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Incompetence, How I Love Thee...

It's really wonderful when the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.  I was supposed to have a CAT scan (aka CT Scan) of my abdomen done this morning (long story... they said my liver was "lacerated" in the accident and they wanted to make sure it'd healed) and I was turned away because I have asthma.  I had to drink this Barium Sulfate liquid 2 hours before the test, wear loose fitting clothing, no jewelry, etc.  My mom took off a day of work to drive me there (not sure when I'll be able to drive again...).  They made me sign a form that this scan ("with contrast") can cause nausea, vomitting, rashes, etc.  Then when I was called in, they asked if I'd taken my asthma inhaler that morning.  I told them no - didn't think I could take any medication that morning. 

Apparently there was a problem because I am supposed to self-medicate using this specific asthma medication because the test can sometimes cause asthma attacks.  I told them my asthma is very mild and I haven't had an attack in ages (they actually asked me when my last attack was and what it felt like).  But that wasn't good enough.  So they turned me away and I have to reschedule after getting this medication from one of my other doctors. 

So my mom took off a day of work, I took off a day of work, got up very early, drank that liquid, went without breakfast or my medication... for basically nothing.   And if someone had told me in the first place that I needed to take this medication beforehand, it wouldn't be so.  *sigh*

Test was rescheduled for next Monday morning.  I'm hoping they get it right this time.  On the up side, my arm is feeling pretty good today (*crossing fingers that orthopedic physician's assistant doesn't ruin that tomorrow*).
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