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SPN #6x14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning (episode review)

Here's my hopefully coherent review of this ep...

Just to get this off my chest....

Geez Ben, you little guilt-tripper. Yeah, yeah, I know he's a kid who really looks up to Dean and all, but... wow, this wasn't what Dean needed. But good old Sammy and his talk at the end. Puppy, I ♥ you so much!!!!

Okay, on with the rest...

We begin where the last ep left off, which I really like. It would've been pretty bad for them to just have the boys back to business as usual immediately after what happened to Sam. Poor boy is out cold on the floor and Dean is all "Sam! Sammy!! C'mon, damnit!"

Sam awakens and Dean asks "are you with me?" He insists they gotta get Sam out of here.

So we get into the meat of this case. Anatomy dummy in a college lab ends up offing a janitor.

Sam has a headache. Hmm, flashbacks to season 1 when he'd have those headaches associated with his visions. He feels like he got hit by a planet. Awww. Dean: "Lucky for you I'm a doctor." He gives Sam some food and most importantly some aspirin. Sam was out for only about 2-3 minutes, but to him it felt like a week. He won't tell Dean about what it was like and insists it's fine. Ah, the Winchester way. ;) Dean tells him it was Hell, wasn't it. Sam wants to know if he's supposed to ignore it. He wants to find out about all the stuff he did. Dean says he should bury it. It's not a joke and Sam's life is on the line. Aw, more Protective!Dean. Says "You were a soulless dickbag [hee!] and now you're not. So, we good?" Sam gives him a "sure." Dean brings up a case, the thing involving the janitor. It's in NJ so he says maybe they'll have a Snookie sighting. Sam: "What's a Snookie?" Dean: "Good question" LOL!

They're in the lab at the scene of the janitor's death. Dean's all one-liners here, holding up the dummy's heart to Sam and saying "be my Valentine." Sam: "Put that back." "Dean: Have a heart." Sam: "Dean!" LOL, love the banter. :D

Uh oh, Dean's phone rings and it's Lisa apparently.

LOL @ the Glee mention from Sam as he tries to find dirt on the janitor.

Now a bunch of mannequins kill a security guy in a factory. LOL I'm sorry but they looked kinda funny and it reminded me of a Doctor Who episode!

Boys investigate this crime scene and Sam finds the EMF going nuts at the box of mannequin parts. Dean wants to know if it's a bunch of killer dolls "like Chucky? Come on, that's just... freaking creepy." Love how he stares at the mannequin and says "I don't like the way Kim Cattrall's looking at me."

So our MOTW is a vengeful spirit. How long has it been since we had one of those...?

Lisa calls again and Sam tells Dean to answer it. I so knew it was Ben (even without thinking of the spoilers). Come on, why would Lisa suddenly be calling him repeatedly after what happened in the vampire ep? He tells Dean that something's wrong with Lisa, he doesn't know what, she's locked her door and won't come out of bed. Hmm, I smell a setup.

Sam insists that Dean go and he'll handle this. He insists Dean has to deal with his past year, just like Sam is doing. So the girl this all seems to be about is named Rose. Sam goes to interview her sister. Looks like a connection to the factory. She shows him a pic of a company party and not only is the recently deceased security guy in it, but so is the janitor (who used to work at the factory, apparently). Sam tries to get info on Rose from different people. Is it me, or does that guy Johnny vaguely remind anyone of Ash? Sam seems suspicious of him and says he seems nervous.

Dean at Lisa's house: Yep, obviously Ben has set this up as Lisa is going out on a date. Oh boy, what is this? Dean acting jealous by asking her for info on the date? She says he's a doctor named Matt and Dean goes, "Dr. Matt, how respectable." Although he then asks her what she wants from him. Ben appears and they both yell "Go to your room!" Heh.

Lisa tells him she knows what she wants and she can't have it (hmm...). She's afraid of Sam calling to tell her that Dean is dead. She gets to a place where she's over it and then Dean shows up at her door. She wants to know what he wants from them. Hoo boy.

Yep, knew Johnny would be the next victim, except it's.... Puppy to the rescue! ;D He salts the window and then tells Johnny he was the most suspicious interview. He wants to know what Johnny did to Rose. Turns out he and the other guys made her think she had a secret admirer. Aww, I feel so sorry for the girl. :( When I was young I was a pretty shy, awkward girl too and I'd get picked on by guys. That was grade school, but still I can relate to that. What a horrible way for her to go. Makes sense that these guys are getting killed in basically the same fashion that she was. Sam tells Johnny he can help him, but he needs to know where Rose is buried.

