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After getting somewhat frustrated from not receiving any helpful info from doctors, I decided to look up info on proximal humerus fractures online.  I found an article that went the farthest in answering some questions I had about the whole thing, but left me pretty depressed about my prognosis.

Basically it said that it could take 6-12 months for "full healing" of the underlying bone, that pain (at its lowest level) would be present during activity or changes in weather, and could last for a year or two... and pain with weather changes could last 1-3 years after the fracture. 

Right now I don't have the pain constantly, but it'll flare up in my deltoid muscle mostly at various times, pretty much without reason.  I'll be doing something normal, everyday stuff that isn't known to cause me any pain, and it'll be like a sharp sudden twinge.  The other evening I was twisting the cap off a bottle of Advil with my left hand and using my right to hold onto the bottle.  Didn't require a lot of force or anything, yet the pain flared up.  I'm not using the arm excessively or holding it in an odd position.  I'm just doing all I can; I definitely know my limits.

So this all makes me think that something is wrong, that either the fracture has slipped or something has gotten infected.  At times it'll feel like jagged bone digging into flesh (sorry for the icky description, but it was the best I could do to describe it).  I'm not seeing the doctor until Wednesday and I can't get them on the phone since it's Labor Day weekend.

Anyway after reading this article I am hoping I won't have this sharp, sometimes intense pain for 3 years.  I think I'd go literally insane.  I'd feel like I have arthritis, and I'm only pushing 30.  A dull, very very small-scale, rarely occurring pain I can deal with; but not something like what I'm having now.  I guess what bothers me is how general the article seems, that I'm not sure what kind of pain they're talking about.

So, I have a question for anyone who's ever had such an injury (aka broken or severely injured shoulder) or a similar one.  About how long did you have pain, and at what point did it start easing up so that it wasn't a huge nuisance?  Are there any painkillers or natural remedies you could recommend?  I take Advil mostly and it seems to help a little, but sometimes these sudden flareups of pain are too much.  A friend of mine recommended some kind of Calcium/Magnesium supplement that you dissolve in water, preparing it like tea.  It's supposed to ease pain by taking care of lactic acid, or something along those lines.  I asked my doctor about it and he never heard of it. 

At this point, I'm willing to try anything.  At times I get pretty depressed when the pain flares up and even a bit worried that something could be wrong.

Oh, here's the article in case anyone's interested in reading:
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