More Protective!Dean. He doesn't want them to go back there. It's obvious that he's afraid the memories will come back to Sam and help collapse the wall. Sam says the monster is still walking around because of him. He messed up and has to stop it. And Dean would do the same thing. Aw. So Dean goes to check out what happened to the brunettes.

Gotta say Dean looks pretty hot in that scene where he's questioning the girl about her friend who disappeared. Oops, he finds Sam's ("Agent Rourke") card, and the girl says he'd been by a few times. Apparently he had "loud" and "athletic" conversations with the other girl. Hmmm, bad, baaaaad Puppy!

Oh noes! Sammy got arrested!! :( He's in a cell and the cop he beat up is asking him where the bodies are. They're soaked in blood, etc. Sam insists he doesn't remember anything. Poor boy. :( Then a woman named Brenna comes in and asks him what happened to her husband. OMG, she knows him??

Flashback time: Okay so Robo!Sam and Grampy are telling her and her husband that they hunt monsters?

Present day: Her husband Roy was the sheriff and turns out he's vanished. She wants to know what happened. Sam: "So do I." Aww. He says he doesn't remember anything, but he can find answers. Poor Puppy. :(

Back in motel. Hey, Sam's wearing the striped Provenance shirt! :D

Dean returns. "How does it feel to be a fugitive again?" He gets a bitchface in reply! LOL

Sam stays behind while Dean investigates and finds out that Sam is a connection here. All the girls who disappeared had sex with him - and it's a trap for him.Eep.

Brenna asks Sam what happened to the missing girl. Is it me or is Sam really working the Puppy Eyes in this scene? Aw, I love how he's so determined to stop this whole thing.

More flashbacks of them talking to her and her husband. Grampy apparently talking about the hunting life. Says it's tough to move around when you have a family. Though he mentions that Mary was a blessing. Brenna says to Sam that Grampy really misses her. Robo!Sam: "Family just slows you down." OUCH. :( They find an evidence bag and Grampy believes an Arachne is at work. Hmm, Greek mythology at work here?

Back to present: Brenna asks Sam if he really doesn't remember her husband. Sam looks grim. He won't admit he's getting little flashes of the past. But it is in his best interest right now not to mention that to her. She tells him he was a great man. Sammy: "I'm sure he died a hero." Awwww, Puppyyyyyy.... *smishes him*

Uh oh, a giant spider web outside their house. Something's not right. Suspense builds and we think the monster is sneaking up on Sam ---- but it's only Dean. Sam: I almost shot you... again!" Heh. :)

Sam tells Dean about the monster and that he remembers, but it's nothing to do with Hell. Aw, we got some more Protective!Dean as he doesn't want Sam to get involved in this. He says "the thing hates you" and he's obviously worrying about the wall coming down. Sam tells him that his soul won't just let him walk away.

"I'm staying. And I need you to back me up."

And Dean does. "Let's Memento this thing."

Awwwww, boys. :D

More flashbacks... Robo!Sam finds out that the monster is snacking on men in their mid 30s. Apparently he's using Roy as bait and tells Grampy he's a big boy - he'll be fine. Tsk, bad Puppy! Even Grampy doesn't seem happy with this. He wants to look for him, seems mad that Roy is being used as bait and tells Robo!Sam that he's as cold as they come. Huh, maybe I've gained an ounce of respect for Grampy now? But that's all. They go to the arachne's lair where they find guys all spun up in webs and they're not dead. Roy is among them.

The arachne shows up and Grampy shoots her, but Robo!Sam beheads her. Grampy wants to help Roy and take him to the hospital, but Robo!Sam says he can't be helped, that the poison will kill him and he wants to put Roy out of his misery. OMG he shoots Roy and the other victims!! Ouch, this is hard to see. :( Grampy looks uncomfortable with this whole thing but again he doesn't really do anything.

End flashback ... Sammy tells Dean he knows what happened.

