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Puppy!Sam picspam #117 (Supernatural)

Running out tonight to take care of wedding stuff, but I've got a bit of time right now, soooo.....

Episode #6x13: Unforgiven

Almost 115 pics in this one, so not dial-up friendly. Some of the shots were *really* dark, but I did my best to lighten them up. Hopefully you can see them okay. :)

1. Uh, Hi, Puppy.... oh, you're busy right now? Oh, I get it... it's Flashback!Puppy

2. Grampy takes Puppy out for his hourly walkies... hee, love the flicky PuppyHair :D

3. Pouty!Flashback!Puppy... walkies come to an end already?? Nooo :(

4. Uh oh, cops on their trail... bitchface time!

5. Hey look! It's the PuppyHoodie!! *loves*

6. “Come on, officer. I'm just a kewt, innocent puppy. Please to be removing your light from my face nao? Kthx.”

7. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

8. ORLY?Puppy

9. Gleeful!Puppy... *dies*

10. OMG! AttackDog!Puppy! Bad boy!! :(

11. AttackDog!Flashback!Puppy pauses to bitchface...

12. Bad boy!! Baaaaad!!!

13. Must be punished. “Nooo, I'm just a kewt puppy--” Sorry hon, that's not going to save you now...

14. *sigh* Dammit, I know he's bad, but he's still hawt...

15. Back to the present... awwwwww, there's our kewt, innocent Puppy :) *hugs him*

16. “Did you bring me any PuppyTreats, Dean? *PuppyEyes™*

17. “Yay! The PuppyEyes™ thank you very, very much. *nods*”

18. Hmmmmmm.... uh sorry, got a little distracted ;)

19. Hee! It's the Confuzzled!Puppy head tilt!

20. *has an overwhelming urge to pet Puppy*

21. Puppy channels his TV hero, Daniel Jackson and says “I have no idea...” *g*

22. “Bristol, Rhode Island. Here's a map showing all the PetSmarts in the area.”

23. Kissy, Puppy? Alright then...

24. To get Dean on board with his plan, Puppy initiates Operation Kill With Kewtness

25. Is it working?

26. “Come on, Dean. I'm a growing puppy. I need to keep up my strength. What better way to do it than with PuppyTreats?”

27. *Extreme PuppyEyes™*

28. “You don't wanna piss the PuppyEyes™ off! Believe me.”

29. “Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?”

30. Facial Shrug Alert!

31. Dean gives in! Deep down Puppy is all “Yaaaaayyy!”

32. Uh oh. The PuppyEyes™ have made an important discovery...

33. EEP!Robo!PuppyFlashbacksMakeBrainGo'Splody!Puppy

34. Aw, Puppy... *tries to distract him with PuppyTreats*

35. Facial Shrug #2!

36. Hee! More NomNomNom!Puppy

37. CanIHelpYou?Puppy

38. NomNomNom!..Um,What?Puppy

39. A strange girl takes the PuppyEyes™ by surprise!

40. Fangirl under the table ;D

41. “What am I doing here? Just a kewt, innocent puppy minding his own business, that's all... *PuppyEyes™*”

42. Is that another salad I see? Good to see that HealthNut!Puppy is still canon ;)

43. Dean: “Heya! I see you've already met my kewt puppy...”

44. LOL – Awkward!Puppy (Dean: “Huh? Huh?... Aint he kewt?”)

45. Aw! See? No one can resist petting the Puppy!


47. *falls to floor*

48. Eep!Puppy ... aw :( *hugs him*

49. Hmmm... who is that mysterious puppy lurking in the corner there?

50. “It can't be me! He doesn't have the patented you-know-whats!” *flashes PuppyEyes™*

51. Hm... looks like all the PetSmart locations have vanished from Puppy's computer. Time for another bitchface.

52. “Do you have anything to do with this, Dean? Don't lie to the PuppyEyes™...”

53. Awww... Guilty!Puppy

54. Aw look, it's Agent Puppy out for another afternoon walkie!

55. Bzuh??Puppy

56. “WTF?? But I'm just a kewt, innocent puppy taking my walkies!”