Back to Dean at the Braeden's. He talks to Ben in his room. Ben says he considers Lisa's date an emergency. It's the third one and he watches TV, and you know what that means. It's obvious Ben wants Dean there. He thinks this is something he did and he's sorry. Dean says he didn't do anything, and just because you love someone it doesn't mean you should stick around and mess up their life. He can't stay with them, if he did Ben would end up like him. Ben calls him a liar (ooh) and says he's walking out on his family. Like I said before, way to guilt-trip Dean. Yeah, I know he was with them a whole year and that Ben really looked up to him, but still...

Sam salts and burns Rose's bones and then tells Johnny it's over - "look at it as a new beginning."

Oh boy, a Dean/Lisa montage as Dean drives away...

Hmm, is that "Love Hurts" by Nazareth that I hear? Johnny sounds like he wants to start over. He's talking to a girl about doing that very thing but it turns out she's a mannequin! Heh, love the guy's reaction ... aaaaand of course she kills him. 

Sam's at the crime scene and I swear I saw him bitchface Johnny's corpse, LOL. He contacts Dean and tells him it's not over.

Neat little twist... turns out her sister is somehow at the center of this. She has to have something of Rose's and she says that Rose gave her one of her kidneys when she was 16. Wow, that's a unique situation in this...

Dean: "Is that the girl with the haunted kidney?" Haha.

Whoa, the Impala does a Christine and comes alive! It starts chasing them down and Dean's all, "She's not a sex doll! You leave my baby alone!!" It's charging toward him and he whimpers "I'm so sorry, baby..." Hee. :D It crashes through the front of a building. So I guess this was all the spirit's doing, right?

The boys are okay but Rose's sis is not. She's got a gash in her abdomen, right around where her kidney is. Then Rose's spirit appears and tells her "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this" and disappears. So how did this happen to sis? Did the car hit her right in that spot? Did the spirit just attack her there another way? I think I missed that...

Aw, another bro-to-bro talk in Bobby's junkyard. :) I'm glad we're getting these - kinda makes up for the lack of them at the beginning of the season, you know? They review the case and decide it's not really a win. And Dean admits to Sam that facing your past isn't awesome. He's not happy about this whole job.

Okay, I think Sam was an awesome little brother here. :) "Dean, that's not true. We save a few lives. It's not all bad. At least Satan's left the building."

Dean: "It's the little things..."

Sam: "And I have a soul because of you. I never thanked you, did I? ... Thank you."

I missed what Dean said next...

Sam: "We keep our heads down and keep swinging. We'll lose some but hopefully win a few more. For what it's worth, I got your back."

Dean: "Yeah. I know." <smiles a little>

Awwwwww, boooooooooooooys. *hugs them*

So I found this episode again to be more reminiscent of the old school episodes with the MOTW and so forth. The concept kind of reminded me of Yellow Fever and Red Sky At Morning kind of rolled into a ball. I really like the vengeful spirit stories.

Does anyone think the Lisa thing will be resolved now? It's obvious that it was Ben calling Dean the whole time and not Lisa, so it seems like she's just moved on and accepted that she can't have a life with Dean. Dean's obviously been hit with the guilt by Ben, even though he knows that he can't stay with them and he'd hate for Ben to become just like him. He wants him to be his own person. Do you think that montage while he was driving away was supposed to show his coming to terms with the fact that he can't be with them? Kind of like his final goodbye to the whole thing? Or will this be revisited again? In all honesty, I hope it won't be... I'd hate to see them drag it out.

I do love how Sam was giving him encouragement and support at the end. That's the Sammy we know and love. :) The Hell thing definitely is far from over, though. I wonder how many more times we'll see him having these flashbacks. Will he finally break down at some point and admit to Dean what he was experiencing like Dean finally did in season 4? I guess time will tell.

All in all, I enjoyed the ep. Like I said, hopefully there will be closure now on the whole Lisa & Ben thing (not that I absolutely hated them or anything, but I'd like to see Dean move past it). And I love seeing our boys giving support to one another and realizing they are in this together.

Oops, almost forgot... once again, loved Sam's hair. I love seeing it all flippy/flicky and not straightened the hell out/glued into place. :)
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