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Puppy!Sam Picspam #119 (Supernatural)

Got this one all set up and ready to go :)


Episode #6x15: The French Mistake

Another longer one, as in 120 pics in all. Oh, and if any captions in particular bug you, please know that they are only in good fun. :)

1. Hi, Puppy! Hm, why the shocked PuppyEyes™?

2. The notion of TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby being out on a supply run freaks Puppy out... for some reason...

3. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

4. Uhhh...WTFEnglishPls?Puppy

5. Oh noes! The scary thunder n' lightning (and Balty's weird behavior) is scaring the poor Puppy! *comforts him*

6. *smooths down the pretty PuppyHair*

7. Puppy fails to understand the relevance of Balty's movie references

8. Oh, I think the PuppyEyes™ understand now... and they are rightfully freaked

9. Puppy is nervous... Balty has found one of his chew toys and he's afraid that he'll steal it

10. A hitlist on Puppy? Why, who could do such a horrible thing?

11. It just doesn't make any sense!!

12. It boggles the mind... and the PuppyEyes™

13. Huh, what's this? The key to Balty's heavenly pantry of PuppyTreats? Puppy really hopes so...

14. “It's not?? Aww...” :( Sorry, Puppy. *pets him*

15. ZOMG!Puppy

16. Um..OCrp!Puppy

17. Ooh, PuppyHair in motion!

18. Confuzzled!Puppy... wtf just happened?

19. “Uh, someone wanna help out a poor little confuzzled puppy?”

20. *plays with the flicky PuppyHair*

21. Confuzzled!Puppy wants a kissy... sure, hon, hopefully it'll make you feel better :)

22. *pets*

23. Hm, it would appear that Puppy has found a new toy...

24. Hey! What's with the bright lights?? Way to startle the Puppy, meanies... *glares at them*


26. “New fangirl recruit? Huh... okay. As long as you have PuppyTreats I'm sold.”

27. “Wha...? That chair can't be for me. It's for a much smaller puppy. I'd break it and then feel really bad, and....”

28. Uh oh, looks like Puppy is already getting camera-itis!

29. So she's not really a new fangirl... just trying to make the puppy as uncomfortable as possible... *narrows eyes*

30. *trying desperately not to break the tiny chair*

31. Ummm...HELP???Puppy

32.“Um, hey... did I ever tell you I'm a kewt puppy?? *PuppyEyes™*”

33. Dayum,Biatch,YouTurnin'MyPuppyHeroismIntoAJOKE??Puppy

34. “Bet ya didn't know I could kill you with my PuppyEyes™...”

35. Puppy, you're pretty no matter what, but I think the hair dept went a little overboard with the combing...

36. Hee! Awkard(yet still eager to please)!Puppy

37. Puppy hopes he's sufficiently demonstrated to Dean just how beyond freaky this all is...

38. “And I can't seem to find any PuppyTreats anywhere. Do you see how wrong this is?”

39. Fangirl alert!

40. Some PuppyEyes™ of Sympathy for Dean

41. AU!Cas doesn't seem interested in PuppyEyes™ competitions... this is definitely strange

42. He really is getting a lot of mileage out of the Kewt!Lost!Puppy act, isn't he? Awwww :)

43. “Ha! Faked you out. These babies rule... and I am STILL the bitchface master.”

44. “'Scuse me?”

45. Puppy: “:(“ Dean: “No one bullies my puppy and gets away with it!”

46. Dean: “It's a script.” Puppy: “So... him saying that he's the bitchface master, and his PuppyEyes™ beat mine isn't true? So I still win, right?” Aw, you bet you do, Puppy!

47. Puppy: “Awesome. But still... just in case.... *bitchface*”

48. Flying PuppyHair :D

49. Not only does Cas torment him about PuppyEyes™ and bitchface competitions, but now this “Misha” guy does as well? It's enough to make Puppy bitchface again

50. “OMG look, Dean! A store selling PuppyTreats! Maybe it's not so bad here after all!”

51. Unfortunately, they're sold out. Puppy: “Aww :(“ Don't worry hon, we have plenty for you here!

52. Puppy is in quiet awe of Fake!Dean's trailer... and hopes he's got PuppyTreats stashed somewhere

53. Failing that, Researchy!Puppy looks up the closest PetsMart location

54. “Dean? Must you disturb the PuppyEyes™ at work?”

55. “Yes. Just look at the handsome dude and the ... puppy on this magazine cover.”

56. “Uh huh....”

57. Eeeewwwww,Icky!Puppy

58. “Uh, sorry, did I say that out loud?”