Oh crap, Roy appears to Brenna and tells her he loves her. Sammy calls her and apparently she wants him to swing by. Sam says he knows she's in trouble.

Boys in snow!!! We haven't seen this since Route 666 in season 1, right?? Awww... Sam looks so endearing with the snowflakes in his hair :D

Yep, Roy is obviously the monster now. Another arachne. Brenna asks Sam if it's true what he did to Roy (Sam's faaaace... *sigh*), and Roy tells him to answer the question.

Whoa, boys in spider web!! Apparently the arachne used Roy to breed and turn him into one of them. And bullets or fire don't hurt him. Looks like Dean is trying to break free little by little...

Roy blah bla blahs and says that Robo!Sam and Grampy killed her but made many more. Then he says to Sam "Do I kill you or turn you?" Nooo!!

But what do we get? More Protective!Dean as he rips free from the spider web and launches himself at Roy! Yay!! Roy unfortunately grabs a hold of Dean and tries to strangle him. But then we get Protective!Puppy who breaks free and ends up beheading Roy!

Awesome, boys!!

Aw, this scene broke my heart. :( Sam tells Brenna that he is so sorry about Roy but she just ignores him and goes inside. Awwwww... *hugs him tight*

Back at the motel we have another talk between the boys. Dean asks Sam is he's okay. Sam says Dean was right, he shouldn't have gone back there. Dean tells him that all that stuff he did last year wasn't him. Sam replies that it *was* him.

A bit of brotherly banter as Dean asks Sam if he wants anything to eat and Sam asks if he's his waitress. Dean: Don't be a bitch. Hee!

Dean then tells Sam that everything will be okay. Sam is doubtful and says that if he did that stuff there, who knows what else happened in other places.

OH SHIT!!!! SAMMY ON FLOOR AND MEMORIES OF SUFFERING IN HELL!!! Owwwwww itburnsitburnsitburns!! :(

And evil, EVIL writers/director ends right there! *glares in their direction*

So, final thoughts. This ep kind of seemed like an old style SPN ep to me, with the exception of the Robo!Sam stuff, I guess. But the overall feel of the episode kind of reminded me a little of Born Under A Bad Sign, at least the beginning part of that ep where we thought it was really Sam and how he seemed to feel guilty that he'd killed a hunter and all that. But anyway Sam's guilt was really palpable here. He was working the Puppy Eyes big time and I felt so sorry for him when he insisted he didn't remember anything to the cop and then Brenna, and then when he apologized to her at the end. I know he wasn't entirely truthful when he told her he didn't remember anything about Roy because he was having those little flashes about him, but again it was in his best interest I think not to say anything to her there.

I loved the Protective!Dean moments we got... not wanting to risk Sam taking part in this case because any memories could trigger the wall coming down... and looks like he was onto something with that quick scene we got at the end. That really hurt to see, although I wonder if it's going to be like Sam's visions in season 1 and 2, where he'd get the bad headaches and stuff. I would assume that they're not going to open the next episode with Sam totally catatonic or anything. I just don't want to see the wall come crashing down all at once and leave him a mess.

Anyway getting back to Protective!Dean... not just those moments above but also when he ripped free of the webbing when Roy threatened Sam. And of course Sam returning the favor when Roy was strangling Dean. That gave me the warm fuzzies. :)

I guess that's about it. I think this ep really gave us some insight into Robo!Sam's character during that missing year. And it makes me more glad to see our Sammy back. :) It was hard for me to see him as such a ruthless, efficient hunter (again, even though the "have a good night" and smirk was kinda hot *g*). It also highlighted the differences between him and good old Sammy, the way Sam was so concerned about the missing girls and how he wanted to help Brenna (and of course apologized to her at the end), and more than anything, how guilty he felt about all this and wanted to set things right.

And I'll end with this... Since I said how hot I thought Dean looked in that one scene, it's only fair that I bring up that I loved Sam's hair in most of this. Although I suppose it goes without saying. ;)
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