57. Puppy say in small voice: “oh shit.”

58. “Please. You're making a mistake.” *PuppyEyes™*

59. Hey! Don't manhandle the Puppy!

60. Aw, Caged!Puppy begs to be set free!

61. “Wha? You're not gonna free teh kewt puppy?? *sniff*”

62. Awwwwwww :( *pets*

63. *huggles* *tries to come up with bail*

64. “Fangirls? That you? Did you come up with the bail? *iz hopeful*”

65. “Oh... you're not a fangirl :(“

66. Flashback!Puppy: “Sounds like you need a bit of persuadin' with the good ol' PuppyCharm, Roy. *smirk*”

67. “You got bail money anyway? Kewt puppies need to run wild and free!” Aw... he's really getting desperate

68. “Whoa, it worked... she's letting him out!

69. Researchy!Puppy... hey, it's the Provenance/Bloodlust/DALDOM PuppyShirt! *squee*

70. Heh... Puppy bitchfaces Dean for scaring the crap out of him

71. ... and he bitchfaces his new fugitive status

72. “What?? Teh puppy has to stay behind??? *iz sad*” Aw, Puppy, it's okay, we'll be happy to keep you company ;)

73. “Hai! Don't be scared – I'm the kewt puppy you freed back at the station... remember me?”

74. *fixes her with powerful PuppyEyes™ mind ray*

75. But it's not working! “'kay, see, here's the deal. I'm a kewt, darling Puppy. You are supposed to immediately fall for me and shower me with lots of fangirl favors—er, PuppyTreats. See how it makes sense?”

76. PuppyEyes™WORKNAO?Puppy

77. “I don't get it! How can you resist the Kewtness That Is Puppy? I've got the whole package! PuppyEyes™, lush PuppyHair, Puppy....Everything Else....”

78. Time for another flashback... ooh, Robo!Puppy has made himself comfortable... *loosens tie*

79. Heh...GrampyIsMahHewo!Puppy

80. Fangirl-Cam ;D

81. *tousles the pretty PuppyHair... even if it's a*

82. “Wha...? Oh, hai... wandered off a little too far into Flashback Land...”

83. “So where were we? Oh yeah... succumb to Teh Kewtness That Is Puppy.... Pleeeze?”

84. *gently kisses Puppy's six five forehead... just 'cause*

85. Um... Puppy? Why are you bitchfacing a random evidence bag?

86. Huh... Flashback!Puppy seems to be wearing, in addition to the PuppyHoodie, the CSPWDT shirt :D

87. “So it's working now? You're under the Kewt Puppy Spell?”

88. *iz real proud of self*

89. Sympathetic!Puppy is here for you and acknowledges your pain, Brenna.

90. See? Awwwwww :)

91. Ah, a pretty Puppy against a pretty snowy background... I like :D

92. Uneasy!Puppy

93. Puppy bitchfaces Dean for scaring the crap out of him... again!

94. IalmostSHOTYou!Again,Biatch!Puppy

95. ZOMG!Puppy

96. “Dean, I get that you're worried. But the PuppyEyes™ have this all under control.”

97. “Obey the PuppyEyes™, Grampy. Obey.”

98. Flashback!Puppy howls his disapproval for Grampy's plan

99. And he bitchfaces Grampy's confusion with modern technology

100. MyPlanWorksPerfectly,TeeHee!Puppy

101. He may be as cold as they come, but he's still pretty :)

102. Thank you, Puppy. Thank you very much. :D

103. And we come full circle. Bad boy, Puppy. Verrry bad boy!!

104. “Dean, my PuppySense is blaring big time. We have to check on this potential fangirl.”

105. Aw, Puppy looks so endearing with the snowflakes in his hair :)

106. Puppy! Nooooo!!

107. “Pleeeaze let me go? You wouldn't dare kill a kewt Puppy, would you? My fangirls won't be happy about this...”

108. Yay! AttackDog!Puppy killed Arachne!Roy!

109. Remorseful!Puppy

110. “I lost a fangirl. :( *sniffle*” Aw, it's okay sweetie, you have lots of us left!

111. Puppy really needs a huggy... *hugs him*

112. OMG PUPPY!!!

113. :(

114. NOOOOOOOOO!! *covers eyes*

That's it for this week. Hope you liked. :)
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