59. KewtPuppyShrug

60. Hee! Poor Puppy looks scarred for life at having found old videos featuring Fake!Dean

61. “Hold me??”

62. Puppy gazes warily at the laptop... *huggles him*

63. Huh... looks like Fake!Puppy is mugging for the camera back there...

64. “Wow. This video footage is actually very interesting.....”

65. “I am so...very...mesmerized by it...”

66. “Huh? Oh yeah..back to business at hand. So, got a plan to get us out of here?”

67. Dean! Don't stab the Puppy! ... Even if it's fake!

68. It's dark, but... Facial Shrug Alert!

69. Whoa! The PuppyEyes™ are just gobsmacked at the huge doghouse Fake!Puppy has!


71. “OMGPoorLostKewtLittlePuppy'sBrainGoSplody!”

72. Huh, interesting choice of PuppyDecor, there...

73. Meanwhile..... “OMG! Fangirls!! Help!”

74. “Help now pleeeeeeeze???” Aw, don't worry, Puppy, we're on our way...

75. Yep, that sound you hear is the PuppyBrain going 'splody... indeed.

76. “Oh, God, what did I do to deserve all this? I'm just a kewt innocent puppy!”

77. “Big brother? Got any ideas before I go completely catatonic?”

78. “Dean? It hurts. Can we go home now?”

79. Whoa... Cowboy!Fake!Puppy?

80. “Heh... bet you can't even guess how many PuppyTreats this would buy!”

81. Aww, the Triumphant!PuppyGrin :D

82. But he just realized that, even with all that money, the PuppyTreats won't arrive for 48 hours. Time for a bitchface.

83. After all that hard work, it's time to imbibe in a PuppyBeverage

84. The PuppyEyes™ quietly admire Fake!Puppy's décor

85. *door opens* “Fangirls? That you? ...... Oh.”

86. Actor!Puppy is just a mite uncomfortable...

87. Facial Shrug #2!

88. “I've got PuppyEyes™. Try anything and they will kill you...”

89. Puppy thinking: “Fangirls? Fangirls?? Where are you???” Sorry hon, got stuck with security... *grumbles*

90. “Heh... What? No, I didn't say that out loud...”

91. “Help!!! FANGIRL SOS!!!”

92. 12 hours and some fangirl therapy later, Puppy is gladly accepting the shipment of PuppyTreats!

93. Oops, extra fangirl under the seat!! ;D

94. “They are NOT taking away my PuppyTreats, Dean! *bitchface*”

95. Fake!Cas: “Okay, amigo, I know I top you in the beeeyotchface thing and the PuppyEyes™ thing, but wow, that PuppyMane of yours...! Mind giving me some pointers?” Puppy: “Uh... No.”

96. “All this acting hurts my PuppyHead. I better get lots of PuppyTreats after this...”

97. “Ooookay, that's enough....” *rips into stash of PuppyTreats*

98. Aw, Puppy's homesick. “And I miss the fangirls, Dean. I really, really miss them.” Dean: “Dude, you just saw them like 12 hours ago!”

99. Hee... it's the Confuzzled!Puppy Head Tilt :)

100. Ooh, Evil!PuppySmirk for the bounty hunter

101. “Extra I tried to kill? Me?? A kewt, innocent puppy?? Never!”

102. “More money? Yeah... no. More PuppyTreats would be nice, though...”

103. ScrewOurFrickinCareers,Biatch!Puppy

104. *nibbles PuppyEar*

105. “Dean, we gotta go home. Now. *ExtremePuppyEyes™*”

106. While they're deciding on a plan, Puppy decides to pass the time with a little Blue Steel ;)

107. “Dean, our friends are back there. And the PuppyTreats... and fangirls... and...”

108. Facial Shrug #3!

109. OMG Puppy, look out!!

110. Ooh, is that PuppyMop that I see??? :D

111. Dang, he restrained it quick... but at least he got the key! *g*

112. Eeep!!! *prepares soft landing*

113. PuppyMop!!! *bounces excitedly*

114. Puppy objects highly to Balty's term of endearment for him and Dean...

115. WTF??YouWereInOnThis,Biatch???Puppy

116. “OMG... I see a pantry... Bobby's pantry... stocked with PuppyTreats... is this it? Are we really back?”

117. “It really is. *huge sigh of relief*”

118. Puppy tries to contain his excitement, although his tail is wagging madly ;D

119. *dies from the kewt*

120. “At least we're talkin'.” Awwwwwwww. :) *snuggles Puppy*

Bitchface count: 4
Facial Shrugs: 3

That's it for this week. I just realized now how crappy my caps came out... *blushes* I swear, they didn't look that bad before I edited them...
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